How to manage youtube channel subscriptions into groups/folders ?

👤 Diwas Poudel    🕒 21 May 2022    📁 FIX

We used to have "Manage Subscriptions" features for organizing YouTube channels into collections and groups a few years ago. However, YouTube has disabled these features. If you did not use YouTube prior to 2015, you are unfamiliar with the concept. So what used to happen is: Suppose you have subscripted to 100 youtube channels, and you have categorized them into collections/groups. So that you can go to your favorite collection and see their content. However, YouTube removed these features on purpose in order to give new content creators exposure. So, on the YouTube homepage these days, you'll see some random videos and some subscribed channel videos.

Youtube does not allow you to follow those channels that you are already following. So, the more time you spend on youtube you will similar new content based on your interest and some others as well.

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Nowadays those who have subscribed to hundreds, of two hundred channels and finding specific videos, or specific content creators is difficult and I am coming here to solve that problem with a few steps.

Using Web Browser 

For this, you just have to install a browser extension and the below steps work for every popular browser.

1 Goto this link: PocketTube for Chrome, PocketTube for Firefox, PocketTube for Safari

     For Demonstration, I am using the Chrome Browser. Works similar to another browsers as well.

2 Click on "Add to Chrome".Then a popup will appear asking: Add "PocketTube: Youtube Subscription Manager"? Just click on "Add extension"pockettube-manager

Now, you will get "pockettube" extension shown on the top right corner as shown below.


⚠  After installing, please reload all YouTube tabs for the extension to take effect.

3 Then you will get the SUBSCRIPTION GROUPS in Youtube right side menu as shown below

4 Just write Group name and click on "➕".

You can clearly see that I have added the "News" group. Similarly created other collection like programming, songs soon


5 Click any of your subscribed channels then click on the hamburger in the right middle corner. Here I have selected the "Traversary Media" channel. (first). Then click on the hamburger (second) and then click on "programming".Here, Traversy Media belongs to "Programming" so, I have kept Traversy Media under the programming category.


6 Successfully added Channel inside collection. Here, we can clearly see that the "Programming" collection, channel "Traversy Media" is present. We can do similar for other channels and assign the collection to them.


You can do the same in other browsers as well. Link for installing pocket tube in a different web browser are as follows:

For Firefox: click here

For Safari: click here

For Opera: click here

Note that this chrome extension is not in sponsor and own this app and extension.

Any Issue Related PocketTube:

Using Mobile Application

PocketTube is easily available for android as well as iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is PocketTube?

PocketTube is one of many apps for managing youtube subscriptions into groups and folders or collections. It has the following features:

  • Freely Available
  • It seamlessly works with the existing youtube layout and doesn't require any external apps.
  • Helps to create Youtube Channel Groups by Topic.
  • Helps group youtube subscriptions/channels into folders/groups/collections. There may be few collections for one youtube subscription/channel.
  • Create/delete/edit group list.
  • Helps to create a desired icon for youtube collections. It has provided a few icons and also you can upload other icons from your computer.
  • Automatically sync your Android, iOS, Firefox drives, or Chrome profile collections.
  • Easily available on the left pane of the youtube home page and other pages.
  • Can be easily sorted by alphabetical order (a-z), subscription, and activity, video length, popularity, date, and also has custom features.
  • Can apply different filters according to the duration of the video, the date, and the type of content.
  • Hide's viewed YouTube video and Youtube feed page search.
  • Display last youtube videos by collections. Use YouTube playlists to play the entire video by collection.
  • Auto-sync your collections
  • Channel Management can be done by implementing multiple unsubscriptions and detecting dead channels in your subscription.
  • You can set up notifications for a specific group so that you never miss a video.
  • With just one click, you can mark videos as watched.
  • Make sure you don't miss any videos by configuring notifications organized by group.

Few Limitations

  • The filter is very slow.
  • Do not let to choose which youtube account to use.
  • Scrolling of subscriptions list lags if you have a large amount of channels.
  • It has many advanced features which are not available for free. Some of those features are nested groups, auto tags on the channels tab, unlimited tag filtering, searching through one million icons, unlimited "mark as watched" for videos, priority customer support, full access to Deck, and more. complete control over the video sorting on the feed, as well as complete control over the community tab, which displays the most recent posts.

These brilliant apps and chrome extensions will sure work in the limitations in the future.