How to switch back to the classic / legacy view outlook ?

👤 Diwas Poudel    🕒 20 Feb 2023    📁 TECH

When you download and install a new version of Outlook, you will notice numerous changes. An example, changes to settings, tools, options, and the user interface. The new version of Outlook contains numerous modifications and also lacks functions that were previously available in the legacy classic edition.

Sometimes Outlook is functioning incorrectly, and finding the source of the problem might be complicated. To repair Outlook efficiently, it is recommended to use a special tool that is able to analyze Outlook data files and find and fix the issues.

People are familiar with the old classic view, its appearance, and its design, and they wish to obtain it. If this is the case, our tech room will guide you through the process of switching to a classic view outlook.

Outlook for Mac

In the case of Mac, Microsoft has provided the option to return to the previous version and then return to the New Version as desired.
Outlook for Mac has been updated with a redesigned user interface and new features. And if you try to drill down into its features, you may not find what you expect, so you can revert to the old classic one.

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How to Switch to New Outlook for Mac?

By default, it will display the legacy outlook, but you can switch to the new outlook by looking in the top right corner for the "New Outlook" Toggle button. Then all you have to do is toggle it.

fig. Switch to New Outlook to try out the new Outlook for Mac.
📚Microsoft Office 365 now includes the option to switch from the traditional Outlook view to a sleeker, simpler interface known as New Outlook as shown above.

With Microsoft sync technology, you can rapidly transition between New Outlook for Mac and the latest production version. For this reason, it's easy for you to compare and experiment with new features and capabilities as they're made available.

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How to switch back to legacy Classic View in Outlook for Mac?

You might not notice these options at first, so here are some simple steps to get a classic View.


1 Click on Outlook in the top left corner.

2 Then deselect the New Outlook option from the list.

fig. Switching Back to Legacy Classic Outlook in Mac


Then your current outlook will be closed, and an old classic outlook will be opened.

Alternatively, you can get it with the help of the Help Menu.

Any time, simply open Outlook and click Help, then pick Revert to the Legacy version of Outlook as shown below.

revert-to-legacy-outlook-from-help-menuBefore you switch back, you'll be able to leave comments and set up an in-app reminder for when new features are added to the application.

Outlook for Windows

Current Outlook users can't switch back to the old version in windows if they have a problem with the layout. However, you can alter your design by changing the layout and design of the outlook.

Changing Reading Pane in Outlook for Windows

1 Open Outlook

2 Goto View Tab 

3 Then under the Layout group, click Reading Pane then select your choice whether you want Reading Pane to Right, Bottom, or Off. Reading Pane to Right is something I'm used to, so I'll change it to Right.

4 Next under the Layout group, click Folder Pane then select your choice whether you want Folder Pane to either Minimized, normal, or Off.

fig. Changing Reading Pane Layout in Outlook


Changing Inbox View in Outlook for Windows

You can organize your email to better suit your needs by changing the Inbox view in Outlook.

1 Open Outlook and click on Change View 

2 Select Compact View.

fig. Change View in Outlook

Changing Message Preview in Outlook 

If you want to change "Message Preview" you can do it as follows:

Open Outlook and then go to the View tab. In the navigation ribbon, select "Message Preview" from the drop-down arrow menu. Afterward, you can choose between one, two, or three lines of text to display.

fig. Message Preview Layout in Outlook

Change Font, Family, and Size in Outlook to make it look like Legacy Outlook

In the Message List, you can also change the Font and Font Size to make it look like Legacy Outlook. These are the steps to take:

1 Goto View Tab in the title bar

2 Next select View Settings from the Toolbar

3 Choose Other Settings from the popup window.

4 In the next popup window, Select Column Font and Raw Font and set the font family, style, and size you want.

The default font size and family for outlook is 11-point Calibri in black.

Outlook font family size to legacy
fig. Outlook font family size to legacy

Change Font Size, Family, and Type of messages in Outlook

The steps are as follows:

1 Click on File

2 Click on Options

3 Click on Mail Tab

4 Click on the Stationary and Fonts button under Compose messages.

5 Under New mail messages, click on Font and set the font family, size, and style.

6 Also Under Replying or Forwarding messages click on Font and set the font family, size, and style.