How to Add Snapchat Friends from Instagram Followers?

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Snapchat is gaining popularity from a marketing point of view and people are looking to move toward this platform. Although it's an easy process to do so, you have to look for several strategies and work to face the challenges. Because getting followers on Snapchat is a real thing to accomplish. Snapchat is used on mobile phones and sharing your QR code with others or on different social media platforms wouldn't be enough.

You have already spent your time building your followers on other social media platforms, especially on Instagram, and now building your community on Snapchat will be a quite difficult process. It's better to convert your Instagram followers to Snapchat. This will make your work easy and you'll get organic followers in less time.

How to Add Snapchat Friends from Instagram Followers?

To convert your Instagram followers to Snapchat, you must employ some strategies, which can be accomplished more easily than gaining new followers. Ourtechroom will show you How to Add Snapchat Friends from Instagram Followers today.Lets get started.

1 Share Snapchat stories on Instagram

To bring more followers to Snapchat through Instagram is that you can share stories on Snapchat on Instagram. Requesting your followers to add you on Instagram will not work as fast as sharing your posts directly on Instagram will work. By seeing your work they'll automatically urge towards your account. While asking them to follow you on Instagram isn't much effective. Sharing Snapchat stories on multiple social media platforms would be a good approach.

Snapchat Stories
fig. Snapchat Stories

2 Don't Just Share Your Profile

Simply placing your profile and asking your followers will not work you have to do something different to urge them towards you. Because just sharing your profile will make them bored, as individuals on Snapchat have already several friends and followers. They wouldn’t like to add you without any reason. You need to pay attention to the way or strategy through which you can attract your Instagram followers to Snapchat. Try to create unique and creative content that will prove to be attractive for Snapchat users. Seeing such content will urge them to move towards your account and if the content is appealing they’ll surely follow you.

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Nowadays sharing just a profile ghost on Snapchat is becoming annoying for users and they try to ignore it. That’s also considered a basic mistake that most businesses do. It's better to avoid sharing profile ghosts and share your content instead.

3 Add URL of Snapchat to Instagram Bio

Instead of sharing Snapchat ghost, it's better to post your profile URL in your Instagram bio. Because sharing profile QR codes is annoying as well as an unfriendly method for users. In your Instagram bio, you can add the link to your Snapchat URL. This will help you in getting instant followers because your Instagram followers will click on that link just to check it. This link will redirect your followers toward your Snapchat profile.

If you are facing difficulty in passing your Snapchat URL directly to “add me” no worries this issue can be resolved. Because Instagram is not letting to add URLs of any other platform. But you can still add it by shortening the URL of your profile using any URL shortener tool. You can use to do this, it will work like wonders. If you want to remove it in the future, you can do so it's necessary to keep it all the time. But if you are going to launch your Snapchat profile for your business or as a user you should add this link at the start. This will help you grow faster and get more friends on Snapchat and you’ll be able to share your exciting stories on Snapchat.

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To promote your Snapchat URL you can add a post on your Instagram feed and ask your followers to click on the bio of your profile. They’ll find your Snapchat profile and will add you to see your interesting content.

4 Adding Snapchat Handle to Instagram

This solution seems quite obvious and will give you an easy approach, you need to add your Snapchat handle to your Instagram bio. Add the ghost emoji in front of your Snapchat handle and people will understand it. Because most people use this ghost emoji to demonstrate Snapchat accounts. Although adding the URL of your profile is quite similar but handle is a bit different because you are adding a complete URL link on your profile bio.

5 Sharing Your Snapchat Content to Instagram

There is nothing wrong with sharing your Snapchat content on Instagram, double dipping your content isn’t illegal. Your followers will get a taste of your Snapchat content, they’ll get to have more exciting content. They’ll see your Snapchat content and will find it engaging and entertaining, you’ll surely get more followers on Snapchat. Because they’ll follow your account to watch your content directly from that platform. You can check the profiles of famous influencers on Instagram they also promote their Snapchat content by adding their profile link in the caption. This entices their followers to add them on Snapchat also.

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6 Promote Your Snapchat Using Deals

Like every other social media platform, you can increase your Snapchat friends by offering your followers different deals. Whether you can arrange a giveaway or special deals on events. These deals can be promoted for any upcoming product or service. Offer your followers a discount code or offer them flat deals. People love free things. This will prove to be the best way to engage your followers in your account.

These strategies will help you for sure and you’ll be able to grow faster on Snapchat. Now if you are wondering how to get Instagram followers well you can get it using different techniques discussed earlier in our blog posts. Or you can simply buy Instagram followers from several reliable sources including Digital Aimz. They’ll help you to grow your Instagram profile and then you’ll be able to have a successful Snapchat profile with enough followers. Making yourself successful on social media is not difficult, you just need to give it a try.


You'll be able to add Snapchat Friends based on your Instagram Followers if you do it this way.