On Truecaller, what does on a call mean? Is it accurate ?

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Truecaller is a powerful real-time caller ID and spam blocking app that lets you discover the identity of unknown callers, even if the caller's number has not been saved on your phone. 

If you have friends and want to track them by looking at their availability status then Truecaller will give you a glimpse of it. You may have seen the Silent status on Truecaller. If you want to learn more about it, click here.

If you want to learn more about "On a call," read this article. Truecaller will provide you with a wealth of information about Truecaller's "On a call" status.

What is On a call in Truecaller?

In layman's terms, the 'On a call' status in Truecaller indicates that the user is currently on a phone call with another person.

On a call status in Truecaller
fig. On a call status in Truecaller

If you want to call someone from your Truecaller Contact list then you will go to their profile and if you see an "On a call" Status just below their profile icon, it means that they are currently on a phone call with someone else and if you make a call to them, you will get a call not reachable like the message or any other busy signal signals to the you. Then you can make a call later.

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Is Truecaller showing "on call" surely right?

Truecaller is something I use on a regular basis, and whenever I test it with the "On Call" feature, it always gives me accurate information.

When I call my 'X' friend and ask my 'Y' friend to look at my status, as soon as I call my 'X' friend, Y friend will find me with an "On a call" status. And as I ended the call, my 'Y' friend who checked the status would see that it had immediately been updated to "Last seen now." This would occur soon after I ended the call.

Last seen now status in truecaller
fig. Last seen now status in truecaller

When Truecaller is not showing the right information about "On Call"?

Sometimes the truecaller might show wrong information when :

  1. You haven't updated the Truecaller Apps as there might be a bug in the app.
  2.  You have turned off the internet connection before making the call.
  3. You have disabled background memory usage of the Truecaller app.

So, before you use it, make sure your Truecaller apps are up to date and your internet connection is stable then your friend will get your updated information on Truecaller.

It may also take some time to obtain an accurate status. Simply wait for 1 to 2 minutes before checking again.

How to hide the "On Call" Status on Truecaller?

If you want to prevent your "On Call" status from being visible when someone views your profile then you simply turn off data and wifi and then make a phone call to your nearest and dearest using Truecaller.

Now truecaller doesn't have your current status of yours and if anyone sees your information will not get the correct info about you.

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How do I make Truecaller always show "On a call"?

No, you cannot do that. Truecaller does not currently offer such a feature or option, and I believe it will never do so in the future. 

Can we use Truecaller Without Internet?

'NO' is the answer. Truecaller cannot be used without an internet connection, or there is no benefit to using Truecaller without an internet connection. However, if you want history information, you can get it even if you don't have an internet connection because the data has already been downloaded to your phone from the Truecaller server/database.

What is Truecaller's immediate status after "On a call"?

The immediate status after "on a call" in Truecaller is "Last seen now"


In this manner, we can learn What is "On a call" in Truecaller and various other realities about "On a call."