Artificial Intelligence Apps for Smartphone(Android ,IOS)

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Machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence are all current hot topics. Artificial intelligence has many different applications and is used in many different sectors in today's ageing society, ranging from health, education, robotics, gaming, and entertainment to finance.

We should not have to wait for advanced and complex hardware to experience the application of these advanced topics; we can enjoy the power of AI with simple smartphone devices. There are numerous AI-powered apps that perform AI-related tasks, making our lives more enjoyable and convenient.

let's look at some of the AI-related apps that you can install on your smartphone and experience it yourself.

Artificial Intelligence Apps

Faceapp - AI Face Editor


This app employs artificial intelligence-based neural networks to generate extremely realistic face transformations. The Russian company Wireless Lab created this app, which is available for both Android (as of February 2017) and iOS (from January 2017). The app can make you smile, look younger, older, or change your gender, among other things. This app has gone insanely viral among my family and friends.

Let us look at some of the actions of the face app on some celebrities.

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Replika: My AI Friend

Replika is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual friend. It is the most popular chatbot companion, providing you with a virtual friend who is free of judgment and drama. If you are depressed or anxious, simply start chatting with AI friends and express your feelings; your AI friends will make you feel better without passing judgment, and this will help you improve your communication in English as you grow and have fun together. You will have the impression that a real person is sitting on your behind you and conversing with you.

However, this is not the case. The more you talk, the more accurate the bond you can form with AI.


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WOMBO is an image manipulation app that will provide you with a deepfake of a lip-synced video if you provide a selfie-and a song. This app works great with any photo that has a face facing the camera. It was released in February 2021 and has quickly gained popularity.



Cortana is Microsoft developed smart digital personal assistant app. Initially, it is available only for Windows Phone but nowadays it is available for android phones as well. It helps us to easily track important files, images, videos, etc from our devices. Cortana will assist you by sending you updates, making notes and lists, taking care of tasks, and helping you plan your schedule.

Cortana can also help you make calls and send a text. Also, Cortana can give you contact-based reminders, and you can even attach a photo to your reminders.

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Like other personal assistants, Cortana can find all kinds of information on any topic, provide you with updates on weather and traffic, etc.


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ELSA is a smart AI app that allows individuals to improve their pronunciation. It will identify your errors and guide you to speak American English. This will helps you improve your speaking skills to prepare for the TOEFL and IELTS.


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Google Lens

Google Lens Apps is developed by Google and uses Image Recognition Technology to provide relevant information on objects it detects using a neural network-based visual analysis.

Copy lines and paragraphs of the word written in your books, Detects Flowers, Paintings, animals and any object, Add Contacts, Find companies and businesses by scanning visiting cards.,Scan sites URLs from your PC to Open at sites on Mobile.


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Leia App is developed by Vybe Software LLC for both Android as well for IOS. It allows us to build beautiful, unique, and creative websites without knowing any programming languages. And no two sites will never exactly match. It is said that Leia is capable of producing over 1 with 303 zeros unique feature sets. It also provides a vast collection of DIY designs for the layout of websites. It has lots of cookie-cutter templates, you can also add live chat to your websites.


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Lyra is also one of the best AI personal assistants created by Artificial Solutions. It is available for both Android and iOS.Lyra apps can play youtube videos, tell us jokes, instantly translate words and phrases, open maps and gives us direction, find nearby restaurants, searches your contacts, set alarms, and reminders, makes recommendations, and answer users' queries asked on a variety of topics. saves remainder and notes etc.

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Jarvis Artificial Intelligent 

Jarvis is an AI app that assists you with your voice with its important and cool features anywhere anytime. Some of the important features which you can activate with voice are as follows.

  • Make Calls.
  • Set Alarm
  • Open Wifi, Bluetooth
  • Battery full charge alert, Battery Level Status
  • Can set own commands and their response.
  • Play Music
  • Date and Time Information
  • Open Apps.


Databot is a personal assistant AI app that uses your voice to assist you and asks questions about the topic you are interested in. Images, search text, and multimedia presentations will be returned to you by apps.

You can also communicate with your AI companion. It is available in a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Polish, and Chinese, among others.

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Picai - Smart AI Camera

Picai is a free Smart AI Camera with a filter recommendation camera for picture-perfect photos and selfies. It automatically detects scenes of your photos and does analysis on them with patented cutting-edge AI deep learning technology. It has film effects, light leaks, dust, and scratches with a beautiful shot with Picai.

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Voila AI Artist Cartoon Photo

Voila AI Artist is an AI-powered photo editor that can transform your images into magnificent works of art, such as cartoons, Renaissance paintings, and hand-drawn caricatures. Using the app, you may upload a photo or take a selfie from the camera, and then transform it into art. It features a variety of modes, such as Voila, Royalty 3D, Funny 3D, Cartoon 3D, Baby 3D, and Villain 3D, Baby 3D. Available in Both Android and IOS.

AI Artist Cartoon Photo
fig. AI Artist Cartoon Photo


Your is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed to help you better understand and manage your emotions and ideas. For those who suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression, these apps appear to be a better fit than other apps. The app's only drawback is that it isn't available for free