Best Free Sql Server (MS SQL) Database Hosting Provider for Educational Purpose-Online ?

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There are lots of free SQL databases from different vendors. Some of the most popular SQL databases used in the market are Postgresql, Oracle, MS SQL(SQL Server), SQLite, MySql, etc. You can get all these mention databases in your local machine and Suppose you want to host or wants to put your data live and then accessing those data from anywhere else requires  SQL server database hosting. For this, you may have two choices according to your requirements.If you just want to test your data online then you can use free database hosting. And suppose you think your data privacy and security than its worth buying Database Server hosting.

In this article, I will talk about free SQL Server (MS SQL) Database hosting which you can use for educational purposes or just for testing.

Note: Put your data at your own risk.


Goto URL and type and then sign up with any mailing addresses and then after they verify your mail then you can use MySQL server for free. For free categories then have provided the following specification.

Specification Description
Auto Backup 
MS SQL database size 15 MB
MS SQL log size 20 MB
MS SQL Full-text search
Database auto backup
Backup storage size 40 MB
FTP access to backup
Database auto backup every
Database auto backup every 24 hours
Keep database auto backups for 24 hours
MS SQL login accounts 1
MS SQL 2012 Express
MS SQL 2014 Express
MS SQL 2016 Express
MS SQL 2019 Express



Within a few minutes, you could have your own MSSQL hosting up and running.First, you have to sign up with any mailing address and after they verified your mail then you can log in into gear host the main page. Your dashboard page looks like this:


 It provides you with 10 MB space lifetime hosting, which is enough for testing. 

3. SmarterAsp.Net Hosting

This hosting provider provides hosting free for 2 months without any credit card. If you decide to use further then will ask you for credit card Details.

Specification Size Info
MS SQL Database 1 GB
MS SQL Log Size 1 GB
Backup, Restore, Attach

Dashboard of hosting looks like this: