How to check and pay Nepal Telecom landline bill ?

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How to check and Pay Nepal Telecom Landline Bill?

Do you remember? About a decade ago, you have to stand in long queues waiting for your turn to come on the whole day just for paying Nepal Telecom Landline Bill and receive a hard copy of the landline bill. Also sometimes you may have forgotten paying the bill in time and you end up paying late and finally charges you fine. Time has changed and now you can make Nepal Telecom Landline Bill Payment while you are at work, home, at the road, in between meeting, or anywhere comfortably in no time.

              For many years Nepal Telecom is trying to shift landline bill payment to an online payment system, and finally gets successful and started its services from 2075 Magh 5. The time for an e-bill as the default option is not yet fully used by all the people but due to the rapid development of technology and internet facilities one day it will be a default option.

It involves two Step:

1) Check Landline Bill Amount

2) Pay Bill Amount  👇

1) Check Landline Bill Amount

Here, we will discuss two methods of checking Nepal Telecom Landline Bill:

a) Through SMS ( Text Messaging)

The PSTN Landline Bill can be checked using any NTC number by sending SMS to 1415. It is the fastest method for checking bill amount. Follow this step by step:

  1. Go to your message box
  2. Type CB*AreaCodeLandlinePhoneNo and send it to 1415
  3. Then you will get the message from NTC stating as below:
  Dear customer, your due amount is Rs. xxxx.xx and your available credit 
is Rs. xxxx.xx . Please dial *1415# to subscribe and query data package.-NT

b) Through IVR System

Using PSTN bill inquiry System ( IVR ). Follow these steps:

To know the balance for this particular month, dail 1606 in your landline phone and then just dial 1 for the Nepali language and 1 for the Landline bill and then 1 to know the balance for that particular month for individual bill month.

 You can also dial 2 if you will also know the pending bill amount. Then they will reply to it with an amount to pay.

This method may not work in some regions.

c) Using the Nepal Telecom Website

Follow this step by step:

  1. Goto your browser URL and type: or  click here
  2. There select a "PSTN Landline Phone" from Service List.
  3. Then from the next dropdown select Month
  4. Then in the next textbox type your PSTN landline number.
  5. Then in the next field enter "Account No" given by Nepal Telecom. This is a unique identification number for your landline.
  6. Then click on "Check Bill".

check landlinebill nepal telecom

💡Note: For Landline A/C no, please check your previous landline telephone hardcopy bill.

2) Pay Nepal Telecom Landline Bill Amount

After you have known the total amount to pay, you can use various methods for paying that amount. Some of them are listed below.

a) Ways 1: Dailing 1413 

Follow this step by step.

  • Buy a recharge card and carefully scratch the shaded area of your recharge card.
  • Dial 1413 from your mobile or landline phone and pay the bill by following voice direction.

b)Ways 2: Using Web Recharge.

Follow this step by step:

  • There Select your Subscriber Type among the radio button list.If you want to pay Landline Bill , Select "LANDLINE"
  • Enter your  Landline No or ADSL no in a Subscriber No input box.
  • Enter NT Re-charge Pin No in an NT Re-charge Pin Box.
  • Read the text in the image and Write in the Text Box.
  • Click the Recharge button.
  • Do not Close the web page until the Response is Displayed.

Check Nepal Telecom Landline Bill .Click Here.☝

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 c) Using ESewa Payment Services

For this you must-have mobile app (ios/android). If you don't have then please visit this link for download for android users and this link for iPhone.

  - Open eSewa App. If you haven't registered then register it and log in to it.

  -  Go to the top left corner and click on the'🔍' icon. Shown below.

fig: Search  🔍

  -  Their type 'Landline' and then click on "NT Landline Payment".

fig: Selecting NT Landline Payment

  -  Then in the next screen, type your "Landline Number" in the first field, in the second field type "Amount" that you have to pay, and then click on "Proceed".

fig: ESewa Landline Payment(final step) 

Here, "Amount that you are going to pay must be greater than or equal to 100".

If you follow this process, you will get 2% money back from esewa, which means if you pay Rs 100, you will get Rs 2 back from esewa.

Check Nepal Telecom Landline Bill .Click Here.☝

d)Ways 6: Using IME Pay Services.

We can use the IME pay app for your Landline bill payment. For this, you need to have an IME pay app and IME pay account. If you have that two stuff then follow the below steps.

Step 1)Open IME Pay App as shown below

pay nepal telecom landline bill via ime pay

Step 2) Select Landline Option on your home screen

Step 3) Enter your landline number, and amount then click on proceed. 

Step 4) After that, enter 4 digit PIN, and if your landline bill payment is successful, you will receive in-app notifications on your IME pay.

e)Ways 5: Using Khalti Service

Steps are as follows:

  1. Login to Khalti App 
  2. Click on the Landline option on your home screen
  3. Enter the landline number for whom you want to send the balance and then enter the amount and then click on Done button
  4. Then confirmation will appear to click on Ok to proceed and that landline number will get balance instantly.
Note: Your landline number must not include 0 in the area code. For example, if the area code is: 023 and the number is 456000 then your landline number will be 023456000


f) Ways 6: Visiting MPoS Center.

MPos stands for Mobile Point of Sale which is specially used on the department stores, hotels, and banks which performs the function of the cash register of the bank.

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Frequently Asked Question:

Q) If you pay only a certain bill amount then what happens to the remaining due amount?

Ans: The excess money will be paid in advance and will be added in the next telephone bill.