How to download large files faster from Telegram?

πŸ‘€Β Diwas Poudel Β Β  πŸ•’ 01 Apr 2023 Β Β  πŸ“ TECH


Telegram is a popular communication platform for sharing texts, images, documents, and other various types of files. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Telegram doesn’t focus on building personal profiles. One-to-one communication is by default what you will generally be doing. In addition to that, Telegram provides access to create or join group chats or channels.

Why do people use Telegram?

The reason behind the popularity of Telegram is its key feature. These include:

  • End-to-end encryption (E2EE) and Self-destructing messages
  • Upto 2 GB of file sharing
  • Channels and group chats
  • Easy to use
  • Support for all systems (Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS)

How to download large files faster from Telegram?

Telegram supports large file transfers of up to 2 GB at a time. The number of files that can be transferred using Telegram is not limited. Sometimes, large files are troublesome to be downloaded. So, we need different techniques to download large files faster. You can follow the following steps to download large files faster from Telegram:

1 Use a stable network connection

This is an obvious way to download files faster from any source. You need to have a stable and secure internet connection to enjoy faster download speed. A slow internet connection leads to slower downloads. Faster the internet connection, the quicker the download speed.

If you want a more stable and faster internet link when downloading large files, you might want to use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi.

check internet connection and internet speed
fig. Check download speed

2 Pause other downloads if any

You might be downloading multiple files from different sources at an instance. In such cases, the resources are divided between those tasks. So, it is preferred to pause other downloads and prioritize downloads from Telegram. If you follow this, you will surely experience faster downloads.

3 Download files during off-peak hours

Downloading files during off-peak hours is advisable as there will be fewer users downloading the same file, thereby minimizing network congestion that usually occurs during peak hours.

4 Try using a different device

If your current device has slow download speeds when you try to download big files from Telegram, you might want to try a different device to see if it works better.

5 Use a VPN

Different restrictions are placed for different locations around the globe. So, bypassing the restrictions can increase the download speed. Make sure to use an appropriate VPN service. Otherwise, you might have to compromise your privacy and security.

use vpn
fig. use VPN

6 Use the Telegram bot

Telegram is also popular for its bot features. There are numerous Telegram bots that can enhance the download process. Using a Telegram Bot is considered one of the best ways to faster the download of large files.Β 

use telegram bot
fig. use telegram bot

7 Use Telegram X

Most people don’t have any idea of the existence of Telegram X. Telegram X claims to have a higher download speed and more features than Telegram. You can try using it if your downloads are not as fast as they should be.

use telegram-x
fig. use telegram-x

8 Restart the device

It is believed that around 90% of the problems in the device can be fixed after restarting it. If things are not working for you as intended, you should try restarting your device.

Restart your device
fig. Restart your device

9 Clear cache

We generally tend to neglect some basic steps. But this can be a vital one. Sometimes a lot of cache data is accumulated. This slows the download speed. Hence, clearing the cache data can be a simple solution.Β 

Clear cache
fig. Clear cache

10 Try different Browser

If you have trouble getting files from Telegram with your current browser, you might want to try downloading with a different browser to see if it works better.

Hence, these are some of the ways you can take help. In most cases, these have proven to be faster for downloading large files. Make sure that the files you are downloading are not from unreliable and unauthenticated sources. This is the prime reason for the download rate to be slower in most cases. Also keep in mind that, cracked and corrupted files tend to take much time to download.

11 Disable Background running application

Turn off any apps and software that run in the background. They tend to use up your internet data, which slows down your download speeds. If you want to download big files from Telegram, you might want to turn them off.

12 Close unused tabs in the browser

While you are downloading files from Telegram, you should close any tabs or programs that aren't essential on your device in order to free up memory and improve performance.


There are several techniques you can apply to download large files faster from Telegram. You can try each of these steps according to your ease. This is just a compilation of different methods. You shouldn’t be relying heavily on these. Sometimes technical errors from the server side cause the download to be quite slow. Also, the download speed can be affected by the source from where the file is coming. In such cases, none of these methods might work.Β