How to remove a google account from "Choose an account" list?

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Google Account is a free account service provided by Google. So, we create multiple google account for various purpose. In the process of using you will login into many google account and sometimes you like to sign out one particular google account especially on the "Choose an Account" google sign-in list page. It will display a list of Google accounts there. And when you click on sign out then it doesn't work and moves you to another screen which annoys the user and blames google and people suggest google resign the menu. But there is another option on the "Choose an account "list page which we will explain in this article.

Actually, I have also wasted time finding to remove individual google account but now without wasting your time, I will provide you straightforward solutions. 

How To Sign Out of Google Account o...
How To Sign Out of Google Account on iPhone & Android
1 In the browser, open or


If you have not login to any one of the account, then google may request your to login to one of the accounts.

2  After login, at the top right corner, click on the profile icon, then "Sign out of all accounts".

fig. sign out of all accounts


3 Then click on continue.

google account continue

4 On the next screen, you will get a list of accounts, click on the "Remove an account" link

fig. click on "Remove an account"

5 On the next screen, click on the red circle on the right side of the name.

fig. select account to remove


6 Select "Yes, Remove"

fig. yes, remove the account

Now the account gets removed from the "Choose an account" list page.

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If you do not find "Remove an account" then follow the below steps:

1 Login into one of the google account.

2 At the top right corner there is a profile icon, click on it.

3 Under the drop-down, you will get all google account currently logged in.

4 Click on the account you want to remove. This will expand the account with the "Sign In" and "Remove" option

5 Select the "Remove" option



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