What does silent icon mean on Truecaller?

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Truecaller is a popular application that enables users to discover the identity of unknown callers even if the caller's number has not been saved on the user's phone. So with the help of Truecaller, before you answer a call from an unknown number, you will be able to view the caller's information.

Therefore, we can say that it is an app for identifying callers. In addition to that, it has features that allow you to record and block incoming calls.

Truecaller has mainly 3 statuses of the caller.
1 On Call

2 Silent

3 Last Seen

Here, we will discuss the Silent status of Truecaller.

What does this Truecaller Silent Icon Mean?

You have seen Silent status with a cross-red bell icon πŸ”• below the user's number. If you find any contact that has the word "Silent" written below the contact, then you can assume that the user is keeping the mobile device in silent mode or in the DON'T Disturb Mode.

Note, however, that if the friend initially is in silent mode, and he or she is online, then you will be able to get your friend's silent status on your phone. This is an important point to keep in mind. You will not be able to obtain the user's current status if the user moved to an offline state at this time. If he were to reconnect to the internet at any point in the future, you would receive an updated version of the most recent status.

How to make Silent mode in Truecaller?

Ans: You can make silent mode in Truecaller by enabling silent mode or DO NOT disturb mode on the phone.If you want to make your contact information in silent mode then here are the steps:


Just press the Volume down button and you will find Silent Mode activated. Now after a few seconds, your contact will start showing the Silent Mode icon.

Ways 2:

Come to your home screen and then Slide your finger downwards starting from the top of the Home screen and then tab the Sound option next to the WIFI and you will find the Cross Speaker icon as shown below. This will also activate Silent Mode.

Activate Silent Mode in Mobile Step by Steps
fig. Activate Silent Mode in Mobile Steps by Steps

Ways 3:Β 

You will also find Silent status on your Truecaller if you enable DO NOT Disturb mode on your Smartphone.Β 

Enable Donot Disturb Mode Truecaller
fig. Enable Don't Disturb Mode on your Smartphone
Note that: You can only enable /disable silent mode only for your Contact. So, if anyone using Truecaller will search you and will find your contact with silent status.

One of my friends has enabled silent mode on his phone and it is showing it in my Truecaller as Silent as shown below.

fig. silent icon after enabling silent mode in the smartphone

How to Hide your Silent Status on your Truecaller?

Ans: You have the ability to hide your TrueCaller status (silent, on-call, or last seen) from TrueCaller; however, in order to do so, you will need to disable the availability feature of TrueCaller. These are the steps that need to be taken in order to disable this feature.

1 Launch the Truecaller app and select the three dots that can be found in the upper right-hand corner. Then select the Settings option from the dropdown menu.

fig. Truecaller settings options

2 On the next screen click on Privacy Center.

privacy center truecaller
fig. Click on Privacy Center Truecaller

3. In the next screen, toggle the availability option to gray. This means you have a disabled availability feature and any Truecaller user will not be able to see your status.

fig. Toggle Availability Options
Note By default, the available option is ONΒ 

Why does my Truecaller show silent when I am not actually?

Ans: There are many possible explanations for showing false state information. A few of the reasons are as follows:

1 You are using outdated applications; the application may contain a bug, but there may be an update available; if so, you can simply update the application, and the issue may no longer exist.

2 If you have your phone set to "silent" mode and you have terminated the internet connection to the app, your friend may still be able to view the status as it appeared before you terminated the internet connection.

3 If you have your phone set to the "Do Not Disturb" mode and you have stopped the internet connection to the app, your friend may be able to see the status as it was before you stopped the internet connection.

Is Truecaller's 'Silent' Status Accurate?

Most of the time, the true caller's status is correct. It may occasionally produce incorrect results due to the above three factors.

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Why user puts the Truecaller in Silent Status?

When the user has their phone set to silent mode, the actual silent status will be displayed on the true caller app. The following are some of the reasons why the user prefers to keep their phone in silent mode:

  • They are probably in the middle of a meeting or are otherwise engaged in their work.
  • It's possible that they prefer texting to talking on the phone.
  • They hate phone calls.

Why cannot I see any status of my friend in Truecaller?

Ans: It's possible that your friend deactivated the availability mode of the True Caller app on their phone.

How to check if your girlfriend's phone is silent?

Ans: Simply install Truecaller, and it will provide you with the information 😁. However, you need to ensure that you have granted permission for TrueCaller to access the internet connection.

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What is Red Bell Icon in Truecaller?

The red crossed bell icon in the contact list of Truecaller indicates that the phone is operating in silent mode for those contact users. You can also check to see if the recipient's phone is set to silent mode. You can locate the button for the silent features, which looks like a red bell.

Can Truecaller users stop the silent icon?

Truecaller's silent icon is a call-blocking feature and cannot be disabled.

Can the silent icon affect Phone calls or contacts?

The silent icon does not affect Truecaller calls or friends. It is simply a visual indicator that an incoming call is being blocked or muted by the app.


By doing so, Truecaller assists you in determining whether or not the user has their phone set to silent mode.