What is Minecraft game and Why it is becoming popular day by day ?

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Minecraft has made its place as one of the few games that have continued to grow in users over the 10 years since its original release. Minecraft popularity among the gaming community has skyrocketed. Minecraft is a 3D video game publicly launched in 2009. Minecraft was founded by Mojang, a Swedish video game development studio. Later in September 2014 Mojang company is purchased by Microsoft for US $2.5 billion. So, we can say Microsoft owns Minecraft right now.

Minecraft is a milestone in the development of gaming history, creating a genre that is both entertaining and has millions of happy, lucky players and followers.

If you have a question like why Minecraft is the most popular game in the world, why do kids love Minecraft, why Minecraft is the world's most successful game, etc then you are in right place. I will explain each and every question in this article.

You can clearly see a number of Minecraft over a million reports from Statista, it seems to grow rapidly.

Also, from Wikipedia, we can see most selling games all the time we found Minecraft in the first place with over 200,000,000 soled.

Because of the following reasons Minecraft is becoming popular.

1) For all Player

Minecraft is a versatile game and is for every type of player. Playing Minecraft is easy but mastering it is very difficult. If you are a beginner you can build your first small house, crafting tables, have a supply of torches, digs mountains, collect diamonds,s, etc. If you are an advance and player, you can create your own castle, cities and town, farms, gardens, famous landmarks (like the Statue of Liberty), built powerful weapons like Diamond Sword, CrossBow, Gunpowder, etc. You can also create and recreate minigames using your imagination

2) Creativity

3) Available in Multi-Platform

4) Low System Requirement

5) Large Community and Influencers

6) New Updates

6) Customization