Nepal Flag : Interesting Fact about the Flag of Nepal

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Fact about the flag of Nepal: Nepali Flag

Short Summary:

Color of Flag: Dark Powder Blue, Crimsons and White
Adopted on: 16th December 1962
Symbols Sun and Moon
The shape of the Flag
Triangular Shaped
Proportions of Flag 1.2190103378294... 

Let's look at some of the facts and beliefs about the Nepalese Flag(Flag of Nepal).

1) Nepal is only the country having a triangular flag. Other countries have a quadrilateral (4 sided) flag. Nepalese people are proud of their distinctive national flags.

2)Nepal Flag initially had human faces inside the sun and moon. Later it was removed in 1962 by the Government of Nepal. The current Nepalese flag has no human faces on it. And the flag that we have now, was adopted as an official flag on December 16, 1962 AD by the government of Nepal.

flag of nepal

Fig: Old Flag of Nepal before 1962(Wikipedia)

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3)Nepal flag has a red color with a blue border. Red color (Crimson Color) in the flags is the sign of victory and bravery of ancestor and showing Nepalese are fearless and also represent the color of the rhododendron(लाली गुरास), the National Flower of Nepal. The blue border signifies peace and harmony, showing Nepalese are a clam. Note that the blue border in the Nepalese flag was added later.

4)According to the Nepal Government, the two triangles in Nepal Flag represent the two major religions of Nepal - Hinduism, and Buddhism.flag in temple

Fig: Nepalese Flag in Temple

The Oldest Flag of Nepal is still present at Chhauni Museum near Swoyambhu.

5)Nepalese Flag is made with two triangles where the upper triangle contains sun with 12 pointed rays which portray the heat and higher temperatures of the lower part of Nepal and the lower triangle contains equal moons with 8 pointed rays. Moon portrays the serenity of Nepalese people and shade and cool weather in the Himalayas.

old flag of nepal

Fig: Old Flag of Nepal 

6)It is believed that these celestial bodies(sun and moon) in the flag indicates Nepal will exist as long as the sun(सूर्य) and Moon(चन्द्र) exist in the sky. This says  Mother Land is more essential than the kingdom of heaven.

It's also explained in Nepali songs ... some few words are:

 रातो र चन्द्र सूर्य जंगी निशान हाम्रो ज्यूँदो रगत सरि यो बल्दो यो शान हाम्रो

जबसम्म चन्द्र सूर्य आकाशमा रहन्छन् तबसम्म हुन्छ आफ्नै रातो रगत हाम्रो

7) Nepal Flag is considered the most mathematical flag. Mathematically it is hard to draw those sun and moon and triangle present in the flag. The flag of Nepal can be designed without the use of a ruler or scale. To construct the flag accurately as prescribed, good knowledge of geometry is required.
You can visit this youtube page to know more information. Visit here.

8)It is believed that Lord Vishnu had given their flag to Nepalese people, with the sun and moon as emblems on the flag. In a Hindu Purana, it is written that it was Lord Shiva who handed the flag to Lord Vishnu, and then Lord Vishnu to Lord Indra, for the purpose of battling demons.

9) Local Nepalese believed the Nepalese flag symbolizes a Nepalese pagoda.

local people believe about nepali flag

10) No one knows who design the Nepalese Flag. Some say by Malla Kings, some say by RANA, and some say by Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah.

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11)Some say the Triangular shape of pennons in the Nepal Flag depicts the Himalayas, with their sizing denoting two families. The upper part of the triangle denotes the Shah's Family and the lower part of the triangle denotes Ranas Family.

12)Some say Nepal has several hills and mountain areas. Keeping this in view the Nepalese flag ie. triangular shaped flag is designed.

13)The proportions of the flag are 4:3 plus the width of the blue border (which makes the upper pendant longer than the lower because of its sharper angle), according to the very accurate building data and information contained within the Nepalese Constitution.

What's makes difficult and complex in calculating aspect ratio is the use of a blue border in the flag, so for detail, we need to read what's said by the OEIS Foundation and Wikipedia online encyclopedia.

