.Shared Folder | Is Whatsapp's .shared folder deleteable?

👤 Diwas Poudel    🕒 22 Feb 2023    📁 TECH

.Shared Folder is a hidden WhatsApp folder. They are made hidden with the idea that users should not have to do anything with this folder and should instead live it to Whatsapp for its deal. 

.Shared Whatsapp Folder
fig. Shared Whatsapp Folder

When you open the content of the. Shared folder, you will notice that the names of all of the files are meaningless or random. This indicates that the contents are encrypted, and it is not feasible to read the content of the files.

.Shared Folder content
fig. Shared Folder content


Purpose of .Shared Whatsapp Folder

When you download media files such as images, audio, videos, documents, and so on in Whatsapp, those files are first downloaded. Shared Folder in encrypted form. It then decrypts to the Media Whatsapp Folder, i.e. the WhatsApp/Media subfolder. So, your real media files are located inside the Media folder instead of . Shared folder. Shared folders are temporary folders, and deleting them will not result in data loss.

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Is Whatsapp's.shared folder deletable?

.Shared Folder contents of the media that you have started downloading but are not yet completed or half done. Whatsapp clears those temporary files when completed but sometimes WhatsApp may fail to clear those temp files due to which sometimes it remains there and may occupy large space. So, you are good to go to clear these Temp files. Shared Folder.

Yes, you can delete it as they only contain temporary files. And again Whatsapp recreates that folder automatically whenever it is needed.

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If you find that the.Shared folder is taking up too much disk space, you can delete it because it contains temporary files.