Why Can't You Post Multiple Pictures on Instagram? [Fixed]

👤 Diwas Poudel    🕒 01 Jan 2023    📁 FIX

Whatever your perspective, Instagram has consistently ranked among the top social networking platforms. Because of this, it is not an overstatement to say that millions of people depend on Instagram's efficient functioning to communicate with others and share their thoughts, images, and videos. It is not surprising that people have been exceedingly dissatisfied with Instagram's fundamental ability to post a carousel (or multiple images) of images. Bugs or a probable service interruption on your end may be the blame for this. But don't worry; we've got all the solutions right here so you can upload your images right away.

 Why am I unable to upload several pictures on Instagram?

It's possible for a number of things to go wrong when you upload multiple photos to Instagram. A fault in the most recent app update, an unstable internet connection, or issues with the app on your specific device could all be the blame for some photographs not posting. However, determining the particular origin of this issue might be difficult.

14 fixes for Instagram multiple photo posting

Let's look at each of them in detail. 

1 Update your Instagram

Sometimes your old Instagram can also be a problem. So it's always better to update your Instagram to the latest version.

2 On a picture, press, and hold (Works!).

The "Select many" button for creating a carousel post has reportedly been removed in the most recent Instagram update, according to many users.

The aforementioned Twitter user noticed that there is still an option to do so. If you're still having difficulties finding a photo, just click and hold on to it. After doing this, you will have the option to select and submit multiple photos, reclaiming the choice.

Keep a watch out for upcoming app updates to download as well, since these may address the glitch in upcoming Instagram updates.

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3 Wait for your Instagram fix

Instagram is typically to blame for your incapacity to post several images. Social networking platforms like Instagram frequently encounter issues with a certain app function. Be patient and wait for Instagram to fix the issue.

If the issue still exists a few hours or even days later, you are probably the problem's root cause. Using the methods described here, you can resolve any issues with your device, app, or internet connection.

4 Internet connection verification

One of the most common reasons for the "Not yet posted. Once more" problem and the inability to publish numerous photographs is an erratic (or nonexistent) internet connection.

For Instagram to be able to follow your instructions, make sure you are connected to a network that doesn't restrict your internet access and that the connection is at least passably strong.

No Internet No Instagram
fig. No Internet , No Instagram
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5 Disconnect, Data Saver

The problem might be that your mobile data plan has run out or that the Data Saver has a cap if it arises while you are posting the photos while you are in motion.

Check to see if Data Saver is preventing you from uploading your photos and videos by disabling it in the Account>Cellular Data Use section of your Instagram profile settings.

If this had been turned off earlier, you might have used up all of your data, resulting in a dismal crawl for your internet. Continue to the next stage, though, if your internet connection is steady.

6 Smaller file size

The file size of your Instagram photos and videos has some restrictions. Photos may have a maximum file size of 30 MB, while videos may have a maximum file size of 650 MB. It's possible that the size of the picture file will change based on how you captured or recorded your photos and videos, as well as how you edited them.

Even if the majority of smartphones maintain their image sizes between 6 and 12 MB, be sure of the size of each photo or video before sharing it, especially if you've enhanced it using a professional editing application.

You are able to save image files at a smaller size than is recommended by the vast majority of image editing applications, as well as file size reducers that are hosted in the cloud.

So, before attempting to upload the photographs to Instagram, use them to minimize the file size.

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7 Remove Cache

 Although cache build-up is generally beneficial because it speeds up program use, it is nonetheless important to delete cache data if your software is giving you problems. Any potential problems are resolved along with the page data that was momentarily saved when the cache is deleted.

For Android devices,

  1. Settings
  2. Apps
  3.  Instagram
  4.  Storage and cache and
  5. Select Clear cache.

For iPhone Device:

  1. Settings
  2. General
  3. iPhone Storage
  4. Instagram on an iPhone,
  5. tap Offload App.

8 Restart Instagram and your phone.

When applications begin behaving in an unpredictable manner, it is common practice to restart them via the screen that displays many windows. You might need to restart your phone if it doesn't work. Due to the fact that it restarts the operating system, this does a considerably deeper refresh than merely restarting the software. So give it a try and see if you can send in a lot of pictures.

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9 Less storage space is needed

 If the storage on your device is full, features of apps like Instagram cease to function. If there is no storage available, the software cannot store any new data that comes in (and sometimes does not work entirely). Two simple remedies are restarting the app and deleting items from your phone that you no longer require.

10 Take Tagged Accounts away

 A different issue—tagged accounts—prevented some users from posting numerous images in earlier versions of the Instagram app. Users' posts were submitted as long as they didn't cite specific accounts in a multiple-picture post.

Given that tagging is a crucial feature that Instagram wouldn't easily disable, it's also plausible that this is a bug. Even though this worry was brought up in the past, it's possible that you're still dealing with it. So give it a shot and see if you can publish numerous photographs once again.

 Certain software updates may contain issues that either prevent certain features from working properly or render all available settings invisible. You may be certain that the issue is with the update itself if you were able to post many photographs in the past but are unable to do so following an app upgrade.

  • Update/download the Instagram app:
  • Android and iPhone/iPad devices

11 Potential Account Restriction Measures

Instagram is constantly searching for spammers and automated accounts to block from accessing its service. As a result, newly created accounts are the first suspect. If users are discovered to be breaking Instagram's real follower's terms and conditions, Instagram may also disable their ability to post images.

Log out of Instagram on your phone, then log in on another device to see if your account has been limited. If you're still unable to submit photographs, Instagram is probably putting some kind of restriction on you.

12 Verify that your images adhere to Instagram's policies.

Instagram takes measures to ensure that its community remains polite and that users' feeds do not contain any language that could be considered inappropriate. It does this by analyzing your images and videos to determine whether or not they include any content that could be deemed offensive.

For example, any of your uploads will be removed instantly if they contain graphic acts of violence or explicit sexual content (or not be uploaded in the first place). You need to follow Instagram's community guidelines and best practices to avoid this, or even worse, getting banned from the platform entirely.

Even though problems have traditionally been the most likely reason why users haven't been able to upload multiple images on Instagram, or even find the option to do so, the service might still be disrupted if end-user experiences for consumers aren't adequate.

In most cases, the most effective solutions to problems involve either updating the application in question or simply waiting for Instagram to fix the problem. If, however, it does not work, the problem may be on your end; if this is the case, you should be able to solve it by employing the procedures that were discussed earlier.

13 Unsupported File Format 

In the event that you receive an image in a format that is not supported by Instagram, you will not be able to upload any pictures. Instagram does not support these image formats. Therefore, you should always choose images that are in a common format such as jpg, png, or jpeg, etc.

Note that Instagram does not support gif

14 Maximum no. of files to upload

Instagram users now have the ability to post slideshows for the very first time, and they can include up to ten photos in a single post. In the Instagram feed, multiple-photo posts look exactly the same as regular posts, with the exception of a row of dots that appears underneath the image and indicates how many photos are included.

So, always try to upload less than 10 images on Instagram at a time.


In this manner, you can resolve your Instagram multiple picture upload/post issue.