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In general, asp.net websites are hosted on Windows servers, which are expensive, and service providers must purchase everything from Microsoft, such as Windows Server OS, SQL Server, and others. As a result of the high cost of hosting, there are only a few free asp.net hosting providers on the market.

Developers, Testers, and students usually use free asp.net or any hosting providers for the following purposes.

  • To Run their hobby project.
  • To just take their local host site to live.
  • For sharing the contents and projects with colleges, and to other businesses.
  • For testing the websites.
  • Before buying the services give a try for the free tier.

My advice is to host in the free asp.net tier only

  • if do not have money to host your project
  • if you don't take care of bandwidth and performance.
  • If you don't care about the project in the future.
  • If you are ok with downtime of hosting.

There are some asp.net hosting providers which provide their best services free of cost. Some of the free asp.net hosting providers are as follow.

1 Somee.com

Somee is a free hosting initiative that provides Windows hosting, Asp.net hosting, and MSSQL hosting.

fig. somee basic control panel and dashboard

The following are some of the most important features of Somee free hosting.

  • Windows 2016 and 2012R Web Server is used for hosting free web projects.
  • Can Host different frameworks of Asp.Net applications like asp.net 4.8, 4.7,4.6,4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 2.0, etc. Also, support Asp.net core 2.2 and Asp.net Core 3.1
  • Different versions of Databases are supported like SQL Express 2019/2016/2014,2012 etc. 
  • Provides free SSL certificates.
  • Provides FTP support.
  • Storage Capacity: 150 MB
  • Bandwidth: 5GB /month
  • Has dedicated application pool support.
  • Has MS SQL log size:30MB
  • MS SQL database size:30MB
  • Backup storage size:100MB
  • Has IIS 8.5 support
  • 1 x Email plan "Forwarder"
  • No credit card info is needed.
  • Has its own Cpanel.

Limitation of Somee Asp.net Host Provider

  • Somee places a small advertisement at the bottom of the website to indicate that Somee hosts websites and applications.
  • Free SSL Certificates are expired every 3 months so you periodically renew certificates.
  • You cannot host every type of content especially adult content, hacking and illegal content, phishing websites, etc.
  • If the websites are not active for 30 days then websites and databases get removed from Somee.
  • It has low bandwidth and storage.

So, if you host the site "techinfo," your full domain name will be techinfo.somee.com. So, in this case, techinfo is a subdomain of somee.

Click here to visit the site.

2 Smarter Asp

SmarterAsp is one of my favorite asp.net providers which provides 60 day free trial for different packages of hosting. They have 60 days to trial the service, after which they can upgrade if they like it.

fig. smarter asp control panel

Some of the important features are :

  • Has its own Cpanel and it is easy to use.
  • No need for credit card information for the free plan.
  • Specialize in Microsoft Asp.Net Hosting
  • Web Space: 1 GB
  • MSSQL Space : 1 GB
  • MySQL Space: 1 GB
  • Number of Site/ IIS Entry: 1
  • Can have its own domain in the trial period as well.
  • Provides FTP support.
  • Can Host asp.net Core 1.x to 5.x
  • Can Host asp.net 4.8, 2.0 - 4.6.c
  • Supports Classic Asp 
  • Web Socket is also allowed.
  • Crystal Report Support
  • One-click installation of various CMS like Acquia Drupal, BlogEngine .Net CMS, RazorC .Net, DasBlog, Dotnetnuke, etc.
  • No forced advertising on websites and apps.
  • Has good help and support.
  • Can create a ticket and chat with the technical team.
  • Ads Free
  • 99.9 Uptime

Limitations of Smarter Asp Free Hosting

  • Has only 60 days for trial.
  • For 60 days trial, it does not provide SSL.
  • Access to Raw Log Files is also not allowed.
  • Does not provide Schedule Tasks/ Cron Jobs.
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3 Free Asp.Net Hosting 

Free Asp.Net Hosting is a better option for a.net developer or student looking for free asp.net hosting. The major purpose of this hosting company is to educate anyone who wants to learn to code by providing free resources such as hosting.

In a free tier, it provides the following features.

  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Application Pool
  • Support .Net 5.0, .Net Core 3.1 and .Net Framework 4.8
  • Support Classic Asp
  • Can add a domain for free
  • No Credit Card Needed

Click here to visit.

4 DiscountAsp

DiscountAsp is a simple hosting service to which I refer for small projects. It includes 1000MB of disk space, 80GB of monthly data transfer, and free website migration, as well as some of the following features.

