Top real world application written in C++

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A top real-world application written in C++ ➤➤ C++ is a powerful general-purpose programming language created at Bell Labs by Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ is an extension of C. Classes are important features added to C++. As a result, C++ is simply "C with classes."

C++ is just a language, and C++ compilers do the work of compiling the code. C++ compilers directly convert code to machine-dependent native code. If the code is written in an optimized manner, it is considered one of the fastest languages.

Many large companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, Reuters, Bloomberg, Oracle, IBM, twitch, Lyft, Accenture, agora, Telegram Messanger, etc have used C++ for building their technology stack.

But, before diving directly into real-world applications in C++ lets, look at some of its important features.

C++ has the following important features:
1)High Performance
2)Fast Computation Capability
6)Smart Pointers
7)Control over memory allocation
8)Generic Programming
9)Flexibility and Extensibility.

Because of these important features, it is used in various applications like:

  • Desktop Application Development
  • Design OS
  • Design Database
  • Engg. Application
  • Compiler Design
  • Embedded System
  • Computation Platforms
  • Design Web Browser
  • Design Web Server.
  • Design any new language.
  • Design Ecommerce

 Now, its time to look at real-world applications written in C++(Cplusplus)

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Real-World Application in C++

Some of the real world Application written in C++ are as follow:

1 Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite is a collection of Microsoft productivity software which usually consists of Microsoft Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Outlook, MS Access, Microsoft OneNote, etc.

MS Office was typically built with the aid of the assembler, and the technology shifted to C. When the popularity and power of C++ arose then every new thing started with C++.

Microsoft used C++ to deliver office suites to all the major platforms.
Microsoft-Office-Packagefig. Office Package are written in C++
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2 Adobe Software

Adobe is not a single product but a collection of many software products. Some of the popular adobe software products written in C++ are as follows:

a) Adobe Photoshop: It is a raster graphics-based image editing software. Photoshop is based on pixels. It is mostly written in C++.

b) Adobe ImageReady: It is tied with Photoshop. It is geared toward making animation things like an animated gifs. It is mostly written in C++.

c)Illustrator: It is vector graphics-based image editing software. Illustrator is based on vectors. It is also mostly written in C++.

d)Adobe Premiere: It is adobe video editing software. It is also mostly written in C++.

e) Adobe After Effect: It is an adobe tool for motion graphics and visual effects. It is also written in C++.

f) Adobe InDesign: It is an adobe product for layout design and desktop publishing software. Also written in C++.

adobe product written in C++

Also, there are many other products mostly written in C++.

3 Database Software

For designing software C++ is at first choice.Different database tools and software like MySQL, DatabaseSpyPro,pgAdmin(desktop version),SQLyog,TOra are written in C++.

a) MySQL: It is an open-source relational database management system. According to Statista, MySQL is the second most popular relational database. (source)


b)DatabaseSpyPro: It is a database client application for Windows OS. It allows us to connect major relational databases, allowing SQL querying, database structure design, database content editing, etc. So, you can visually do all these activities.(source)

c)PgAdmin(Desktop Version): It is also one of the popular PostgreSQL database client applications allowing you to connect to the PostgreSQL database, write SQL queries, and create database structure in visual form.


d)Tora: It is also an open-source database administrative GUI tool. Its main features are PL/SQL Debugger, a Syntax highlighted SQL worksheet, database explorer and browsing, and a comprehensive collection of database management tools.(source)

e)SQL Server: It is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. It is also mostly written in C++.

4 WinRAR

WinRAR is a file archiver that is used for creating and viewing archives in RAR or ZIP file formats and also helps to unpack your file in numerous file formats.WinRAR is also written in C++.(source)

winrar is mostly written in C++

5 Windows OS

Major parts of Windows OS are written in C. Some parts of Windows OS also use C++ in the codebase.

6 Apple OS

Apple OS X also has some parts written in C++.

7 Blackberry OS

Blackberry is a mobile operating system developed by Canadian Company BlackBerry Limited. Blackberry OS itself has written in C++. 

8 Bloomberg

Bloomberg is distributed Relational DBMS software which allows the investor to access real-time financial data, news and messages. Bloomberg's development environment and libraries are built with C++.

9 Wireshark

Wireshark is cross-platform open-source package analyser software that is used for analyzing packages, troubleshooting, and analyzing it. Most of the code is written in C but for the user interface, QT C++ is used. (source).

wireshark written in C++

10 Designing Web Browser

Web Browser contains a various component and is made with a collection of various programming language.C++ are mainly used for making rendering engine.

a) Google Chrome: Google Chrome uses C, C++, Java, Python, and Javascript. Chrome's high-speed V8 Javascript engine is basically written in C++.

b) Mozilla Firefox:  C/C++ (backend) and JS.(source)

c) Safari: According to Wikipedia, Safari is written in C++, Objective C, and Swift.

d) Opera: Opera is a chrome-based freeware web browser developed for all major browsers. According to Wikipedia, Opera is written in C++.

e) Internet Explorer: Uses C++ for rendering engine, according to Microsoft employee, Sean Lyndersay 

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11 Figma

Figma is browser-based interface design application best for team-based collaborative design projects. Figma provides you with all the tools you need for the project's design phase, including vector tools that are able to illustrate fully, prototype, and hand-off code. Figma is completely written in C++.

12 Telecom Billing Module

 a) Amdocs
Amdocs is the world's no. 1 BSS Vendor in the world. Its telecom billing module(Enabler) is completely written in C++.

13 Image Systems

TrackEye and TEMA, the world's leading systems for motion analysis are written in C++.

14 Coverity

It is a static source code analysis tool for C and C++ is written in C++. This tool is used for finding out Linux bugs.

15 BigFix Product

BigFix is communication system for providing information about technical support to the people for whom it is important and timely. All BigFix products are written in C++.

16 Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is 3D computer animation, simulation, modeling, and rendering software developed by Alias System currently owned by Autodesk. It also uses C++ as a core programming language. Other languages C#, python, and Maya Embedded Language.

17 Virtualization Software

Virtualization software in general is software that allows a single host machine to create and run one or more than one virtual environment (say. multiple OS). Virtualization software like VMware, and Virtual Box is written in C and C++.

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18 Email Clients

E-mail Client also is known as Email Reader is a desktop application that allows you to configure one or more email addresses that you receive, read, write, or send via the desktop interface. Various Email Clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, IBM Lotus Notes are written in C++.


19 Games Engine

Most of the game engines are written in C++ because C++ can have finer grain control over actual hardware which helps to create high-performance games and game engines. Popular games engines like  Blender,  4A Engine, Adventure Game, Studio, Anura, BuildBox, CryEngine, Godot, GamePlayer3D, DX Studio, Aleph One, Antiyad Gx, Anura, Armory 3D, Blender, Buildbox, CryEngine, Dark Engine are written in C++.

20 Banking Applications

For banking applications, C++ is an idle choice. Eg. Infosys Finacle is a core banking solution built in C++.


21 Google Applications

Some of the Google Products use C++ like Google File System(GFS), Chromium is builts in C++

So, this is the end of this valuable information on a real-world application written in C++(C plus plus), if you have enjoyed this article please share it on your social media so that others could learn it as well and could take the advantage of it.

22 Compilers

C++ is the programming language of choice for today's C compilers. GCC, Clang, and older Microsoft's C/C++ compiler are all written in C++, whereas GCC is written partially in C and C++.

Apple C++, Bloodshed Dev-C++, Clang C++ and MINGW are C++ compilers.

23 Scanners

The film scanner and camera scanner software are also written in C++.