Is it safe to delete Google Play services data and cache?

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The cache is a term commonly used in the IT industry that simply refers to reserved storage space for storing temporary data in a computing environment. Cache makes your apps, websites, and browsers load faster, and it provides a better user experience.

The majority of frequently used items are cached so that when those data are requested, they are available. It will serve those data from the cache rather than from the actual storage of those data, as in Internal and External Memory. Normally, clearing the cache has no effect on the app's or system's overall functionality.

Google Play Services is at the heart of any smartphone that runs on Android. You will not be able to open Google Play Services like any other general application; instead, it will power your Android devices in the background without your knowledge.

Do Google Play Services store cache and data unnecessarily?

First and foremost, you should be aware that Google Play Services does not store or cache your data unnecessarily. Their primary responsibility is to provide the most up-to-date API support for APPS on whatever Android version you have. As a result, even with older Android OS, users will have the same experience as in New Android OS.

If you use Google's Location API, Google Play Services will provide the most up-to-date API support to all APPs that use the Location API.As a result, if you use an older Android version, such as KitKat, the APPs will also have access to the most recent APIs.

Difference between clearing Cache and Clearing Data in Google Play Services

The Google Play Services App includes both cache and data. And clearing cache and clearing data are not the same things. When you clear the cache for Google Play Services, it only clears your temporary data and does not delete any of your saved data for Google Play Services. Also clearing Google Play Services does not affect the cache of other applications.

When you clear Google Play Services Data, all saved files, settings, accounts, preferences, and databases are deleted. It's as if you just installed the Google Play Services app on your phone because it deletes everything related to the app. Also, clearing cache and data has no effect on other apps and does not delete any apps you have downloaded.

Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and other apps you've installed may have made use of Google Play services API such as Location API, Sign-In API, and so on. When you open those applications then, they may ask you to allow those APIs again.

Does Clearing Google Play Service Cache and data help you to save space?

Google Play Services may have large amounts of cache in the form of MBs or Gbs. It differs from one smartphone to the next.

In short, clearing cache and data will not help you free up space because Google Play Services will automatically download those updates from Google Server without your intervention.

If you clear the data and cache of Google Play Services, you will notice 0Mb in those caches and data, and after a few minutes, you view Google Play Services data and cache, the cache and data of Google Play Services will increase, which is very important for other applications that use the Google Play Services API.

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What Information gets deleted when you clear the Google Play Service cache?

When you clear the cache, the information saved to Google Pay such as transit cards, COVID Cards, and virtual payment cards are deleted (source).

How to Clear Google Play Service Cache?

The procedures to clear Google Play Service Cache are the same as for other apps. And they are as follows:

1 Goto Settings

fig. settings icon

2 Search for Apps from the list and Tab on it.


3 Search for Google Play services and tab on it.


4 Tab on Storage under Usage


5 Then click on "Clear cache". 


It will clear the cache immediately.

💡 Please keep in mind that these steps may slightly differ from one Android version to the next.

How to Clear Google Play Service Data?

The procedures to clear Google Play Service Data are the same as for other apps. And they are as follows:

1 Goto Settings

2 Search for Apps from the list and Tab on it.

3 Search for Google Play services and tab on it.

4 Tab on Storage under Usage

5 Then click on Manage storage


6 Then click on the Clear All Data button


Then you may get a warning message stating:

Delete app data?
All this app's data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases etc.

7 Click on the Ok button

💡Please keep in mind that these steps may slightly differ from one Android version to the next.

Should I clear my google Play Service cache and data regularly?

Without any specific reason, it is not recommended to clear the Google Play Service cache and data. The cached files allow other apps to load the latest API quickly.

When you notice that Google Play Services are using more RAM and battery, try clearing the cache because it may have become bloated with unnecessary information.

If you are facing a storage problem, or Ram usage problem and you do not want to clear cache and data then you can apply the following steps to reduce that problem.

  • Uninstall Unused Apps.
  • Closed Unneeded Apps.
  • Do not disable Google Play Services Updates and force stop it.

Why does it keep saying Google Play services keep stopping?

Corrupt data and cache files for any app can cause problems such as Google Play services repeatedly stopping. In such cases, clearing the app data and cache can assist you in resolving some of the common issues associated with an app or service.

Why Android Experience Fragmentation?

Android Phone experiences fragmentation mainly due to the absence of updates from Android OEMs. In Android, OEMs are Samsung, LG, NUU Mobile. The main reason for the android fragmentation is Open Source. Different Android OEMs use Android Updates and make tailored updates to every version of the Android offered on their devices. And every OEM cannot provide updates consistently.



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