Importance of Technology in Todays Competitive World

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Most of us have grown up being taught the importance of technology. But why is technology important? In this article, we will discuss the importance of technology and tools. In short, Technology is an integral part of our day to day life and it is absolutely essential. Today most of the country has developed vastly due to the efficient use of technology. So, Technology is one of the most powerful tools.

What is Technology?

The first thing that hits in our minds when we think about technology is it is related to practical science used for solving the problem. But technology has a different meaning from a different perspective.And doesn't have a clear shot definition.

Basically, Technology is the summation of scientific knowledge, skills, experience, methods, tools, and techniques used in the productions of goods and services, creation of new things and achieve some specific objectives, goals, and desires, transforming individual life, society, nation, and the whole universe. So, in every instant, we are surrounded by technology and we are using it for solving various problems.It is used all the time and everywhere.

Technology has evolved slowly from the past stone age to around 100 years ago and then now it has improved and updated on very vast and wide scaled in a small span of time. AI is one of the transforming technology then can change the world.

Technology has affected almost all sectors. It has helped develop a more advanced economy, advanced education, communication, etc. It has changed our life as a whole and is very important for all of us.

Now, let's look at the importance of technology in various fields.

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1 Importance of Technology in Education

The successful use of technology in education has changed the process of learning. Using technology we can get an education in a very short time and inefficient way. Technology provides immediate access to the quality of information and helps to learn quicker. Following are the points of importance of technology in education:

  i) Technology simplifies access to the source of education.

Around 10 - 15 years ago, we used to have only books for source of education. And sometimes it was difficult to understand the topic so in such a case we used to take advice from teachers and giving each and every detail to the topic was difficult for teachers. So that time we are forced to mockup those. But now due to the evolution of technology, we have the internet everywhere and we can search for any topic and understand the gist of the topic very easily. So, we can say education simplifies access to the source of education.

This method of teaching is also beneficial for the instructors/teachers since it gives them the opportunity to work with students who might be struggling individually.

ii)Learning becomes interesting with technology

Learning becomes interesting with technology because we can get information in internet technology in various forms like audio, video, infographics which make learning interesting as those forms are eye-catchy and easy to understand.

iii)Technology helps students to explore their interested fields.

If we are interested in some field then we can get a vast source of information using technology like the internet and we can get in-depth knowledge of every field and can become a master in that field at even in young age.

You can join your interested communities online and explore your knowledge by giving and sharing your knowledge and get good advice from an expert.

iv)Technology enhances creativity and learning capabilities and up to date information.

Students can work and collaborate with people in other locations. In this way, they can enhance their creativity by sharing there feeling and knowledge on an interesting field. So, students can be up to date with the information. Distance learners can join online communities.

So, in this way, the importance of technology in education sectors are used

Some types of Technology Used in Classrooms

These are three types of technology properly used in classrooms.

a)Interactive Whiteboard.

b)Projector Based Learning

c) Game-based Learning

During these COVID 19 periods, these types of technology are effectively used.

2 Importance of Technology in Business

In this competitive world, every business has to use technology for enhancing there works and increase production and achieve goals more efficiently, reduce costs, reduce human error, tracking the business needs, etc. Also, every business is using technology in some ways.

In business, technology helps in

i) Improving Communication and Collaboration with Teams

In today's world, the staff of the organization may be located in various geographical areas. And communication between staff is necessary. So, they can utilize various web/desktop/mobile platforms for sharing audio, video, and text information in no time. They can update their work to the boss. So, it saves time, space, and money.

ii)Increase Automation and Productivity

iii) Information Protection

Due to the advancement of technology, nowadays many business transactions are carried out online and with the technology, they can track their business. For example, a business can track how much sales is done daily basis, how much members collaborate for making the product, how much stock of the product is remaining, which products are trending in the market, etc.

Instead of paperwork,todays even small business organizations are using advanced software for managing accounting and financial tasks.

iv) Meeting Customer Needs and Enhancing Relationship

Technology has completely changed the face of business. Today's big advantage of technology is that organizations can learn more about their product consumer. They will learn more now than ever, and this helps marketing departments to concentrate on targeted audiences. Facebook ads marketing campaign, email marketing campaign are some tools used for knowing about their customer.

v) Tracking Changes in Business and Optimize Management

vi) Getting Customer feedback and tracking them

vii) Doing Business Online

viii) Improved Security

ix) Business Globalize

With the help of technology, any business can globalize their product. For example, Amazon and Alibaba product are globalized throughout the world. If you want to buy their product, for this you just have to open their app and order the product and will get the product as soon as possible. Sometimes customers may not get there needed product on their market area, or within the country. So, they can order their product online and get the product.

x) Better Decision Making

Technology plays an important role in the decision making of a business. Different time and activity tracking solution can be used to collect organizational data. Also through customer feedback company are able to make the decision making.

Different analysis like fund channel analysis, productivity analysis, supply chain analysis, performance analysis is done in business which helps the organization for making a better decision.

Also Today, Amazon and Facebook also use AI tools for their decision-making processes.

3 Importance of technology in healthcare

Technology plays a crucial role in improving the health sector.

i)Lower Healthcare Costs

The use of technology in the health industry is rapidly increasing. Patients nowadays do not have to spend money on unnecessary visits to the doctor's office, nowadays their health can be monitored at home. The technology which patients used for monitoring is called wearable technology. Today people can get their health reports and health test by simply using simple mobile apps. They don't have to go to the hospital for getting this information. 

ii)Ease of WorkFlow

Paper-based work for recording patients' data is time-consuming and unable to track the patients. Using a computerized system helps to track patients in and out of history, also reduces the risk of errors. Also, patients can see his/her medical data from home. One cloud-based system called eMix (Electronic Medical Information Exchange).It offers access to various medical reports and lab tests from anywhere by both patients and health care helpers.

iii) Can learn general medical information

There are various health-related official sites and application which provides information about various medical topics. So general people can learn those tips and can improve their life.

iv) Fast Analysis and treatment of health-related problem

With the help of technology, patients can be tracked using various devices and sensors attaching to their bodies. And devices can detect anomaly behavior of patients and rapidly updates that information over the internet to the server. Devices can send patients weights and calories record, blood glucose levels, total sleeps hour information, etc. And those many devices can provide training and guides to the patient to follow precautions.

These types of data are collected from many patients also data are collected from EHR and other platforms and finally produce a large amount of useful information from those data which helps to produce reports and analytics.

Also, there are many applications like appointment notices, prescription reminders, medical support.

vi) Revolutionizing Drug Discovery

Nowadays many companies like Turbine, Deep Genomics are started utilizing AI and Machine Learning technology for revolutionizing the drug development process.

With the help of Virtual Reality like VR surgeons will no doubt be future  surgeons.With the help of  AI , google has developed the system for the Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy,for breast cancer analysis

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4) Importance of technology in the entrepreneur

5) Importance of technology in our life

6) Importance of technology in society and nation

7) Importance of technology in agriculture

8) Importance of technology in communication