How to logout/sign out gmail account from all devices?

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There might be a situation like you have logged in to your Gmail account from your friend's computer or any unknown place and you have forgotten to log out. This might happens several times in several places. Also, there might be situations like you have lost your phone and you have your Gmail account logged in to that phone. And your Gmail account contains a lot of personal information and if you want to protect that information you have to log out from all those devices. Ourtechroom will show you how to log out or sign out of your Gmail account from all devices so without wasting time let's do it.

There are various ways of achieving this. Let's look at them one by one.

Method 1:

1) By using "Where you sign in the feature" Gmail Feature

Using Computer:

The steps are as follows:

1 Open your Gmail account from where you want to clear all logged-in sessions.

2 Click on your photo located in the top right corner.

3 Click on "Manage your Google Account".

Click on "Manage your account"


4 Under Left Pane, click on "Security".
Click on the Security tab


5 Scroll down, then under Your devices section, you will find all active signed in to your Google account. Click on "Manage devices" under Your devices.

Click on Manage devices


6 You will get all devices that have used Gmail account.

All devices where your Gmail is logged in currently


The first one is your current login devices. In my case, it is Windows Laptop
The other 4 devices are other unknown devices. You can log out from those devices one by one.

7  Click on any pane, except the first one. Then click on the "Sign out" button.

Here, you can clearly see that this Gmail account is the first login into this unknown device in Feb:22. By clicking on the IP address, you will get the exact location where this Gmail account is logged in.

Click on the Sign out button


8  Next click on "Signout"

9. Next, click on "Ok"

That's it.

You can also get your few active login histories of Gmail, so that you may know from where your Gmail is accessed so that you can change it later.

1  Open your Gmail home screen.

2  Scroll down to the bottom and click on Details.

3  Popup will appear. There you will get all devices, their location of use, IP address, Data/Time, types of devices(browser, mobile, pop3, etc)
 where your Gmail is logged in. It only provides a few login histories.


When you click on Show details, it will show details of the system.

4  Click on Security Checkup

Method 2

Gmail Logout all devices using Change Password

If you find any suspicious login attempts made in your Gmail account then it's better to change the password. It will auto logs out from all active devices. This will redirect all the devices to enter a new password before using Gmail with the same Gmail account.

It is a simple and easy way.


1 Signed in to your Gmail account.

2 Click on your profile icon at the top right corner.

3 Click on "Manage your account"

4 On the left pane click on "Security"

5 Click on the Password

6 Enter your current password and click Next

7 In the next screen may ask you to enter a new password and confirm the password.

Use a strong password, which helps you to keep your Gmail files and content safe, and prevent anyone from getting into your account.

8 Click Change Password button

That's it.

Thank god, now you are safe :)

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Using SmartPhone to logout Gmail from all device

Before you remove an account in your smartphone all the google apps you have signed with Gmail will get signout automatically like Google Maps, Youtube, calendar, drive, google assistant, etc.

Many people worry saying that "Do this delete the account? and the answer is a big no. Also, your search history, navigation, docs, photos, etc will not be deleted. If you login into your computer with the same Gmail account you can easily retrieve them. I personally prefer this if I won't remove personal information from the device before giving selling the phone to someone else so that they will not be able to login into my personal information.

Note that: This procedure is similar to what you have done on your computer.Here for demonstration, I am using Android Phone. Similar will be applied for iOS as well

1. Open Gmail Apps.

2. Then click on Profile Picture located in the top right corner.

3. Manage Account

4. Go to the security tab.  

5. Under Security, Select " Manage Device".This will provide you a list of google account logged in your smartphone.

6. Identify the devices, then click on 3 dots, click on "Sign out" in the popup if you just want to remove the account from the device but allow third-party apps to access a Google account on your device. Click on Ok.

Otherwise, follow different approaches, after step 5 ie. Click on 3 dots,  click on Don't recognize this device? then it requests you to change the password. Just change it that's it. Now this Gmail account will automatically log out in all the devices where this Gmail is previously logged In.

Sign out from all devices by enabling two-factor authentication and remove all trusted devices.

I generally suggest you first enable 2-factor authentication and then remove all trusted devices.


Some of the best practices you can apply before Gmail in unknown places

  • Login Gmail only in private mode like google chrome Incognito mode
  • Enable two-factor authentication.
  • Log out all Gmail sessions after you have done your work.
  • Use auto log-off browser extension.


If you logged in to multiple devices and forget to sign out from them then without wasting any time just sign out from all devices with above mention steps.