What exactly is GB WhatsApp? Is it secure to use?

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GBWhatsApp is one of the popular mods for the popular messaging app WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an instant messaging application with over 2 billion users. WhatsApp allows users to send text and voice messages. It also allows users to make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, and much more. GBWhats app is similar to WhatsApp and much more.

What are mods?

Mods are applications made by changing the original application. It is mainly done to unlock, locked features in the official application.

Why is GB WhatsApp popular?

There are many mods available for WhatsApp. Such as Red WhatsApp, WhatsApp gold,WhatsApp Prime and KB WhatsApp. Out of them, GBWhatsApp is much more popular than any other mods available.

GBWhatsapp has additional features compared to the official version of WhatsApp. Some of the mentionable features of GBWhatsapps are Autoreply, hiding online status, airplane mode, themes, and more. It is claimed to have extra privacy available in it.

Some mentionable features of GbWhatsApp

1 Autoreply

The Autoreply feature is one of the unique features available in GBWhatsapp. This feature allows the user to send a pre-defined text message, in case the user will be out for a while. You can set the predefined message to send for either contacts only or chats only or for both options.

fig. Auto Play Feature GbWhatsapp


2 Airplane mode or DND mode

Airplane or Do Not Disturb (DND) mode of GBWhatsapp is just like the airplane mode of a phone. When turned on no messages or calls will be received or sent from the phone.

Aeroplane mode feature in gbwhatsapp
fig. Airplane Mode feature in GbWhatsapp

3 Themes

This is the feature that I liked the most in GBWhatsApp. Personalizing the application is what GBWhatsApp has focused on. After applying the personalization, the regular GBWhatsApp seems a lot different. If better themes are used more good personalizations can be made.

Theme feature in GbWhatsapp
fig. Themes in GbWhatsApp

4 Can easily zoom the profile picture.

5 Video size of GbWhatsapp is 30MB which is greater than Whatsapp.

6 Can send more than 30 images in Gbswhatsapp and this is not possible with Whatsapp.

Are these only the features available to GBWhatsApp?

No, there are many more features available compared to WhatsApp. Try it out for more.

How to Install GBWhatsapp?

Have you been wondering what it's like using the new features of WhatsApp? Don't worry we got you covered. Here is how you can test the features.

Note: Install at your own risk. why? see the Is it safe? section below

GB Whatsapp is available everywhere on the web. You need to download the .apk for the android phone. For now, GBWhatsapp is only available for android phones.  First, you should download the .apk file of GBWhatsapp. Then you need to enable the open source option in your phone as follows (if not done previously):

  1. Open the settings
  2. Go to apps
Goto Apps in Settings
fig. Goto Apps 
  1. Then click on 3 dots on top of the menu and click on special access
Select Special Access
fig. Select Special Access
  1. click on install unknown apps
Click on Install unknown Apps option
fig. Click on Install unknown Apps option
  1. click on install from unknown sources.
Toggle ON GBWhatsapp
fig. Toggle ON GBWhatsapp 

Then you can also download the application from the site below

Click here

 The login process of GBWhatsapp is similar to Whatsapp messenger.

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Problems and Drawbacks

GBWhatsapp is the mod application of WhatsApp Messenger, so it does not have support from Meta. In the case of user experience, the latest version has some features unwanted by the user. Here are some problems that I encountered while testing the app.

One of the first problems that I encountered while testing the application was changing its appearance. While changing the appearance from light mode to the dark mode or vice versa user is prompted to enter the username again. Despite the fact that the username was set during the login process.

Secondly, the problem I faced was the chats were not backup to google drive.

Since this is not the official version of WhatsApp, So this problem exists as this application might banned by play store and apple store.

Most of the application like Facebook automatically updates when connected to WIFI and this doesnot happens with GbWhatsApp.

All the chats that you had done with your friends from WhatsApp are not transferred to GBWhatsApp and vice versa. As the file server for WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp is different so this problem occurs.

Since this is the mod of Whatsapp Messenger, it contains a lot of advertisements. Whereas the official version of Whatsapp is free of such things. When clicked on an such advertisement, an unknown .apk file starts downloading and installing. Such a process directly influences the privacy of the user.

problem is gbwhatsapp runs ads
fig. problem is gbwhatsapp runs ads

Is it safe?

Any mod version of the official application is not usually safe to use. One of the reasons is the main source code that is applied to the application. No one can guarantee that there is no malicious code there except the person who created it. Such malicious code may be anything. Some sort of code to copy personal information or something that copies messages to a remote server.

Mods can infect the device with malware. So it may be safe.

During the installation process of GbWhatsapp, you will be asked for permission, and if you grant all of them, they will be able to access your personal information and spy on your everyday activities.

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Suggestions for GbWhatsapp

My advice is to avoid using cracked and modified applications just for the sake of getting extra features. Instead, use the application carefully at your own risk.


GBWhatsApp is a 3rd party mod of WhatsApp that transfers all the data to a 3rd party server instead of the official WhatsApp servers. This means all users’ personal information used during signup and chats is easily accessible by a stranger. So, it's totally up to users if they trust the developer of the app.

Article by : Prashant Raj Bista