How to upload/send high quality photos, videos on WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging apps used generally for making voice calls, video calls, send messages, photos, and video sharing, etc for mobile and desktop devices. While using WhatsApp you may have already sent photos and video to your friends in chats and Whatsapp Status. If yes then your friend will surely blame you for sending/posting low-quality images, videos and request you to send photos again in high quality. Actually, it's not your fault, Whatsapp automatically compresses any media like photos, videos before saving them in storage. So, it's Whatsapp doing all the things related to compress the image. If this is a problem then this article will guide you to upload high-quality videos/pictures in WhatsApp and impress your friend :). 

It is interesting to note that WhatsApp compresses media files so well that the quality decrease is almost visually not perceived by humans eye- at least for the general WhatsApp user.

Why WhatsApp Decrease Quality?

There are two factors that determine the quality of an image: the quality of the camera and the quality of the image processing. The first factor is highly variable and may be caused by a variety of factors. The second factor is the app itself. The app will either process the image first or will filter the image. In the latter case, it will apply a filter called optical flow, which further reduces the sharpness and the color saturation. Not only WhatsApp, but various other messaging apps like messenger also do the same. There can be various reasons for decreasing the quality of images in WhatsApp and some of them are as follows.

  • WhatsApp saves space on its Servers and its save millions of dollar for them.
  • Decrease Image Downloading Traffic from the server.
  • Viewers will get the media(image, video) in less time.
  • Whatsapp is not media sharing apps and focuses mainly on communication rather than sharing media. So they do not focus on the quality of the image.
  • Whatsapp is mainly for conversion and focuses on sharing images then speedy conversation (mainly text message) cannot be maintained.
  • WhatsApp is targeting countries with lower internet speed(say. 2g and 3g connection) country and most of the users even with a low internet connection uses Whatsapp so focusing on them compression features helps to send the message and receive it at a fast rate.
Note: WhatsApp will reduce image quality any way regardless of your internet connection speed. 

Methods for Sending High-Quality Media in Whatsapp

  • Using Document Option
  • Using Compress Image apps
  • Using Google Drive

Note that Whatsapp is not the best apps for sharing high-quality images but if it is an emergency you can use it.

Also, it should be noted that When you send any image either png, jpeg, webp, BMP, tiff, gif, etc in a normal way then it will automatically convert into a jpeg file format which is the default behavior. Whatsapp does this because the jpg/jpeg file is a compressed file and the png is a noncompressed file.

Using Document Options

We can send pictures and videos in Whatapps as documents. Whatsapp uses no compression while sharing media as documents.

Whatapps developed these features for sending documents like pdf documents, word documents, etc to the users. But you can use it for pictures and videos as well.

You can send only 100MB size media (pictures, pdfs, docs, videos) using document features. This much space is enough for sending single pictures and some videos which is less than 100MB.


Here, I am using an android phone for performing these actions:

1  Open Whatsapp and goto Chat Tab and select Recipient to whom you want to share media(videos, pictures).


2  Click on Attach icon 

Then click on the Document icon

attached document whatsapp

4  Select Browse other docs

whatsapp browse other data

Choose your media(images, videos) from the list and click on send.

select-image-from-list whatsapp

Then will get your media as shown below.


Note that documents send via document options cannot be preview.

Here, the Actual size of the image on phone is 4.9 MB and when I upload this photo on WhatsApp as a document then it is sent as it is.No compression performed here.

Let's compare image send by using document options and another image send using general ways.

compressed image vs uncompressed image whatsapp

Using Rename Techniques

1  Rename your file extension to something like .pdf or .doc. 
       For example, I want to send high-quality image say abc.jpg image then rename it to abc.doc.

       Note that you will not be able to preview this changed image but image data are preserved.

2 Send it via the document option.

3 Recipient rename it back to .jpg.
       Ex. The recipient received it as abc.doc, then they just have to rename it as abc.jpg.

Note that you can do it for jpeg, png, gif, BMP file extension as well.

Using Compress Apps

By Using File Compression apps like ZArchiver, WinZip, XZip, RAR you can first compress your images into finally converted into Zip files and then send that zip file to the recipient, then the recipient will unzip those files and open them.

Using Google Drive

  • Upload all your pictures, videos, documents into google drive or one drive.
  • Get Shareable link from Google Drive
  • Open Whatsapp and share that shareable link with the recipient.

In this way, you can send multiple pictures(images), videos, and documents.


Sending Images via Whatsapp is secure?

Ans: Any message and images send via Whatsapp are secure. End-to-end encryption is used to send messages from the sender to the recipient on WhatsApp.Your images and messages cannot even see by Whatsapp because of end-to-end encryptions.

Only you and the recipient can see WhatsApp messages and photos.

Does Whatsapp Use Lossy Compression?

Ans: Yes Whatsapp uses lossy compression for compressing the images. Whatsapp compresses the images before sending them to their server.

Why Whatsapp Compressed image as jpeg?

Ans: If you upload any image either png, tiff, or Gif, Whatsapp changes the file extension to.jpeg because jpeg is one of the best-compressed forms of an image where a tiny reduction of quality cannot be noticeable.

This is not only so common as JPEG images, but also because WhatsApp is primarily a mobile application and images are captured as JPEG by default on most mobile devices.