How to reset Potplayer to Default Settings ?

πŸ‘€Β Diwas Poudel Β Β  πŸ•’ 25 Oct 2023 Β Β  πŸ“ FIX

Potplayer is one of the popular free and open-source audio video players that supports a wide range of settings and media formats.

Sometimes people prefer to reset Potplayer to its default settings because.

  1. To fix playback errors or crashes: If the audio or video of Potplayer is not working properly or crashing frequently then resettingΒ 
    Potplayer may fix the problem.
  2. To remove unwanted customizations: If you are playing with the settings of Potplayer and you do not know what changes you have made and want to revert everything then you can reset PotPlayer to Default Settings.
  3. To improve performance: If you are experiencing slow while using Potplayer then resetting the setting may help to improve performance.

Popular errors you might be facing in PotPlayer are "Cannot play video" or "Video decoder not found"

Note: If you reset the Software to default settings then it will erase any customizations or configurations you have made, so it's good practice to backup your settings or data before performing a reset.

Here are the steps to take backup Potplayer:

  1. Open Potplayer
  2. Click on Potplayer at the top.
    Click on Potplayer at the top
    fig. Click on Potplayer at the top
  3. Then click on Preferences.
    Click on Preferences
    Β fig. Click on Preferences
  4. Then at the bottom, click on Export Settings
    Export Settings button
    fig. Export Settings button
  5. Then give the location where you want to save the current settings of Potplayer. Note the filename will be in reg extension.
  6. Then click on the Save button.

So here are the steps to reset Potplayer to default:

  1. Open PotPlayer
  2. Click on Potplayer at the top.
  3. Then click on Preferences.
  4. Then at the bottom, click on the Reset button.
    Click on Reset button
    fig. Click on Reset button
  5. Then you would get the popup "Would you like to reset Potplayer?". Click on the OK button

Now your potplayer will be reset to default settings.

Note that resettings Potplayer will remove all the customizations which includes subtitles, keyboard shortcuts , audio and video codecs, File Assoications, Plug ins and Extensions,Playback History, Subtitle Perfernces,language settings etc.