How to Find Out If Your Husband Has a Secret Cell Phone?

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Do You Suspect Something Secretive is Occurring?

People frequently make use of secret phones for a variety of purposes, and they aren't just a convenient plot device in spy movies and romance novellas like they are sometimes portrayed to be. These methods may on occasion involve having mistresses or being unfaithful, but the majority of the time, secretive phones are not kept a secret. They are typical "burners," phones that are issued by employers, pre-paid phones that are appropriate for people who do not have a consistent income or both. Burner phones are phones that can be used and disposed of quickly; this does not necessarily mean that criminal activity is taking place, but it could mean that the user is attempting to avoid authorities.

If you suspect your husband has a secret cell phone, there are a few steps you can take to find out for sure.

1 Check the Phone Bills

Keeping a concealed cell phone is more complicated than ever these days. The difficulty is that almost everything that has to do with a cell phone requires money. Cell phones from the manufacturer, SIM cards, and the utilized data all have a paper trail for legal reasons.

The paper trail is one option that can shed light on if there is a phone he is paying for; this is important because if the phone came from another source, there might be less cause for concern. Additionally, it’s a good idea to look at an itemized bill. If there are unfamiliar charges or significant abnormal usage—it’s time for a talk.

Phone Bills
fig. Phone Bills

2 Check Mails for Receipts

There’s more to check than just the physical mail! Many businesses have taken to email-only receipts as part of the global movement towards greener practices and approaches. What’s worse is that you will never find these email receipts unless they are lazy with their secret handling.

Check Mails
fig. Check Mails

At the easiest of times, checking their email is as simple as turning on their computer or cell phone. The more tech-savvy person may need to do additional sleuthing once they’ve entered the email. It’s possible to hide or password-protect emails, so if there’s nothing there—try looking with a new perspective.

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3 Check Social Media

If possible check all of your husband's social media accounts to see if he's mentioned having a hidden phone anywhere.

Check Different Social Media of your Husband
fig. Check Different Social Media of your Husband

4 Conduct a Phone Number Lookup

The fastest way to find out if your husband has a secret cell phone is by doing a phone lookup. The only information needed is the husband’s name since the data from these databases is interconnected. A phone lookup tool is one of the best ways to find hidden details; in a few seconds, you can be aware of all the public access information related to a number or name.

Results for these database searches may even return with additional information—like who else is connected to the technology. For example, a husband’s name may return connected to a phone number, but co-owned items may also reveal a name. This name could be the name of a professional contact or a mistress.

5 Check Devices Connected to Wi-Fi

If you’re comfortable with computers, you could look at the devices on your home’s router. This isn’t difficult to do, but it can feel nerve-racking if you’re unfamiliar with computer commands and processes. Those who typically wouldn’t approach a computer should consider doing so. Not only is it a place where he could hide important information, but it’s also a good comfort.

For many computers, the process is as easy as going to the “Router Settings page” and clicking on DHCP; this should show you a list of connected devices or clients. You can also use the “ipconfig” command within a Terminal or Command Center; this will give you a look at information for devices connected to that computer.

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6 Use Bluetooth

You could try finding the second phone by firing your Bluetooth. For this approach to work, you’ll need your phone and the secret phone to have Bluetooth enabled. Additionally, you don’t need to have a phone—it’s more necessary that the confidential phone has Bluetooth active; you’ll also have to have a way to see possible connected devices in your immediate area.

Once you activate the Bluetooth scanner from your phone, any items you can connect will appear, including phones that would otherwise never see the light of day. If things go well, you may have the phone's owner or a hint as to why the phone exists. Chances are if they find the device has a name like "work phone," there's not much to worry about. However, if the device has another person's name or is obscure, it might be time to have a difficult conversation.

7 Ask Directly to your husband 😁😁😁

If you haven't found anything, then your last option is to directly ask your husband if he has a hidden cell phone.

Wrap Up

It is possible your partner is cheating if they have a secret cell phone. But there may be other reasons a person might prefer a secondary phone; for example, work phones are often kept out of the way and avoided, which may seem like secretive behavior. In reality, work-issued phones sometimes record the surrounding area and are expensive if damaged. However, it would be best if you didn’t avoid the topic. You’ll never know until you ask him what the second phone is about, which will build resentment.

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