How to Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10 ?

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Before discussing ways to remove Microsoft account from windows 10, let discuss Microsoft Account.

What is Microsoft Account?

Like Gmail Account, Microsoft Account is also an email account having an email address and password that is used to connect outlook, Hotmail, Live, MSN account, MS Office, One Drive, Skype, Microsoft gaming consoles like XBOX, Windows Store, etc. It is owned by Microsoft.Microsoft and Gmail core levels both are the same.

Microsoft Account in Windows 10

When you are buying a brand new computer having Windows 10 and trying to install Windows 10 via connecting to the internet,
then Windows 10 force you to use Microsoft Account to complete the setup process.

Advantage of Using Microsoft Account in Windows 10

1 Microsoft Account allows you to have one password and access all the features of Microsoft like Hotmail, Skype, outlook, windows phone, one drive, Xbox games console.
So, one Microsoft Account is enough to connect all the Microsoft products.

2 Other benefits from Microsoft Account include the ability to sync device settings, passwords, themes, and files.

3 If you have logged in to the computer using  Microsoft Account, then if you have lost or stolen your computer, then it will be easy to find the location of your computer.

4 You can access Microsoft Paid Apps directly using Microsoft Account and no need to type account to access Microsoft Paid Apps.

Some of us don't want to use these features and want to remove the Microsoft account then read below.

Disadvantage of Using Microsoft Account in Windows 10

1 Biggest complaint about Microsoft Account is that it does not allow you to use Windows 10 with Microsoft account if you are not connected to the internet.

If these are your problem and want to remove your Microsoft Account and wants to use a local account then read below.

Step for Remove Microsoft Account Windows 10

1 Goto Windows Search and type "Settings".Then from the list select "Settings"

2 Click on the Account section

3 Click on "Sign in with a Local Account instead"

Then will give a warning message as shown below.

4 Click on "Skip this step"

5 Click on "Next"

6 In the next windows, provide the password of the current login user and press the "Ok" button

In my case, I have to under my outlook password.

7 Then enter details like username, password, confirm password, and password hints for a new local user.

8 Click on "Sign out and finish

9 Then log out of your system and login with your currently created local user.

In this way, we are signing with a local account and can use Microsoft account credentials as well.

This is Microsoft's recommendation ways of using a local account instead of a Microsoft account.

Remove Microsoft Account and its data permanently

If you do not like to use a Microsoft account further and want to delete it permanently from Windows 10 OS then follow the below steps:

1 Goto Windows Search and type "Settings".Then from the list select "Settings"

2 Click on the Account section

3 Goto Your Info tab and click on the “Sign in with a local account instead” label.

If you are login with a Microsoft account and want to delete this account. So first of all we have to sign in with a local account by the above step.

4 Login with a login account and follow steps 1 and 2.

5 Goto Email & Accounts tab.

6 On the right pane, under Accounts used by other apps, click on your Microsoft account and then click on the Remove button.

7 Will give a confirmation message like  Are you sure you want to remove this account? blah blah blah..

8 Click on the Yes button

This will delete the Microsoft account from windows 10.

If you only like to disable or block Microsoft Account then follow the below steps: