Can't Log Out of Facebook? (1 Solution 100% Works)

👤 Diwas Poudel    🕒 01 Jan 2024    📁 TECH

In this video, I will explain why you might be experiencing difficulty logging out of Facebook and how to solve it.

Typically, when you log out of Facebook, the platform retains your password, allowing you to log back in without entering your username and password. If you find yourself in this situation, there are additional steps you can take to ensure a complete logout.

Logging out of Facebook may become necessary, especially if you're using another mobile device or computer to log in, and you wish to remove access from those devices. This is necessary for data protection , account safety , privacy and security.

There's no need for cache clearing or data clearing. Simply follow these steps.

1. Open Facebook on your Mobile.

2. Click on your profile at the bottom right corner.

3. Next scrolldown and click on logout button.

4. Next you will get popup . Just click on Log out Link.

You might think this will log you out. But you can still login back by clicking on login button. So we have additional steps.

5. Click on 3 dots at top right corner.

6. Next click on Remove profile link.

7. Then you will get popup mentioning " You will need to enter your phone or email and password the next time you log in. Any end-to-end encrypted messages stored on this device will be deleted. You may not be able to recover these messages if you continue.". Just click on Remove link.

8. Then you will redirected to login page which doesnot have any username and password.


In this way we have successfully remove profile and login credential from facebook app.