Why windows os is popular than linux and mac for Desktop and Laptop?

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There is a huge variety of OS available in the market. Some of the most used Operating systems are Windows, Mac, and Linux.Before deep-diving knowing about the popularity of these Operating Systems. Let's talk about this Operating System in Short.👊👊👊

1) Windows OS
Windows is a series of OS developed by Microsoft since the mid-1980s. It has many different versions. It is a proprietary graphical operating system that can only modify by the company itself. Its ruling desktop market from 1995.

According to Statcounter, Windows 10 is the most popular windows OS with about 73.05 % market share. It has a wealth of tools and features etc.

Most of the general-purpose PC comes with Windows OS pre-installed which is one the reason for making it most popular.


macOS(formerly OS X) is a series of Operating systems created by Apple. Most of the Macintosh Computer comes with MacOs preinstalled. It is not much popular as Windows and one of the reasons is mac is more expensive.

It is marketed by Apple Inc, since 2001 AD.


It is a group of open-source, free OS, which can be modified, and distributed by anyone worldwide. It is a highly customizable Operating System. It is mainly used in server farms.

It was created by Linus Torvald and it was the first released in 1991 AD.

Why windows Os is popular than other available Operating systems like Linux and Mac ?

In this article, I want to talk about why windows Os is popular than other available Operating systems like Linux and Mac in the desktop environment.

The reason is as follows:

  •  Windows Emerged Historical with GUI Support
  •  User-Friendly
  •  Largely Adopted Software
  •  Grew up with Windows OS
  •  Productivity
  •  Large Microsoft Windows OS support base
  •  Preinstalled OS
  •  Driver and Peripheral Compatibility
  •  Windows Largely used in school and industries
  •  Large windows software developer
  •  Autocad and graphics things
  •  Pirated windows are available everywhere.
  •  Large Windows Geeks and enthusiasts.
  •  Games
  •  Windows 10 Update
  •  Installation


1)Windows Emerged Historical with GUI Support

Though GUI supports are not first developed on Windows OS. But when windows introduced GUI in its OS then its popularity increases. This increases windows users because this helps the user to work without worrying about commands. And both the OS struggles to provide GUI support as soon as Microsoft had done. So, it was adopted widely from that time. Windows from the beginning have a large market share in OS, it was over 90% market share of Windows 3.11 in 1994 AD.

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Also in current time has the highest market share in desktop and laptop OS.

OS Market Share in %
Windows  87.70 
Mac OS 9.40 
Linux  2.32
Chrome OS 0.42
BSD 0.1
Unknown 0.15

popular os

It has a near-monopoly on desktop and laptop in the computer market.

2)User-Friendly OS

No OS is just as easy to use as Microsoft Windows.No one likes to write numerous commands to perform a task if you can do the same with few clicks. So, the user-interface of Windows is better than other open-source OS. Windows is designed in such a way that anyone can adjust to its interface.

Windows helps people to do a lot of things much of the time without much difficulty. If we are on windows, if we use Linux and Mac then we find that not user-friendly.

3)Largely Adopted Software

People are already adopted using MS OFFICE and adobe product and games which has only support for windows. So, when the next time user tries using MAC and Linux then they do not find such features so, they feel frustrated using Linux and mac and then again start using Windows. This happens in most of the case.

Linux may not have applications to be used or used by the consumer.

4)Grew Up with Windows

Most of the people grew up using windows OS in their PC and they are familiar with using it.


Most of the companies use windows OS for performing their daily task. It is easier with windows making reports, PowerPoint, graphics with windows software. And software like ms word, ms excel, ms PowerPoint, adobe products, and many other products help them. This software alternative is present in both MAC and Linux but does not have many features as of these windows software.

Linux has LibreOffice but not much popular as ms word.
Linux has a gimp as an alternative to photoshop both not as good as photoshop.

In my view, this software is just a polished version of windows' popular software.

6)Large Microsoft Official Support Base

If you used a paid commercial version of windows then you will get lots of active support from Microsoft. Also, big companies do not want to waste their time finding the issue rather they call Microsoft for support and they are active all the time and helps companies so large companies use windows for this reason as well.

Windows has better support for both current and legacy windows for the paid ones.

7) Preinstalled OS

When you go to the market and want to buy a laptop or desktop then while describing features they will say Windows OS is preinstalled and it's genuine. So, here preinstalled windows mean the operating system has been fully installed, licensed, and activated with Microsoft. So, in most of the cases, we will have windows 10 preinstalled on the new system. Marketing and Advertising for Windows Os are high.

8)Driver and Peripherical Compatibility

Windows has better manufacturers' driver support than Linux and MAC. Also, some vendors do not develop a driver for Linux and when an open community develops the driver then it may not be properly compatible.

So, in desktop and laptop environment, Windows gets any new drivers first, then macOS and then Linux.

Eg. Sometimes laptop and desktop wifi did work with Linux because the manufacturer may not have created for Linux. This happens once in my case.

Even today Linux is not very successful at supporting devices such as printers and scanners.
Noobie and even expert geeks will have much more confidence in buying a video card, printer and dual monitor setup with windows, and much of the manufacturers suggest the same.
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9)Windows largely used in school and training institution

Windows OS is used in much of the school and training institutes so anyone wants to learn anything then they teach them in windows OS. Also getting Linux expert and mac expert they have to pay a high salary to the instructor so, they use windows OS which is familiar to almost everyone.

10)Large Windows Software Developer

Most of the developer develop software for windows making windows user life much much easier.

11)AutoCAD and Graphics Things

If you do 3D graphics works then most of the industry-standard software is windows base.

12)Pirated Windows is Available Everywhere 

You may get pirated windows OS on the internet and can be installed on any computer system easily. However, OSX can only be installed on the MAC system and have to pay for it.

13)Large Windows Geeks and Enthusiast Support

A large no. of people use windows so the problem can be fixed quickly and easily. Also, there are lots of articles written by tech geeky for solving the problem for Windows.


Also, Windows is the best for the gamer as well. And has lots and lots of amazing games for Windows OS support.

15)Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 Updates is automatic, once set it in automatic mode. You do not need external third party driver updating software
as windows have built-in for it. Windows generally apply a large number of updates at one go but Linux updates come frequently because they provide updates as soon as it is available.

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16) Installation

OSX cannot be installed in every system and only support for Mac System. Noobie finds it difficult installing Linux OS and in early days there is no GUI support for installation. From many years windows have the same steps for installation in every version of windows which makes it easier to install every version of windows even by noobie guys.


Neither I am in support of any of these OS, each has helped in solving people's tasks in various ways. If you find any of these points irrelevant then please feel free to comment below👇👇👇.

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