Best Free Sql Server (MS SQL) Database Hosting Provider for Educational Purpose-Online ?

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There are lots of free SQL databases from different vendors. Some of the most popular SQL databases used in the market are Postgresql, Oracle, MS SQL(SQL Server), SQLite, MySql, etc. You can get all these mentioned databases in your local machine Suppose you want to host or wants to put your data live and then accessing those data from anywhere else requires  SQL server database hosting. For this, you may have two choices according to your requirements. If you just want to test your data online then you can use free database hosting. And suppose you think your data privacy and security then it's worth buying Database Server hosting.

You can use this for testing purposes. Don't suggest production for using the free version of the database.

In this article, I will talk about free SQL Server (MS SQL) Database hosting which you can use for educational purposes or just for testing.

Advantage of Free SQL Server Hosting 

  • You can host your SQL Server Instance for free.
  • Good for showing a demo to the user.
  • Good for testing SQL servers for educational purposes.
  • Many SQL Server provide the facility to upgrade to the paid plan and more features.

Disadvantages of Free SQL Server Hosting

  • Free SQL Server Hosting does not guarantee the consistency of your data.
  • You are compromising your data and data might be at risk.
  • You are compromising speed and you may not get a response from the server fast.
  • Free SQL Servers might be non-reliable and unstable.

So, in general it has following disadvantages: Limited Storage, Limited Bandwidth and Limited features.

Note: Any Free Database Server might not be good for production so do not use it for production


It is free, easy to use, versatile, reliable, and secure .net hosting.You can go to the URL and type and then sign up with any mailing addresses and then after they verify your mail then you can use MySQL server for free. For free categories then have provided the following specification.

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Specification Description
Auto Backup 
MS SQL database size 15 MB
MS SQL log size 20 MB
MS SQL Full-text search
Database auto backup
Backup storage size 40 MB
FTP access to backup
Database auto backup every
Database auto backup every 24 hours
Keep database auto backups for 24 hours
MS SQL login accounts 1
MS SQL 2012 Express
MS SQL 2014 Express
MS SQL 2016 Express
MS SQL 2019 Express

2 GearHost


Within a few minutes, you could have your own MSSQL hosting up and running. First, you have to sign up with any mailing address and after they verified your mail then you can log in to gear host on the main page. Your dashboard page looks like this:


 It provides you with 10 MB of space lifetime hosting, which is enough for testing. It provides shared hosting, dedicated Hosting as well as VPS hosting.

Some other facilities are:
1. Backup and recovery
2. Monitoring and Expert Support.

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3. SmarterAsp.Net Hosting

This hosting provider provides hosting free for 2 months without any credit card. If you decide to use it further then will ask you for credit card Details.

Specification Size Info
MS SQL Database 1 GB
MS SQL Log Size 1 GB
Backup, Restore, Attach

The dashboard of hosting looks like this:

4 Azure SQL Database

Azure provides 1 year of free MS SQL Server hosting facilities. You can try it once. (link)

5 Amazon SQL Database

Amazon provides you with Amazon RDS free tier for AWS customers for testing with SQL Server database(SQL Server Express Edition) in the cloud for free.

This service is available for 12 months from the date you have created your AWS account. After that, if you want to continue using this service then you can simply pay-as-you-go service rates.

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6 Google Cloud

In addition, Google Cloud offers MySQL hosting with a free trial period of three months. In order to take advantage of this offer, you will need to sign up for an account and supply the necessary information from a business card to prove that you are a human and not a robot. Individuals and companies alike can take advantage of the database services offered by Google.

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It also provides a shared Windows hosting plan for a free trial of 60 days. For a free plan, it provides 1GB of Total MSSQL space. You can host applications as well.

Let's look in details:

  1. 1 GB of storage space
  2. 512 MB RAM
  3. 100 GB bandwidth
  4. 1 free domain name
  5. Free SSL certificate and email account
  6. Free cPanel and support

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8 Accuwebhosting

If you want only a few months for hosting a database then Accu Webhosting is the best one. It provides free for 3 months and then charges $13.95 per quarter. For signing purposes, you do not need credit cards. Currently, it is providing SQL 2012 and SQL 2008

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9 DiscountAsp

DiscountASP offers a free trial database subscription for a period of three months. It offers databases such as Microsoft SQL 2019, Microsoft SQL 2017, Microsoft SQL 2016, and Microsoft SQL 2014.

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10 cloudclusters

If you want 7 days of free trials then you can try cloud clusters. You have the option to host your MSSQL databases in either SQL Server 2019 XE or SQL Server 2017 XE within the cloud cluster. You have the option of selecting the Database Server's location to either be in the West or the Center of the United States.

You can Upgrade/Downgrade your plan to match your business needs. Additional CPU cores, RAM, storage space, and backup space can be added or removed at your discretion.

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