  • It offers three months free for the first year of an annual plan.
  • It offers Windows Server 2019, 2016, and 2012 hosting.
  • It supports the most recent asp.net frameworks, such as asp.net core 6.x and asp.net 4.8x.
  • It is compatible with older projects written in Classic Asp.
  • It supports server-to-client remote procedure calls (RPCs) via signalR.
  • It has higher uptimes than data centers in the United States and Europe.
  • It provides facilities of database hosting in SQL Server 2019,SQL 2017,SQL 2016,SQL 2014.
  • It also provides MS Access if needed as a private database folder.
  • It provides facilities for database backup and restores with tools.

Global ASP.NET Hosting Leader - Click Here

5 MyWindows Hosting 

Like Smarterasp, MyWindows Hosting also provides 60 days of free trials. It has the following useful features for free:

  • One Installation for DotNetNuke, nopcommerce,Kentico CMS,Blog Engine,Orchard CMS
  • No credit card is needed to use the free trial
  • Supports SQL server 2019, MYSQL 5.
  • ASP.Net Core 5. x
  • Asp.Net 4.8
  • 10Gb/month bandwidth
  • 1GB Disk Space
  • 1GB Web Space
  • 1GB SQL Space
  • Provides 1 FTP
  • 128 MB RAM/Memory Allocation 
  • Can create a ticket and chat with the technical team.
  • Ads Free

It has similar features to SmarterAsp.

Limitations of My Windows Hosting 

  • Has only 60 days for trial.
  • For 60 days trial, it does not provide SSL.
  • Access to Raw Log Files is also not allowed.
  • Does not provide Schedule Tasks/ Cron Jobs.

Click here to visit the site.

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6  MyAsp.Net

MyAsp.Net has the same interface as Smarterasp. So, the owner of smarter asp and myasp.net might be the same.

It has the following important features

  • Support IIS 10. x 
  • Supports Latest asp.net 5. x
  • Supports Asp.Net 4.8.x - 2.x
  • Supports SQL Server 2019 - 2008
  • MySql 8.x - 5.x
  • Provides free supports
  • No Credit Card Needed
  • Instant Installation Facilities.


  • You cannot host adult content, illegal content, or phishing websites.
  • Has only 60 days for trial.
  • For 60 days trial, it does not provide SSL.
  • Access to Raw Log Files is also not allowed.
  • Does not provide Schedule Tasks/ Cron Jobs.

Click here to visit the site.

7 Microsoft Azure

Because C# and asp.net are Microsoft products. As a result, any sort of.net program must be able to run in Microsoft Azure. You can utilize the free tier for a year and then upgrade or pay as needed.

you use.


  • Requires credit card information
  • Only provides 1 year for trial purposes.

8 Amazon Web Hosting 

Asp.net hosting is also available via Amazon. Amazon EC2 Windows Server will be used to operate it. It allows you to connect to a Windows instance via RDP. In Amazon EC2 Server, you can run any.net application.


  • Requires credit card information
  • Only provides 1 year for trial purposes.

9 Sharkasp.net

Sharkasp.net is a leading provider of high-quality Windows web hosting for people and organizations all around the world. They support the following Core Features in a free trial:

  • Supports: Asp.Net 4.8 , 2.0 - 4.7.x ,.Net 6.x and 5.x
  • SQL Server 2019 / MySQL
  •  5 GB bandwidth for the free plan.
  • 1 GB webspace for free plan
  • Host 1 website.
  • Support Classic ASP, PHP 5.x - 8.x

It offers a 60-day free trial. There is no need for a credit card. If you like it you can buy the plan later.

10 Brinkster Free Asp.Net Hosting 

Brinkster Hosting offers free shared ASP.NET hosting, which is perfect for developers who are testing their sites before putting them live. Brinkster is the industry-leading provider of Cloud IaaS.

Some of the features of Brinkster Asp.Net Hosting are :

  • Provide lifetime free Asp.Net Hosting
  • 30 MB web space.
  • 66MB Web Traffic Per day limit.
  • Support Asp.Net and Asp 3.0
  • Flash and WAP enabled.
  • MS Access Facility is provided.
  • .Net Mobile Internet ToolKit is provided.


  • Does not support the latest version of .Net projects. Like .Net Core and .Net 6
  • Only 66MB of web traffic is allowed per day.
  • The website Address is restricted to the following format: username.Brinkster.net 
  • Only 1MB Max File Size is allowed to upload.
  • You have to log in at least 6 months once to keep your site live.
  • No offsite File loading.
  • No Audio and Video Files are Supported.


Is free asp.net website hosting any good?

Ans: It depends on your needs.If you just want your presence on the web and want to show your hobby and personal information you can use it. Also if you do not want it for the long run then you can use it.

Can I host asp.net web API for free?

Ans: Yes you can. Please try any above free hosting providers.