How to Select Multiple Emails in Gmail App and Gmail Web with Ease

👤 Adamya Neupane    🕒 01 May 2023    📁 TECH

Gmail or Google Mail was launched in the year 2004. However, this was only the beta release of the application. Gmail was released to the masses on February 7, 2007. It has since dominated the market and most people nowadays have shifted to Gmail from other e-mail services. There are multiple reasons for the unprecedented growth and development in the tech sphere. If you want to learn about the unprecedented rise of Gmail, you can check the section at the bottom of the article. However, that is not something we are primarily focusing on. Today, we’re focusing on how to select multiple emails. 

How to select emails in Bulk on a PC?

In order to select emails in bulk on your PC, follow the steps given below. 

  1. Open Gmail and go to the mailbox or label where you want to select the emails.
    First Email
    fig. go to the mailbox or label where you want to select the emails
  2. Click on the first email in the list you want to select.
    Email Select One
    fig. Select First Email in list
  3. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the last email in the list you want to select.
  4. This will select all the emails in between as such.
    Shift Select Email
    fig. Shift Select Email
  5. To select emails that are not adjacent to the first and last email, follow this. Hold down the Ctrl or Command key on your keyboard and click on each email you want to select. This will add those emails to the selection. 
  6. Once you have selected all the emails you want to work with, you can perform actions such as deleting, archiving, or marking them as read or unread

This method makes use of the shift key and the mouse on the PC. On PC, there are some other options that can be seen by clicking on the following button. You can take a look at the options shown in the image below. 

PC Options

On the other hand, if you want to do the same thing on a Phone, you can follow the rest of the article. 

How to select emails in Bulk on Gmail App?

The Gmail app was launched in 2011 for IOS devices. Later, it was released for Android phones in 2012. On launch, it didn’t boast the features it has now. However, as of late, there are multiple features in the app that make it stand out. One of those features is being able to select multiple emails. Here’s how you can do that on the Gmail app. Follow these steps.

  1. Open the Gmail app on your mobile device.
    Phone Gmail App
    fig. Phone Gmail App
  2. Go to the inbox or the label that contains the emails you want to select.
  3. Tap and hold on to one of the emails you want to select. The email will be highlighted and a checkmark will appear next to it.
    Select one mail
    fig. Select one mail
  4. The selected mail will look like this.
    Selected Mail
    fig. Selected Mail 
  5. Tap on the other icons you want to select. As you tap on each email, it will be highlighted and a checkmark will appear next to it as well. Be wary of tapping on the icon. Because tapping the body of the email will take you to the email contents.
    Selected Multiple
    fig. Selected Multiple
  6. Once you have selected all the emails you want to work with, perform any actions you want on the selected emails.

This helps you select bulk mail in the app. If you want to select emails on the app, it has to be done manually. Clicking each and every mail one by one. Unlike on PC, it’s not as simple as selecting the top and bottom mail while holding the Shift key. I even tried connecting my Bluetooth keyboard to my phone and holding the shift key while selecting the mail. But to no avail.

If you are using Gmail App on your mobile then you can select/deselect multiple emails by:

  1. By dragging your finger down to each mail.
  2. To remove an email from the list, tap it again.
  3. Tap on the conversation header to select all of the emails in a discussion.
  4. Tap on the folder name to pick all of the emails in that folder.

Using the search bar to filter and select multiple emails

You can also use the search bar to choose more than one email. For example, if you want to pick all emails from a certain sender, you can type the sender's email address in the search bar and then tap on the search icon.

Now, if you want to check out the rise of Gmail as an emailing service, take a look at the rest of the article.

The Meteoric Rise of Gmail

Gmail was not the first electronic mailing service. It was not the first cloud storage service either. The most popular email service at the time was Yahoo and the cloud storage service was X-Drive. The only thing Gmail had going for it was that it was owned by Google. One of the biggest search engines. But, here is how Gmail grew so popular and what it did differently. 

  1. It was the first email service to offer starting storage of 1 GB. 
  2. It had a powerful search functionality. 
  3. Gmail automatically groups related messages into threads. This makes keeping track of the conversation easy. Another thing that it does is take care of the clutter in the Inbox.
  4. Gmail's spam filtering technology was and still is highly effective. It was a significant improvement over what was available in the market at the time.  
  5. Another thing that Google brought up was a strong integration with its other services. These services include Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Docs. 

These are the major reasons why Gmail grew as big as it did. 


After all the experimentation, I have concluded that it is not possible to simply bulk-select emails on the app. On the other hand, it’s a very simple task on a PC. Therefore, if you have access to a PC, you will be better off selecting the bulk emails on a PC.