The irrational value of the sides-ratio of the circumscribing rectangle of the Nepali Flag is given as:

  =  1.219010337829452184570024869930988566...  (source:

a - b*Sqrt(2) - Sqrt(118-48*Sqrt(2)) * (c+d*Sqrt(2)) = ------------------------------------------------------ e


        a = 6136891429688
        b = 306253616715
        c = 934861968
        d = 20332617192
        e = 4506606337686

14)The triangular shape represents the historical shape of flags used on the Subcontinent by empires and kingdoms. Even today, the flags flown on India's temple masts and are mainly triangular in shape. 

15) A triangular shape flag was also used in different states of India. Uses in Nagpur state, KurundwadState, etc but later was suppressed.

16)In Bharat Barsa aka during ancient times, all the flags were triangular in the Indian Subcontinent. Nepal has simply maintained its ancient tradition more than 2000 years ago, while every other one has an adopted rectangular or square western version.

17)On August 23, 2014 AD, Nepal once made the Guinness Book of World Records for making the largest human flag where more than 35,000 people are gathered together. This record was again broken by an attempt in India for their flag with 43,830 participants.

largest human flag Nepal 2014 | World Record

On the third day of Ashoj, Nepal's flag was raised at the world's highest tower, Burj Khalifa, on the constitutional day of Nepal. The people of Nepal are proud of seeing their flag on the world's highest building.

18) The bright sun will reflect work as it is such hard-working country and everybody is busy during the day.

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19)The sun in the flag indicates the hotness of the Terai Region of Nepal. The moon in the flag indicates that the Himalayan region of Nepal is cold.

20)Religiously, the white color in the flag symbolizes the neutrality of the moon and the sun.

21)The flag's blue color also reflects the depth of the sky.

22)The blue color at the flag's border represents Nepal's boundaries and sovereignty. The red color of the flag gives the soul an inspiring quality of passion, anticipation, and strength.

23)The red color of the flag is also mentioned as the redness of the Buddhist monk's dress.

24) Also today, flags are mostly triangular at the door of the Indian and Nepal Temple.

25)The flag's red color symbolizes bravery. This demonstrates the courage of Nepalese by birth.

26)The sun and the moon's white color reflects the pureness and simplicity of Nepalese people.

Evolution of Flag of Nepal

The evolution of the Nepal flag from 1774 to current is shown below.

evolution of flag of nepal (1774 AD, 1939 AD, 1958 AD , 1962AD)


How many colors are there in the National Flag of Nepal?

Ans: Nepal has 3 colors in its national flag and they are :

  • Dark Powder Blue (Hex: #003893)
  • Crimson (Hex: #DC143C)  and 
  • White (Hex : #FFFFFF)

How to draw the Flag of Nepal? (source: click here)

If you are curious about how to draw the flag of Nepal with paper. Then these steps and demonstrates will fulfill your dream. Here we are divided into 4 sections a) b) c) and d) as shown below.

 (a) Method of making shape inside the boundary of Flag

  1. Draw a line AB from left to right on the lower part of crimson cloth.
  2. From A draw a line AC perpendicular to AB making AC =  AB  + 1 /3 AB. From AC mark off D making line AD equal to line AB. Join B and D.
  3. From BD mark off E making BE = AB.
  4. Touching E draw a line FG, starting from the point F on line AC // AB to the right-hand-side. Mark off FG = AB.
  5.  Join C and G.

 b)Method of making the moon

 c) Method of making the sun

  1. Bisect the AF line at and draw UV line parallel to the AB line touching the BE line at V.
  2. With Center W, the point where HI and UN cut each other and radius MN, draw circle.
  3. Draw circle with center and Radius LN
  4. Twelve equal and similar sun triangles are to be made in the space enclosed by the circle of No (2) and No (3) with the two apexes of two triangles touching line HI.

d) Method of Making the Border

Some Other Important Questions you may have in your mind.

1) What is Moon on Nepal's Flag above the sun?
➤ The modern sense of the Moon over the Sun means that Compassion is greater than intelligence. And at the time the flag was created, Mr. Rimal, the modern flag designer, kept the Moon over the Sun because the Sun is a symbol of wisdom and the Moon is the symbol of love both in Hinduism and in Buddhism.
2. Where is the Nepalese national flag used? 
In the car of the prime minister, president, government offices, courts, army and police offices, embassy, ministry and constitutional bodies, school, colleges, national international sports, and events, etc.



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