How to Find Someone Facebook Posts, Likes, and Comments?

πŸ‘€Β Diwas Poudel Β Β  πŸ•’ 26 May 2023 Β Β  πŸ“ TECH

Facebook is a popular social networking site where you can share your thoughts, leave comments, and like the posts of your friends and groups. I know this doesn't excite you because you already knew this. I'm going to share an exciting feature that will tell you what your friends like, what they post, what they comment on, and so on. If you want this, you've come to the right place.

If you want to view your own posts, likes by you on the posts, comments made by you, etc. then for this just follow the below steps

1 Login to your Facebook app

2 Click on the Profile picture at the top.

Click on Profile Picture
fig. Click on Profile Picture

3 Click on the Setting icon.

Click on Settings
fig. Click on Settings


4 Scroll down and under Your Information click on Activity Log thenΒ 

Click on Activity Log
fig. Click on Activity Log

Β  4a. Click on Manage your Interactions to see all the likes, reactions, and comments made by you.

Manage Interactions
fig. Manage Interactions

Β  4b. At the bottom you will find View Activity History. Click on it to see your complete activity on Facebook.

View complete activity history
fig. View complete activity history

However, finding someone who likes, comments, or posts on Facebook can be difficult, and it all depends on the privacy settings they have set. If everything goes well, the following tricks will help you. But I will do my best to provide you with as much information as possible.

Using Facebook Search Feature

Facebook's search feature is extremely powerful, allowing us to filter based on specific phrases or multiple phrases such as locations, names, times, likes, interests, and so on. You can look up people, posts, photos, videos, pages, apps, links, events, and so on.

You can find posts from your friends, what they share with you, groups and events they have joined and like, places where you have been tagged, and so on.

You, too, may have the ability to see the above results from people you do not know.

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How to find someone's posting on Facebook Apps?

For this follow the below steps:

1 Open Facebook App
2 Click on Search Icon
3 And Type: "posts by "Β 
Suppose I want to find posts made by John Wick then just type "posts by john wick". This will give all the posts made by john wick. as shown below.

Post by Facebook Search Query
fig. Demonstration of Post by Facebook Search Query
πŸ““ If you do not find these options then first please update your Facebook app. Also
πŸ““ You may not get all the posts made by the user.
πŸ““ You will get the results, but they will be out of order.
πŸ““ You won't be able to see most of the activities of the person you're looking for on Facebook if they have a private account.

Remember that public posts can be viewed by anyone, including people who are not on Facebook.

Now, Let's look at:

How to find someone's likes on Facebook Apps?

For this follow the below steps:

1 Open Facebook App
2 Click on the search icon.
3 And type: "posts liked by " and you will get all like by x user.

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How to find someone's comments on Facebook Apps?

For this follow the below steps:

1 Open Facebook App
2 Click on the search icon.
3 And type: "posts commented on by" or "comments made by " or "Posts commented by "

Launch Facebook and type "comments made by ABC" into the search bar located at the very top of Facebook, where "ABC" should be replaced with the name of the user whose comments you are looking for.

Sometimes you cannot find the user posts, likes, comments, or any other reaction using Facebook Search because of the following reasons.

  • You did not use specific phrases to search for user information on Facebook.
  • You have been blocked by the user or you have blocked them.
  • The user whose information you're looking for is altering their privacy settings.
  • Post made by the user has deleted the post, deleted comments, and undo like.

The same happens for anyone if others are searching for you on Facebook search.

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Who can search for me using Facebook Search?

Ans: It is all in the control of the user. If he/she do not want anyone to search using Facebook search then they can do it as facebook takes privacy concern very seriously. You can adjust everything like who can see your profile, timeline, posts, comments, etc.

What condition you can see other posts via Facebook Search?

We generally have 3 conditions which are listed below:

1 If the user you're looking for has set the limit to "Only Me," no posts will be visible to others.

2 If the user you're looking for is not a friend and has set their privacy setting to "Friends," you won't be able to see their post.

3 If the user you're looking for has set their privacy setting to "Public," you can search their posts.

Can I read my friend's everything done Facebook comments?

If you are referring to the Activity log then we can say the Activity log of other users cannot be viewed on Facebook for privacy reasons. This goes against the company's guidelines.

You can, however, follow him or her or they set their profile public then you will be able to see in your feed what comments he or she has made on Facebook.


Guys, I hope you can now easily search for someone's Facebook posts, comments, and likes. Did you enjoy these Facebook posts and comment tricks? Don't forget to tell your friends about this article.