What exactly does "slide up for tbh" mean in Instagram Stories?

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A word that is only used in slang or an acronym is helpful for expressing oneself in a way that is both more efficient and easier to understand. The key to writing slang is to keep sentences brief so readers enjoy reading this stuff. However, some slang, such as "Slide up for a TBH," may be tough to understand. This is one of the slang phrases that are now trendy on Instagram and Snapchat.

Ourtechroom will guide you to understand "Slide up for a TBH" in an easy way.

What is TBH on Instagram?

First and foremost, let us discuss TBH. TBH is an abbreviation for "To Be Honest" This slang is widely used on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. You can interpret it in a variety of ways, such as The Best Husband, To Be Hated, and so on. However, To Be Honest is the most commonly used phrase.

When a person sends this "TBH" slang to another, they are indicating that they are telling the other person the truth when they are talking to them.
It is also utilized in the message sent by the sender to convey the idea that the sender is trustworthy.

In general:                                                                                                                                                                         A user who says "slide up for tbh" invites their followers to send them a direct message (DM) in response to their Instagram Story.  The user will then answer with a "to be honest" message regarding the follower. This is basically the same as you just direct messaging me, and then I will deliver an honest thought/opinion about you.

In another word, it means that the sender is being completely honest about how they feel and what they think of you.

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What is Slide up for TBH on Instagram?

Sometimes peoples add "Slide up for TBH". They are used as a caption while writing Instagram Stories.It indicates that the sender is requesting a slide up for a TBH for the response to their story, and then they want the responder to tell you what they honestly think or feel about you.

What is Slide up for TBH ?
fig. What is Slide up for TBH?


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In another word, the responder will write a message stating how they really feel about you when you slide up and say "ok" or agree to the tbh, and requesting to reply with honesty.

Advantages of "Slide up for tbh"

The advantages of "Slide up for tbh" in Social Media like Instagram are as follows:

  • Engagement: It is a method of encouraging followers to "slide up for tbh" in order to increase engagement and interaction.
  • Authenticity: Users can show authenticity and create trust with their followers by offering to be honest in their comments.
  • Viral Potential: "Slide up for tbh" challenges or invitations might go viral, attracting new followers.

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How do you use "Slide up for TBH on Instagram?

The majority of the time, you'll find that these are used as captions on Instagram Stories.

What are Instagram Stories?

When you post photos and videos to Instagram stories, they appear on your profile, feed, and messages for 24 hours then it gets disappear.
However, if you add them to your profile as story highlights, they will remain there.