What does it means "You aren't friends on Facebook" even you have send friend request ?

👤 Diwas Poudel    🕒 19 Aug 2023    📁 TECH

When you see a message like "You are not friends on Facebook" then it could be various reasons for this:

  1. You have sent the friend request but other persons have not accepted it.
  2. You have sent the friend request but the other person just delete the friend request instead of accepting it.
  3. You have sent a friend request but another person has blocked you on Facebook.
  4. Another person has deleted their Facebook account.
  5. There can be some technical glitches
    You are not friend in facebook message
    fig. You are not a friend in a Facebook message

In most cases, 1 and 2 are mostly found.

Suppose you've sent a friend request to someone when they receive the request they have two options they can either accept the request by clicking on confirmbutton or delete it by clicking on the Deletebutton.

Confirm and Delete option in Messenger
fig. Confirm and Delete option in Messenger

If they choose to delete the request and later on when you start to chat with them through Messenger will give you a message stating that you are not friends on Facebook as shown here.

Can Chat , Send emoji and like the message
fig. Can Chat, Send emoji and like the message


If you get a screen like this then you can send messages, emojis, voice, and more also, the receiver will receive the messages furthermore the recipient can modify their settings to prevent you from sending any messages even if they have deleted your friend request.

The purpose of having this chat feature is to facilitate connections among individuals, even if they aren't Facebook friends. Messenger aims to encourage people to engage with each other on the platform, bridging the gap between Facebook friends and non-friends. By sending notifications, Messenger strives to remind users of their capability to communicate with others, fostering connections beyond the confines of Facebook friendships.