What is pulsing rings around messenger video chat icon?

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Pulsing rings around Messenger video chat icons

Facebook launched an instant messaging app in 2011, intending to connect people. The idea behind the application was to bring people from all over the world together. Additionally, provide a platform that allows the private exchange of messages.Β 

Before Facebook messenger, it had an instant messaging service called Facebook chat. This chat was developed in 2008 and revamped in 2010. Meta released a Facebook Portal hardware for Messenger calling in 2018.

Facebook Messenger is a no-cost instant messaging service. The app, itself is a separate app from Facebook. They are, but, both products of their parent company Meta. Messenger has the following features:

  • Instant messaging
  • Media sharing
  • Audio sharing
  • Group conversations
  • Voice and Video conferencing in real-time.
  • Messenger Games
  • Reactions and Mentions in Chat
  • Messenger Rooms
  • My Day Feature

Messenger has roughly likely dominated the communication market with normal yet important features.Β 

Since its launch in 2011, Messenger has advanced a lot. Messenger introduced their website in 2014. And later, it launched its business platform in 2016. On this date, Messenger is a part of our social life. We use messenger to connect with our friends, family, and coworkers. We also use its features to share media and communicate with businesses.Β Β 

Over a billion people use Messenger, to stay in touch with their loved ones. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the application's use has more than doubled globally. The number of voice and video calls saw a rise with more than 700 million account participants.Β 

Messenger has an in-built voice and video calling feature. Messenger calling is free regardless of your phone's OS when your phone has a WiFi connection. With the visual updates in the application, we have noted many changes in the display.Β 

The pulsing ring was one of the visible visual updates that occurred. In a conversation display, it's the faded rings bouncing around the camera icon. You must have noticed the dot while speaking with someone. Perhaps, it made you wonder about its existence.

normal video icon messenger chat
fig. normal video icon messenger chat

Today, we will discuss what it is and how to get rid of it.

What are the Pulsing Rings in Facebook Messenger?

Meta’s Messenger Service now has a pulsing ring as an updated feature. It is the ringing circles that pop up around the video calling icon. The appearance of the pulses indicates that the user has opened the chat display. And that you are both on the same display.

Pulsing rings around video icon messenger
fig. Pulsing rings around video icon messenger

Sound a little confusing? Let's understand with an example.Β Β 

Suppose you have something to say to your friend. You open your Messenger app and click on your friend's profile. You are on the chat screen and see your friend is online. Coincidentally, your friend opens your chat screen at the same time.Β 

At this moment, you will notice pulsing rings around the video icon in the top right corner.Β 

This ring will appear as long as both parties are on the conversation screen.Β 

Why pulsating rings?

The primary motive for creating this feature is to encourage video calls. When you're having a conversation with someone and notice a steady pulse, it's intuitive to click on it. Thus, one tap will start a real-time video conference. And your communication experience can be better and clearer.Β 

The feature of a pulsing ring around the video chat icon is particularly helpful for group chats or when you are chatting with someone who has multiple chats active at the same time. You won't miss an impending call or an ongoing call thanks to the pulsing ring, and you'll be able to jump right into the conversation without any delay.

Problem you may face with pulsing rings

When a user has a lot of incoming calls or notifications, the pulsing rings that is around the Messenger video chat icon may become distracting or annoying to them. This is particularly true in situations where the user has a lot of calls or notifications. If you are having problems with the pulsing rings, such as them persisting even when there are no active calls or notifications, it is possible that there is a technical problem with the Messenger software on your device or with your device itself. You can attempt to fix the problem by restarting the Messenger app or your device. You can also check to see if there are any available updates for the Messenger app. If the problem continues, you can get additional help by getting in touch with Facebook's support team.

Difference between "Active Status" and "Pulsing Rings"Β 

A green dot indicates a user's active status in Messenger. The green dot signifies that the user is available for any type of conversation. To put it simply, a green dot symbolizes an online user.

A pulsing ring indicates that both users are viewing the conversation all at the same. It implies that the users are having immediate, private conversations. It could also imply that the users have an interest in the conversation.


An active user might or might not have an interest in chatting with you. Furthermore, not all of your online friends may indeed show any interest in having a real-time conversation with you. The pulsating ring symbolizes that both users are actively participating in the conversation.