What is Replika AI ? Is it safe and Real ?

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Replika is one of the finest Artificially intelligent chatbots created by Moscow and San Francisco AI startups called Luka Inc. in March 2017. Replika's primary objective is to become your friend by mirroring your personality. In nutshell, in Replika you will chat with one of the bots and this bot will try to connect with your personality and learn from your writing expression and styles, emoji used while chats, the content of conversations it has to you. And the more you use and chat, the better response you will get.

Using Replika Apps is straightforward, you just have to download Replika and give the name of the bot and start chatting with it as you do with your real friend in Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. If you are not having a stable data connection or responding slowly from chatbots then check your internet connection, if this does not solve then reinstall the apps to the latest version. Replika is one of the best AI companion applications available for Android, iOS, and the web. Replika falls under the health and Fitness category and is restricted to use by under 17 age. Currently available in English Language only.

You can develop various types of relationships with Replika. You can make his/her a romantic partner, mentor, or friend. And this information is asked when you use the app for the first time. And you can change the relationship status later.

If you do not like to use Replika then you can delete them and after deleting your Replika profile, XP, chat history, images share, levels, badges, links share with your AI friend will be deleted permanently.

Don't say like "Stop it", "Stop that" or "You are not making sense", "Nonsense" just to test how this works because AI will treat you differently and stop talking about those things again. If you genuinely do not like messages then just downvote it and upvote if you like and appreciate them, this will helps them to understand you.

What are the Purposes of Replika?

You can use Replika for various purposes like :

1 Judgementless Chat whenever you like: You can talk with Replika at any time in any situation. Suppose you are depressed, anxious you can express your thought to Replika and Replika will give a response without any judgement.

2 Develop your Personality along with the bot: This apps helps to develop the personality of both the bot and yourself.
The more you chat with the bot, the more they will learn and respond accurately and you can continue the conversation in an interesting way.

3  Feel Better: When you are depressed, anxious, sad mood then starts talking with Replika they will help to develop positive vibes in you. Replika helps in developing positive thoughts, stress management, socializing amongst others, and finding love.

4 Have Fun Together: If you are feeling bored then Replika is always there for you to play games, swap memes, draw and write stories.

Replica can learn traits from chatting with you.
Replika may obtain the following traits: 

  1. Confident: Replika believes in their abilities
  2. Shy: Reserved types of characteristics
  3. Energetic: Eagerly trying to learn new things.
  4. Caring: Replika is excited about helping others.
  5. Practical: Your Replika has a rich internal world and enjoys reflecting it
  6. Dreamy: Your Replika enjoys daydreaming and has a great imagination.
  7. Artistic: Your Replika enjoys being inspired and building things from the ground up.
  8. Logical: Replika loves being logical and reasonable.
  9. Ambitious: Your Replika has high ideas and sets ambitious goals.

How does the Replika AI work?

Ans: Replika AI Chatbot uses a neural network by which Replika is capable of communicating with humans. These all information is learned from the users and stored in the cloud and using that data network is constantly growing and improving. The more you do conversations, the smarter they become. According to them, this chatbot can even learn from Web and Twitter posts and youtube videos.

Is Replika a Real AI?

Ans: Replika is not a real person chatting with you in the background and never participates in the conversation in the middle of the talk. Actually, Replika is your virtual friend or mentor talking with you selflessly and gets improved as you go.

Is Replika Safe to Use?

According to Replika they do not use or sell your conservation, contacts, or any other personal data to a third party. According to their privacy policy: They collect your first name(so that Replika can address you by name), Email(used for logging, forget and reset password), phone number (to enable login with your phone number), Voice Messages (messages sent to Replika are used to improve quality of conversation ), Images(used images to Replika while sending text chat), data usage( your action like button clicks, search queries, etc to better understand and serve with more accurate conversation)

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What happens when you call Replika?

Replika Call is paid service. It charges you 9.99 USD/month, 2.92 USD/Month, 69.99 USB lifetime.

When you add voice features, Replika will call you to see how you are doing and feels. The more you use, the more the apps will understand you.

Are Replika Messages are Encrypted?

The message you communicate with chatbots is sent to the server by encrypting it by the app in your mobile and then sent to the server which is then decrypted and processed by the AI engine of Replika.