What distinguishes Google apps and Chrome apps?

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You might be wondering about the Google App and Chrome App. Why are there two separate Apps? Looking at both casually, it is found that their intentions are the same. Then you're curious about what's different. If so, you've come to the right place.

Google Apps

Google App is a popular search engine App that provides a smarter way to search on the go. Google Apps is a service provided by Google Commerce Ltd that was launched on August 12, 2010. It required Android 8.0 or higher to work.

Google Apps vs Google Chrome Apps
fig. Google Apps vs Google Chrome Apps

When you open Google App, you will see a search bar where you can type in whatever you want and Google Engine will try to provide the best possible result. So, in the first place, you will discover:

  1. Google Search Box: This is where you can perform text searches.
  2. Voice search: You can enter your voice and Google Assistant will perform based on it, and it will provide you with the results seamlessly.
  3. Image Search: You can enter images into the Google app and Google will provide related image searches.
  4. Google Discover: Google Apps also includes Google Discover, which uses artificial intelligence to recommend personalized news and articles.
    Google Discovery and Collections in Google Apps
     fig. Google Discovery and Collections in Google Apps
  5. Collection: You also have the option to establish your own collection, which will allow you to record and save your search results, as well as store them so that you may access the collection whenever you need it.
You will also find Dark Theme, Settings feature, Privacy, Terms, Advertising, Business, and About links on the same first page.
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Chrome App

Chrome App is a popular, fast, simple, and secure browser for Android phones and tablets. You will experience the same Chrome web browser experiences on your Tablets and mobile. As its default search engine, it offers Google Search features. It is also called as Google Chrome App.
Chrome Apps is also a service provided by Google Commerce Ltd that was launched on Feb 7, 2012. It also required Android 10.0 or higher to function.
When you launch the Chrome app, you will first have access to Search by All and  Images. It grants access to the Search History, Collections, Offline Searches, as well as Various Settings (like Appearance Settings, Region, Language, Handwrite filter, Video settings, etc). 
You can also send feedback if there is any problem with Chrome App.
If you are using Chrome App, you can change the default search engine to Bing, or Yahoo instead of Google.
Chrome App has inbuilt apps support for Maps, Play, News, Assistant, Contacts, Drive, Calendar, Translate, Photos, Duo, Shopping, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Blogger, Classroom, Podcasts, Google One, Forms, Travel, etc., which means that we do not have to perform tedious tasks such as searching for the app you want to open and getting it by typing its name into Google.
Apps in Google Chrome Apps
fig. Apps in Google Chrome Apps
Chrome App has synced across multiple devices facility When you sign in to Chrome on one of your devices, bookmarks, passwords, and settings from all of your other devices will be instantly synced with Chrome. All of your information is easily accessible from any of your devices, including your laptop, tablet, and smartphone.
All of the content you enjoy most is just a tap away. Chrome was not only meant to be fast for Google Search but it was also designed to put all of your favorite stuff within a single tap's reach. On the new tab screen, you have the option to tap straight on your preferred news websites or social media platforms. Tap to search is a function that can be used on most websites while using Chrome. You can start a Google Search by tapping on any word or phrase while you're still on the page you're enjoying when you're browsing the internet.
Downloads are completed quickly, and users can browse web pages and videos offline. Chrome includes a dedicated download button, allowing you to save videos, photos, and even whole web pages with just the push of a button. Even when you're not connected to the internet, you can still access all of the stuff that you've downloaded to your computer using Chrome's built-in download manager.

Similarities between Google App and Chrome App

Here are some similarities between Google App and Chrome App:

1 When you open both apps, you will find a Search field where you can search for a text.
2 In both apps, there is support for incognito mode.
3 Both apps can be downloaded from Playstore and Appstore.
4 They come preinstalled with your phones, especially on Android Phones.
5 Both apps can be uninstalled and disabled by the user.

Difference between the Google app and Chrome App

Here are some of the differences between the Google App and the Chrome App:
Google App Chrome App
Google App is Popular Search Engine App  Chrome App is a popular web browser app.
Google Apps is older than Chrome App. It was released on August 12, 2010. Chrome App is newer than Google App. It was released on February 7, 2012.
Google Apps required Android 8.0 or higher to work. Chrome App required Android 10.0 or higher to function.
In Google App you cannot change the search engine, it always defaults to Google Search. In Chrome App you can change the search engines to Bing, Yahoo, and many more.

Google App provides Google Discovery on the home page which provides you with personalized news and articles.
Chrome App does not provide Google Discovery on the home page.

To open a Google App, go to the search field and type the name of the app you want to use. To open Google Drive, for example, type google drive, and it will open.

You don't need to go to Google to get apps like Maps, Play, News, Assistant, Contact, Drive, Photos, Sheets, Slides, and so on in Chrome App because it has an inbuilt app facility.

Which apps should I use either Google Apps or Chrome Apps?

Both apps have use cases that are identical to one another. However, when it comes to functionality, Chrome Apps has a greater number of features and built-in applications, which might be more helpful to the user. So according to my perspective, Google Chrome Apps seems to be superior to Google Apps.

Do I need Google and Chrome Apps?

If you want to get similar features that Chrome Apps has with Google Apps, then you must use Google search features to get anything that Chrome Apps can provide.
So according to my perspective, for people, Chrome Apps seem to be more useful. 
With the help of this blog article, you are able to differentiate between Google Apps and Chrome Apps, as well as determine which direction you should go and which app you require.