How to convert video files on Windows 11 ?

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There are many different places from which videos can be accessed by you. You may potentially get them via 4k camcorders, CCTVs, DVDs, auto DVRs, DJI, and so on. However, not all video players are able to accept these videos and are capable of playing them. And you may get the message "You cannot open this file" or "The format wasn't supported". This will result in a significant amount of suffering for you. Isn't it

There are two steps that need to be taken in order to tackle this problem.

1 Download software programs that are compatible with that format.

2 Change the video's format to one that is more often utilized.

Option 1 is difficult, and addressing it is beyond the scope of this tutorial. We are going to concentrate on option 2 now.

Option 2 is the most workable choice. Using a VideoProc is helpful in accomplishing that goal. You are able to convert videos from one format to another using this tool. Not only this, but it also accomplishes other things in addition to those that will be covered later. On the market, one can find a variety of video converter tools to choose from.

My research led me to conclude that VideoProc Converter is one of the most specialist applications available for converting files. Therefore, let's not waste any more time and get right into the VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter: Best Video Converter

VideoProc Converter is a set of powerful dedicated video converter tools created by Digiarty, a leading multimedia software provider that offers innovative multimedia solutions to people all over the world. You can download, convert, and edit 4K/8K/HDR videos, record screens, and so on. You can use VideoProc Converter to play, edit, recompress, re-encode, and change video resolution, bitrates, and frame rates, among other things.

Advantages of VideoProc Converter 

Let's look at some of the advantages of VideoProc Converter:

1 The VideoProc Converter software makes it simple to convert videos, audios, and DVDs.

2 VideoProc Converter is compatible with a wide variety of video formats and provides support for all standard resolutions.

3 Without the need for third-party codec packs, VideoProc Converter supports over 370 different codecs and can convert to over 420 different formats.

4 It supports a wide variety of Input File formats like 3G2, 3GP, 3GP2, 3GPP, AMV, ASF, AV1, AVCHD, AVI, AVS, BIK, DIV, DAT, DAV, DivX, DV, DVR-MS, EVO, F4V, FLV, G2M4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.265/HEVC, H1V, ICod, M1V, M2P, M2TS, M2V, MKV, MMV, MOD, MOV, MP2V, MP4, MPE, MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, MPG, MPG4, MTS, MTV, MXF, NSV, OGM, OGV, PSS, PVA, QT, RM, RMVB, RPM, RT, SWF, TIVO, TOD, TP, TPR, TS, VOB, VP6, VP8, VP9, VPX, VRO, WebM, WM, WMP, WMV, WTV, XAVC-S, Xvid, XWMV, YUV411

and can output various File Format like :4k,3G2,3GP,ASF,AVI,DV,FLV,M4V, MOV,F4V,MP4,MPEG1,MPEG2,OGV,SWF,TS,VOB,WebM,WMV,   MP4 for Youtube, FLV for Youtube, MP4 for Facebook, AVI for Facebook, FLV for Facebook etc.

5 You can convert video into 8k,4k,2.7k,2k , 1080p,1080i,720p, 480p, 360p format.

6 VideoProc Converter fully utilizes Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA GPUs to process video. As a result, you can render and process the video in full high quality without freezing, lagging, or crashing. This Full GPU Acceleration increases speed without sacrificing quality. There, both quality and speed are kept to a high standard.

7 Videoproc Converter uses around 2% of the CPU on average because it reduces the burden on the CPU by using the GPU of the computer. Videoproc Converter can also render 4k video with minimal CPU usage.

8  VideoProc Converter is supposed to be able to convert HD video with the best performance and converts up to 47 times faster in real-time.

9 VideoProc Converter is a robust batch conversion feature that can assist you in reducing the amount of time spent converting several videos if you intend to do so.

10 You should not have to worry about intrusive and annoying ads using VideoProc.

11 It provides free add-on features. You simply download the video for offline playback, make rough edits with a built-in toolbox, etc.

12 Includes video recorder features as well.

How to Convert Videos Files in Windows 11?

Here we will discuss Converting Videos Files using VideoProcs Converter and VLC Player in Windows 11.

How to Convert Videos Files in Windows 11 using VideoProc Converter?

The steps are as follows:

1 Click on the Below Download button to download Videoproc Converter for Free.


2 Install it and run the application and you will get the interface as shown below.

3 Click on the Video icon as shown below.

step videoproc
fig. Click on the video icon

4 Click on the video plus icon as shown below.

video proc
fig. Click on Video + Icon

5 Select the desired file you want to convert.

fig. Select the desired file you want to convert.

6 Click on Target Format to select your desired file format

fig. Click on Target Format to select your desired file format

7 Choose your desired profile from the list on the left, and then pick your desired file format from the list on the right.

In this example, I am files to mp4 format for demonstration purposes, so I have General Profiles chosen on the left and MP4 Video (H264) selected on the right.

video proc
fig. Select your desired profile and file format

8 You will get your selected video format as shown below. In my case MP4 H264 format.

fig. Selected Video Format is highlighted as shown above

9 Click on the Run button at the bottom right corner.

fig. Click on the Run button

10 In the next screen, you need to wait until the checking button changes into the Continue button. After that, select the Continue option.

fig. Click on the Continue button

11 After that, the file you want to download will be downloaded.

You can see that my desired output is in.mp4 format, which was previously in MOV format.

How to Convert video file format using VLC Player?

Converting Video File Format using VLC Player is very easy. The steps are as follows:

1 Open VLC Player 

2 Click on Media and then click on Convert / Save


3 Click on the + Add button and then select the desired file you want to convert.

click add button

4 Then Click on the "Convert/Save" button.

5 Select the desired Profile in the dropdown. This is the desired format you want to convert the original file.

Here for demonstration I am selecting "Video = H.264 + mp3(mp4)"


6. Click on browse and give the name to the destination file.


7. Click on Start to create the file.


By utilizing VideoProc Converter and VLC Player in this manner, we are able to effortlessly convert any video format. Because VideoProc Converter has a greater number of advanced features, we strongly recommend that everyone give it a shot for VideoProc Converter.