How to merge two fonts ? [Easy Way]

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Being a techy person, one of the fun things to do is, play with fonts. Fonts are sets of characters or symbols that have some kind of specific shape, size, style, and orientation. Some popular fonts include Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Calibri, and many more. Using the same font then and again is way too dull. So, why not merge two or more fonts, and develop a new font of your own? Then, let’s begin

Sample Font
fig 1. Sample Font

What is font merging?

Font Merging is the process of combining more than one font into a single font file.This helps you to create new fonts that combine the characters of fonts that are used for merging.

Why merge fonts?

Identify the letters: ‘I’ and ‘l’. Okay, this seems quite confusing, doesn’t that? Two or more fonts are merged to make the merged fonts more efficient and visually appealing. The use of a single font makes the human brain dull and monotonous. Therefore, designers lead to merge two existing fonts to get a more appealing one. Also, several good fonts have some bad characters within them. So, to mitigate these little problems, merging two fonts of good compatibility can be a great idea.

Things to consider before merging two fonts

Making sure that the fonts are compatible with one another, that they are the same size, and that they have the same line spacing are some important considerations when merging two fonts. A good merged font can be obtained when the following things are well-considered:

  1. Fonts should be compatible with each other.
  2. The character set of the two fonts should be the same.
  3. The kerning pairs (spacing between two characters) of the two fonts should match.
  4. Fonts should have the same x-height and the leading (vertical spacing between lines).
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Steps to merge two fonts

Here, in this article, we will be following one of the simplest ways to merge two fonts. The website provides an easy, fast, and efficient way to merge two fonts. The steps are described below:

Step 1: Get the fonts to be merged

You can get the fonts of your choice (to be merged) downloaded or, if you are a Windows user, go to C:\Windows\Fonts. You can find pre-installed TTF(TrueType Fonts) files

Font location in Windows OS
fig 2. Font location in Windows OS

Step 2: Create a new folder and copy the desired fonts

Copy two fonts (that you want to merge) into a new folder of a well-known location. Here, we are going to merge ‘Arial’ and ‘Times New Roman’, therefore have copied those fonts from C:\Windows\Fonts to a new directory namely Merged_Fonts.

Fig. 3: New directory for two fonts to be merged
Fig. 3: New directory for two fonts to be merged

Step 3: Go to the website

Go to the website: The website has many other features, other than merging two TTF files. Then, click on the option: TTF to TTF Font Merger.

Fig. 4: TTF to TTF Merger
Fig. 4: TTF to TTF Merger

Step 4: Opening the TTF files

Once you have chosen the TTF to TTF Font Merger, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Browse for File(s).
  2. Select the two fonts (TTF files).
  3. Click on Open.
    Fig. 5: Opening the TTF files
     Fig. 5: Opening the TTF files

Step 5: Enter the symbols and merge

After writing the symbols, then click on Merge. The merged font will be ready to download just within a few seconds. This is the step to be most careful about. Only symbols that are compatible and likely to look visually appealing should be selected. You will have to explore and try more fonts to find the perfect match. 

Fig. 6: Merging the symbols of TTL files
Fig. 6: Merging the symbols of TTL files

Step 6: Download the merged font TTF file

After the processing has been completed, you can download the merged file TTF file by clicking on Save File #0.

Fig. 7: Downloading the merged font file

Fig. 7: Downloading the merged font file

Step 7: Copy and paste the merged font file into Fonts

Now, you just need to copy and paste the downloaded MergedFont file into the Fonts directory (C:\Windows\Fonts) on your device.

Fig. 8: Installing the MergedFont
Fig. 8: Installing the MergedFont

Step 8: See the difference

After you have successfully installed the merged font, you can compare it with Times New Roman and Arial. You can also test it in MS Word.

Fig. 9: Check the difference
Fig. 9: Check the difference

Catch of merging two fonts

Merged fonts can go way better than expected. But, if you are not someone with great visual ideas, then merging two fonts can be a bad idea for you. When not done correctly, the merged fonts can be troublesome to read. This can cause irritation and unwillingness to read the text. They can be difficult to edit and update. They can also take up more space on the page than usually separated fonts.


As said before, the idea of merging can be great to worse if not done properly. This article just represents a way to merge two fonts. Still, there are more efficient ways to merge two fonts. One of them includes using the FontForge application, Glyphstudio, Fontlab, FontMerger etc. which provides a wide variety of options to edit and merge fonts. Also, merging Times New Roman and Arial might not even be the best merger. Yet, this article just depicts how to easily merge two fonts.

Article By: Pragyan Bhattarai