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The world is becoming digital day by day due to rapid innovation,  transformation by technology and by digitized ICTs.Being digital, we are able to connect the people of any places of the world through digital tools like the internet, digital devices, smart devices and other technology etch and allowing them to access all type of information and communication.

We know that other developed countries like US, Japan, Canada, China etc are widely improved their living standard via digital and IT. Our country Nepal is much behind than those countries. According to ICT Development Index 2017, among 177 countries Nepal is at 140 ranks. So, looking at this report, we can say there is a lot of work is still remains to do in IT and digital field, so there is lots of probability here. So, we can say digital revolution and transformation has become one of the burning topics in IT industry in Nepal

Digital Journey and Status of Nepal


1)Mobile Penetration Status of Nepal

Mobile penetration in Nepal is increasing exponentially in the last decade to reached 119% in 2018 and has expected to reach 125% in 2019 (Nepal Telecom Authority). Mobile Subscriptions of Nepal is around 39.99 million according to the report of Jan 2019 by Hootsuite. Among the total population of Nepal, 95% are prepaid user and remaining are postpaid. Among those mobile users, 38% of mobile connection that is broadband(3G & 4G).

2)Internet Penetration Status of Nepal

Internet Penetration in Nepal is increasing at a rapid pace. People are realizing the benefit and importance of the Internet. The Internet usage is increasing at the rate of 6 to 9% each year says according to the record of the past 5 years.

internet penetration status from 2012 to 2017Fig: Internet Penetration Nepal in Percent

According to the report of Hootsuite, the Total number of active internet users in Nepal is around 16.19 Million, with 54% internet users as a percentage of the total population.

Top leading mobile company in Nepal like NTC, Ncell, Smart Telecom etc and they are focusing on expanding their 4G coverage whole over Nepal. (Source: Frost & Sullivan Analysis report of  2018AD ).

top leading mobile company of nepal

Fig: Mobile Company in Nepal with a penetration rate

Nepal ranked downgraded to 125 by 1 in Mobile broadband and upgrades in Fixed broadband to 107 ranks by 1 according to the report of global speed test of April 2019.

speedtest report of mobile and fixed band internet speed

Fig: Internet Speed in Mobile and Fixed broadband

Fixed broadband services have been largely present especially to the larger cities and they are expanding even further in rural areas as well. Some of the top fixed broadband providers of Nepal are WorldLink Communication Pvt Ltd, Subisu CableNet Pvt. Ltd, Vianet Communication, Classic Tech Pvt Ltd, Nepal Telecom ADSL Service etc.

mobile status of internet of nepal

fixedbroadband statusof nepal

2)Social Media Users Status of Nepal

list of social media

The main factor for growing internet user in Nepal is social media. Nepal is the second-largest country after Bhutan in south Asia in social media penetration.

social media status nepal

According to the report of StatCounter, in Nepal 98.32% of total user uses facebook. 0.61% of total uses youtube and 0.49% of total uses Pinterest, 0.37% of total user uses Twitter,0.13% total user uses Instagram and 0.04 % of total user uses LinkedIn.

stat counter social media status nepal

According to the report of Hootsuite, there are 9.90 million active social media users in Nepal with 54% total penetration rate among those user 9.30 million people are using mobile.

hootsuite repoty

Also within 1 year, more than 600 thousand active social media users are added.

hostsuite data

3)Digital in Banking Sector

Being lots of probability exists in the field of  IT  and digital sector, lots of commercial and development banks have also started their investment in this field. Some current states of electronic banking services in Nepal are :

a) Tele( or Telephone) Banking

b) Mobile Banking (SMS Banking)

c) Internet Banking 

d)ATM (Automated Telling Machine)

e)Point of Sales (POS)

4)Online News Penetration Status of Nepal

In the past decade for getting any news, we have to look at newspaper, television or radio. Digital technology has dramatically reshaped the news and media industries in the past decade. Many newspaper organization and TV channel have retrained from themselves into digital form so that we should not have to wait for anything for getting current information. Making digital in news and media, we are also able to target a large audience as well and Nepalese news industries are doing well in this field. These online services are also reshaping our morning news routines. Nowadays instead of looking for the newspaper for accessing the news, people's started visiting news sites

Top Digital News Sites of Nepal according to Alexa ranking system are :
   1) (Top Nepalese sites of Nepal) 
  10) and many more.

5)Top Online Active Government Sites Status of Nepal

Top 5 government sites which are ranked by Alexa are ...






6)Data Center in Nepal

Nowadays, the Number of trusted data centres is growing rapidly. Most of the data centres in Nepal are private data centers.

data center

Fig: Server inside Data Center 

Some of the data centres in Nepal are:
1)GIDC - One an only one government data center of Nepal

GIDC Nepal

Fig: GIDC Nepal

2) Data Hub Pvt. Ltd
3) Data Space Pvt. Ltd
4) Ohm Data Center
5)Eastlink Technology
6)Ncell Data Center
7) Cloud Himalaya
9)Gurkha.Host Datacenter
10)CAS Infra
11)Access World (AWT) Cloud Services Nepal

Now we should not have to worry about data compromisation. Our data will be within the country. Our government data ie. the data that we have given to the government will be safe within the Government Integrated Data Center. So, the government is becoming digitized slowly but surely.

Private Sector data are also stored securely in a different private data center. They provide 24/7 uptime service, data recovery support in case of failure and many more. So, news sites data, school data, government data, private organization data can be securely stored within the country.

7)Digital Mobile Wallet

Digital Mobile Wallet also is known as an e-wallet.Digital Wallet is the way of using the money over the internet to do online bill payment or purchase item online or transferring money to the bank account online and many more. The main advantage of using digital mobile wallet is our worthy time will be saved because we do not need to go intended office and wait in queue for accomplishing our services. Also, we do not have to carry money and to do a transaction and this makes our life easy. And its use is increasing in Nepal. Some of the major digital wallets in Nepal are as follows.

 a) eSewa

 b) Prabhu Pay

 c) Khalti

 d) iPay

 e) ePay

 f) IME Pay

 g) fonePay

Let look financial inclusion factors in nepal.

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