FIX: ASP.NET Web Template Missing in Visual Studio 2022

👤 Diwas Poudel    🕒 16 Sep 2023    📁 TECH

When you install Visual Studio 2022, you will have the latest .NET frameworks such as 4.7, 4.8, .NET 6, and .NET 7, along with various class libraries, items, and features. However, please note that the ASP.NET web template for building web applications with MVC, Web API, and WebForms using the .NET framework may not be included by default.

The ".NET Framework Projects and item templates" are useful tools that help us quickly and easily create new .NET Framework applications. They provide a basic structure for a particular type of project, such as a class library, web application, or console application.

.Net Framework project and item templates includes:

  1. Sample Default Project properties and compiler options.
  2. Project Starter files
  3. All Assembly references to the required .Net Framework Project.

Now lets look how to fix .Net Framework Projects and item templates:

Here I am using Windows 10, and this works similarly for Windows 11 as well.

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1. Goto Search and Type Visual Studio Installer and Select it.

Open Visual Studio Installer
fig. Open Visual Studio Installer


2. Under Visual Studio , Click on Modify button.

Modify Visual Studio
fig. Click on Modify Visual Studio

3. Make sure to check the ASP.NET and web development checkbox.

4. Select Asp.Net and web development and navigate to Individual Components.

Navigate to Individual Components
fig. Navigate to Individual Components

5. Then make sure to check in .Net Framework project and item templates checkbox.

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6. Click on Modify button at the bottom right corner.

Check .NET Framework and Item Templates
fig. Check .NET Framework and Item Templates

Then it may take sometime downloading and installing Item templates.

Downloading templates and installing in progress
fig. Downloading templates and installing in progress

7. After that try to create .Net Framework application and Click on Next. In my case I am creating Asp.Net Web Application(.Net Framework)

create aspnet-web-application
fig. Creating Asp.Net Web Application(.Net Framework)

8. Give the name of project and Click on Next button

Give name of project and click on Next button.
fig. Give name of project and click on Next button.

9. Create desire type of project like MVC, Web Form, WEB API etc.

Select Desire Type of Project
fig. Select Desire Type of Project

In this way we are able to create .Net Framework Project and Items Templates.

You will see that Project Templates includes Asp.Net Web Application ,Class Library, Console application, Web Form, WinForm, WPF application etc.Item Templates includes C# code file, HTML file , XML file ,CSS, Resource file etc.