How to download songs and music from SoundCloud ?

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SoundCloud is one of the popular music and audio streaming platforms where you can listen to songs and music uploaded by SoundCloud Users. In SoundCloud, users can record, update, and promote their soundtracks.SoundCloud is used by music and audio designers to share and monetize content with a wider audience. You can listen to that music and songs without login. If you like to download those mp3 songs and music then you will not find any option on Soundcloud. So, I am here to explain to you some of the smart ways to download them.

  Downloading songs and music from Soundcloud without permission is against the Terms and Services of SoundCloud. Copyright belongs to all respective owners.

Tools for downloading SoundCloud Music and Songs

Premium SoundCloud: Soundcloud Go+

There is one premium version of SoundCloud called SoundCloud GO+. It does not provide to download but simply provides an ad-free offline experience. Here you can save as many tracks and listen to them without the internet.But this service is not currently available in all the country.

If you like to download then there is one legal process given below works in both premium and free version.

Using SoundCloud Download Option in Web

If the content of the creator or artist of music and songs is allowed to download then you can do this process. click on: More option then tap on "Download File" and will get downloaded into your computer.

sound cloud download option
1 For downloading you must get login into SoundCloud
2 Free users can download up to 100 downloads per track only. Pro-user has 1000 downloads. You must be pro Unlimited Users to have unlimited downloads tracks.
3 Only individuals tracks can be download, not the whole playlist.
4 All tracks are not available for download. If you don't see the download button, the person who uploaded it doesn't provide others to download it.
5 Uploader can use the permission tab for enabling/disabling your viewer to downloads via the permissions tab.  Enabling downloads means your listener can have a copy of your original music.

Using Third-party Apps and  Websites

One of the main disadvantages of SoundCloud is it does not provide an interface for downloading songs and music through its websites and apps. To solve this problem various third-party apps and websites were developed and solve the problem. Some of the websites are as follows.

1) sclouddownloader

It is a website where you can download your desire SoundCloud music and songs in MP3 Format free of cost. You do not need software and plugin. You can download the mp3 track at 128kbps and 320 kbps speed.


  • Get Soundcloud and search for the songs you like and get the URL link.
  • Goto sclouddownloader and just paste URL in the input box and click on Download. This will redirect to a new page.
  • Then next click on Download Track. It will automatically start to download on your computer usually in the downloads folder

2) soundflash

It is a website where you can download your desire for music. It is free of cost and provides download facilities for up to 2 hour.No need to download additional software.



It is a website where you can download up to 2-hour length music and songs for free in high quality. The website can switch to more than 30 languages. So, it is easy for everyone.


Klickaud is a website that helps us to download SoundCloud songs as well as playlists. It can download mp3 at 128kbps and 320 kbps.


SingleMango is a 100% free and safe SoundCloud music and songs downloader that is popular for downloading Soundcloud playlists. You can download music anonymously. It is compatible with most of the major browsers.

This works mostly by all Internet Downloader websites. Go and try other downloader websites and must get some type of internet and download options.

Other Features:

  • It's free to use.
  • The song's name will be in the downloaded file.
  • Can download on android, and any browser.
  • It has a chrome extension as well.
  • Support up to 320 kbps.


Using Software in PC

1) EaseUs MobiMover

EaseUs MobiMover is desktop-based most feature-rich and well-developed sound and video downloaders for MP3 or MP4 video download. It is perfect to download Soundcloud songs and music.

  • Free of Cost
  • Compatible with both macOS and Windows, Linux
  • Support audio as well as video download
  • Download at high speed and high quality

2)iVideoMate SoundCloud downloader

iVideoMate Downloader is an audio-video downloader and helps in downloading Soundcloud music in MP3 format. This software is available for PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

 2a ) For PC

Let's look at the step:

 2 a.1 Click here to download iVideoMate.

 2 a.2 Goto SoundCloud and get the Url Link for your favorite music. Copy it.

 2 a.3  Goto iVideoMate software and click on the "Paste Url" button

As the copied URL will be in Clipboard and as soon as you click on "Paste Url", the SoundCloud Sound started to download. You will find the mp3 track you have downloaded from the "Complete" tab after you have completed the download.

There are also other software like JDownloader, TunesKit, etc

Using Browser Extension

There are also many browser extension which helps for downloading SoundCloud music and songs. But most of those extensions are violating Soundcloud policy and that extension once you uninstall them you cannot install them again.

Some of the popular browser extensions are :

1) SoundCloud Music Downloader Extension

This extension works well in all the major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, etc.


  • It does support Multi-browser.
  • It has the capacity to download single tracks, whole playlists as well as all tracks available on the page.
  • It can download high-quality mp3 music with ID3 tags.
  • It shows tracks that are currently in the queue for downloading.
  • It did not navigate to another page for downloading.
ID3 Tags is a meta container that contains information about the music Artist, Release date, cover, title, track number of the music.


SoundCloud is the best place for listening to music and songs online for free. Downloading that music was a problem with you now using the above method you can easily download single music or a whole playlist.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is SoundCloud Downloader?

Ans: It is an online tool for downloading SoundCloud music into mp3 format. There are various downloaders for SoundCloud and the most popular one is sclouddownloader.

2. Why most Soundcloud downloader downloads in mp3 format?

Ans: There are two big audio formats available in the market. One os Wav and another mp3. But Mp3 is most popular because it is small in size as it is heavily compressed and can be played in any player due to which downloader adopts mp3 format.

3. Is SoundCloud Downloader safe?

Ans: Downloading songs and music from official sites of SoundCloud is safe. Be cautious downloading the music from third-party software.

4. Can you download things from SoundCloud?

Ans: Once you have the sign-in, you can download songs from SoundCloud. Download options are available only if the music uploader has enabled download.

5. Can we download SoundCloud music using Mobile Device?

Ans: A track from a mobile device cannot be downloaded. However, users with SoundCloud Go or Go+ can save content on their mobile devices for offline listening.

Enjoy your day!