How to use fraction (not '/') in Google Docs ?

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Fractions are common mathematical operators which are commonly used for doing maths, science, and finance works. It is very useful for creating math and chemical equations. Google Docs has a feature where we can utilize fractions and create an equation.

In this post, we will look at various methods of using fractions in Google Docs

Using Google Docs Auto Formatting to generate Fraction

By default, Google Docs is preformatted as long as default formatting is not changed. Which the help of this auto-format you can just use a forward slash between numerator and denominator and then press enter or space bar and it will auto-format and you can edit both numerator and denominator variable /number.

For example, when you type 1/2  and press the space bar or enter, it will auto-format and the final result looks like what you see in your book.

If this feature is turned off you can enable/disable it with the following steps.

1 Click the Tools menu in Docs
2 Select Preferences option
3 In the next windows, goto Substitutions Tab and check Automatic substitution for enabling auto-formatting, and if unchecked it will disable
automatic formatting.
4 Click on the OK button.


If required, you can even customize autocorrect to use other fraction symbols for this window.

Disadvantages of Google Docs Auto Formatting for Fraction

  • It does not seem to be formal writing.
  • Difficult to read if this fraction is used as a separator.
  • It does not look like real math fractions.
  • By default, auto-format doesn't work for two or more digit numerators or denominators.

To solve above mention problem, Google Docs has one beautiful feature called Equation tool targeting for maths, science, and finance operations.

Using Equation Tool to generate a fraction

Google Docs has featured an "Equation"  tool which let an option to create a custom fraction and it solves the above problem and makes it:

  • Looks like formal writing
  • Easy to read even in expression or equations.
  • Look like real math fractions which we used to see in a textbook
  • Works perfectly for every type of fraction like proper, improper, and mixed fractions.

The equation tool has a horizontal division line between numerator and denominator.

How to use Equation Tool to Add a fraction in Google Docs?

1  Click on Insert > Equation 
You will get the Equation toolbar just below another menu.

2  Click on the 4th formula model, make sure to click on the little arrow. will the popup click on the first math expression which is a fraction?

3  This will open dash in Google Docs working area, type numerator number and press enter it will move the cursor to denominator just put the denominator number and press Enter. And then you can edit both numerator and denominator later. Also, you can zoom in and out fonts of the fraction with the help of font size in the docs.


Note that you can open Equations Tools using Shortcut and the shortcut is Alt + I + E

How to use Equation Tools to generate mixed fractions in Google Docs?

You can insert mixed fractions from the same menu. First, write a nonfractional part and then go to the above step to write the improper fraction.

Using Google Docs Add-ons to generate a fraction

 You can use google docs addons for creating fractions. In this example, we will show you with Latest Equation Add Ons.

If you have not installed Latex then follow these steps:

1 Open any Google Docs
 2  Click on Add-Ons
3 Select Get Add-Ons
4 Search for "Auto-LaTeX Equations" in the search bar and then select "Auto-Latex Equations" from the list.
5 Select your account and allow this addon to see, edit, delete Google Docs, connect to accounts, and many more.
6 Click on the Next button and then the Done button.

Now you are ready to use Auto -LAtex Equations.

How to use Latex to generate Fractions?

It is simple and easy. The steps are as follows:

1 Click on Add-ons > Auto-Latex Equations > Start
You will get Auto-Latex Equations tools that appear as a popup on the right of the screen.

2 Click on  Show Advanced Settings and select \[...\] delimiters.

3  Then in the screen type the below code.


4 Then click on Render Equations and your equations get converted mathematical fractions.

Using External Sites to generate a fraction

We can use websites like for generating a fraction with the help of UI based symbols.

1 Open Latex Website. Click Here.

2 Click on the a/b symbol on the menu.

3. This will appear below the code in the text area.


Just fill with numerator on the first curly brace and denominator on the second curly brace.

For example, 


4. This will generate fractions with a horizontal fraction line. Just copy the generated fraction and paste it into google docs.


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