How to Transfer Balance From NTC to NTC ? Nepal Telecom Balance Transfer

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Do you wanna transfer the balance to another NTC number? Then read this post for how to Transfer Balance from NTC to NTC Mobile Number.

What if you are in a situation where your friend does not have sufficient balance and you want to transfer him /her a balance? You might say that you will send him to balance via topup using any of the online recharge portals or apps like esewa, Khali. But sometimes this may not be possible due to a bad/weak internet connection. So, if you are in such a situation then this article may help you. In this procedure, you may not need an internet connection.

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If you are an NTC prepaid customer and looking for the procedure for transferring the balance to another user then you are in the right place.

However, To do NTC Balance Transfer certain Terms and conditions are to be followed.

  • You can transfer a balance between Rs. 10 to Rs 500.
  • You can do a maximum of 20 transfers per day.
  • Money can only be transferred to the NTC number.
  • You have to make sure you and the receiver should be active on the NTC network.
  • By the below ways, we can transfer the balance from prepaid NTC to postpaid/prepaid ntc.

How to Transfer NTC Balance from NTC to NTC?

To transfer the balance from NTC to NTC Follow the below steps:

1) Those who are going to send balance then he/she must know his/her scode(ie security code). If you know then just go to step 2 else follow this step.

    Step to getting Scode  if you don't have:

  • Send SCODE to 1415 to get your Security Code

  • Then you will get 8 security code as follow

8 digit scode

2) Then goto dial pane and dial *422*SecurityCode*DestinationNumber*Amount in Rs#  and Press dial button.


  • Security Code = Scode which is 8 digit code obtained from the above step
  • Destination Number = Reciever Phone Number, without postal code like +977
  • Amount in Rs: Amount in Rs will work and should be between Rs 10 to Rs 500.


3) Then you will get a response like this:


Sometimes there can be a problem and will get the following message.

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Note: After all, you are facing any kind of problem-related to balance transfer or any other service, you can get a customer care number. click here.

There are various other alternatives methods for transferring a balance to NTC mobile some of them are :

Using Nepal Telecom App (No need security code)


  • Should have NTC sim in your Phone
  • Can transfer balance between Rs. 10 to Rs. 500
  • The receiver number should be Prepaid or CDMA Number

Step for Balance Transfer NTC:

1 Download Nepal Telecom on your phone. For Android User Click here to download.

2 Open Downloaded Nepal Telecom App

3 Enter Recipient NTC(Prepaid /CDMA) Phone Number and Amount (in Rs) to Send. 

The number you have entered here will get payment.

4 Enter the OTP number (6 digit code) send to your phone.

5 Click on VALIDATE OTP.

6 Click on Ok

The best part is you do not need to remember Security Code (SCODE) as mention above.

Using Recharge from your ATM, VISA, and MasterCard

Using various payment gateway service provider like khalti, imepay, esewa, cellpay, mobile bank ap