How to Fix Notion App Not Opening or Blank Screen Issue ?

👤 Diwas Poudel    🕒 18 Aug 2023    📁 FIX

If you encounter problems such as the Notion app not opening or showing a blank screen, these issues could stem from various sources. These may include a weak internet connection, Notion cache problems, browser cache problems, insufficient privileges when opening a file, and more.

Fix Notion Opening Issue or Blank Screen Issue

Let's look at how to fix them.

Close all instances of the Notion app 

If you are facing a notion not opening or a blank screen then first of all you can try closing all instances of notion.

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete from the keyboard.
  2. Then select Task Manager from the list.
  3. If you have any notion app here then right-click on it and Select End Task
    Close all instance of notion apps
    fig. Close all instances of notion apps

Check Internet Connection

Verify your internet connection to determine if it is causing the issue.

Goto in browser and click on check if you are getting any value.

Check intenet connection
fig. Check internet connection

Clear Notion Cache and App Data

Sometimes clearing the cache of the application might fix the problem.

1. Press the Win + R button from the keyboard to open the Run Dialog box.

2. Then type 


3. Press Enter.

4. Then find the Notion folder and delete that folder.

Delete notion folder
fig. Delete notion folder
Keep note that I am considering Notion installed in C Drive.

Open Notion Apps as an Administrator 

Sometimes opening notion apps as administrators might fix the problem because it is giving higher-level privileges to the notion.

1. Goto search and type notion and then click on Notion and select Run as Administrator.

2. Reinstall Notion Apps

You can uninstall the notion apps and reinstall them again. This might fix the problem.

Run Notion app as Administrator
fig. Run Notion app as Administrator

If you are using Browser for notion then 

Try clearing Browser Cache Data

  1. Open Browser. Here I am using Chrome Browser.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete on your keyboard.
  3. In the "Clear browsing data" window, select the "Cached images and files" checkbox.
  4. Click on the "Clear data" button.
    Clear cache from browser
     fig. Clear cache from the browser

Try using a different browser

If you are using Chrome then you can try using Firefox, Brave, or Edge browser and check whether this issue still persists.

Please be aware that if you are encountering a blank screen or your data is not loading, it's possible that there is an issue with the Notion server, as all your data is stored there. In such a scenario, there isn't much you can do except wait for a few hours. Notion's company will likely address and resolve the issue automatically. Afterward, you can attempt to open Notion once again.


Using these steps your problem related to the notion of not opening or blank screen issue.