What is suggested list in Messenger ? How to clear it ?

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Facebook Messenger is a useful application developed by Meta (originally name: Facebook) that allows us to chat and contact our Facebook friends in real-time. This app tries to keep you engaged at all times, and it is becoming smarter day by day.

Sometimes when you're using your messenger apps, you'll try to search something in the main search bar, and you'll get a list of suggested friends, and you'll wonder how the messenger is showing these lists, and if they're spamming you or are they real.

In this article, Ourtechroom will explain what Messenger Suggested List is and how to remove/delete those suggestions.

What is Messenger Suggested List?

Ans: Facebook Messenger Suggested list is nothing more than a suggested list of friends based on your interaction with those Facebook friends by liking their profile, commenting on their posts, interacting with the Facebook video they posted, friends near to you, friends online, friends who see your profile a lot, profile views, ย communication, liking similar posts, and so on.

The more you like a suggestion and click on it, the smarter the messager will be because they will know you better than you know yourself, and the more likely you will get an accurate and useful result in your messenger list.

suggested messenger friend list
fig. suggested messenger friend list
Note: Messanger will not suggest any friends outside your mutual friends.

The messenger may interact with Facebook Apps, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms for suggestions because these are owned by the same company. They could collaborate to operate more effectively and efficiently.

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Messenger Suggested List might be on the basis of :

Note: These below points are on the basis of my research on different blog posts.

1 Communication

The more you use Messanger to communicate(audio/video/chat) with your friends individually or in a group, the more likely your friends will appear at the top of Messanger's suggested lists Theย more recent your interaction, the more likely they are to show in the suggested list.

2 Profile Views

If you look at the Facebook profiles of 'X' friends, you have a better probability of being in the top list of the suggested messenger on 'X' friend messenger.

3 Profile Interaction

if you react and comment on Facebook friends' posts, they are more likely to appear on their suggested list.

4 Post Interaction
All comments, likes, and tags, etc are included in the interactions. It could be a photo, a movie, or anything else.

5 Friends near you

If you have mutual friends located near to you then they may appear on your suggested list.

6 Online Friends
Online Friends in the suggested list are represented by green dots along with their usernames on the side.

7 Both share some things in common like job, school history, Attending the same event, Group affiliation, etc.

8 Friends who tag you.

9 Your recent friends.

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Actually, Meta(initially Facebook) does not mention anywhere about what on the basis they are displaying those lists and what are the actual order but above are the few which messenger uses to show the list. The actual working algorithm is not known and may be a different time and again. ย 
The list changes dynamically as you interact with different people over time.

Can we change the order of the Suggested Messanger list?

No. There is no way to change who appears at the top of your friend's list as they are generated by Messenger automatically and no actual algorithm is publicly known.

How to remove Messanger Suggested List?

Ans: Sometimes you might find that messenger are spammy and does not like those list then you can remove /delete them. Just follow the below steps:

1 Go to your phone settings โš™


2 Click on Apps


3 Search for Messanger and Click on it.


4 Click on Storage Option


5 Click on Clear Data.


Once you have clear data then those searches from your phone will get deleted and removed. Now open your messenger app and try to click on the search field and you will not get any friends in the suggested list. But They may appear again after some time. The New suggested list is auto-generated later.

It is crucial to highlight that the suggested list in Messenger is intended to assist you in discovering and connecting with new people, so it can be a great tool for growing your social network. Because of this, it is important to mention this feature.


Do people appear in your messenger suggested list even if they do not text you?

Ans: Yes, people can appear in your message history even if they haven't texted you or if both parties haven't communicated yet. It is based on a number of factors, as explained above with 9 points.

How do people get to the top of the suggested list on someone's Messenger?

Ans: We don't know the exact Facebook algorithm, but if you interact with your friends through chat, video calls, audio calls, or any other media in Facebook and Messenger, there's a better chance you'll be on their suggested list in Messenger.

Are the Suggested List and Friend List in Messenger the same?

The friend list in Messenger is a list of individuals who are already connected to you on Facebook, whereas the suggested list in Messenger is a list of people who are not presently your friends but who Messenger thinks you might want to connect with.


In conclusion, we can say the suggested list in Facebook Messenger is a list of people that Facebook's algorithm thinks they can connect with you on the basis of various factors like no. of times your interact with them, the time of day, and the topic of your prior chats with them.

When you have removed all of the suggested contacts from the suggested list in Messenger that you wish to remove, those contacts will no longer appear in the list of suggested contacts. Be aware, however, that the suggested list is dynamically updated based on the activity that you have with your messaging, and as a result, new suggested contacts might appear at some point in the future. So you can clear them as your choice as it does not impact your friend list.

In this way, we can clear or remove the suggested friend list from the messenger.