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.dev is a google operated generic top-level domain(gTLD) owned since 2015 as google intends to use it by Google Only. Later on March 1, 2019, it was introduced on the market. It is the preferred domain especially if you are in software, business, and any other development projects.

FYI, Amazon was also an applicant for acquiring .dev gTLD but later in July 2014 Amazon Withdrew their application and left Google to win the auction, and Google got won it.

Why buy the .dev domain?

.dev is one of the most secure domains as it has built-in security features. .dev will work only if you have SSL certificates enabled in it. Every website built with .dev will automatically be listed in HSTS preloaded list and this prevents hackers from gaining access to the sites as websites will only connect via HTTPS. This also means that when you open .dev sites then browsers will automatically force the sites to open in HTTPS secured connection and for this to work, your .dev sites should have SSL certificates.

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Is .dev right for me?

My suggestion is if you have a domain with a .com extension then it's better to buy it and if you don't get it and then .dev is ok. Especially .dev looks good for people who are from the software industry, photography industry, gaming industry, IT security industry, etc.

If you are involved in any development projects then .dev domains are a great choice for your new website.

Who uses the .dev domain?

Ans: Many popular domain reserve .dev with their domain name. SOme of the popular sites are:

  • salesforce.dev
  • glitch.dev
  • crm.dev,
  • accessibility.dev
  • mdn.dev
  • stripe.dev
  • dataops.dev
  • slack.dev
  • women.dev
  • tfhub.dev
  • github.dev
  • workers.dev
  • nodejs.dev
  • jetbrains.dev
  • ar.dev
  • grow.dev

Visit get.dev for more info.

Do I have to buy .com and .dev domains for the company?

If you are a brand and have a .com domain and if you don't want to lose the .dev domain with that brand name then it's better to buy the .dev domain as well.So, you can redirect .dev to .com domain.

Basic General Rules of thumb for .dev or any domain extension

  • The domain name should be short as possible.
  • Never put a hyphen in the domain name.

Can I buy a .dev domain even if I'm not a developer?

There is no professional restriction for buying the .dev domain. .dev is the home to all types of domain names. But if you are a developer, then yourname.dev matches your profession.

Also, there are some of the sites which switched from other extensions to .dev extensions. Eg. Flutter site. Flutter sites switched from .io to .dev.According to them, Flutter.dev helped to ensure the website be more secure and aligned with other Google Developer operations like web. dev

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Some terms and restrictions of the .dev domain

Terms and Condition Details
Registrar of record Google Domain
Registry Google Registry
ccTLD No
Restriction  No

Registration Information of .dev domain 

Information  Details
Maximum registration period When you do .dev domain registration then the maximum registration you can do is 10 years at a time.
Transfer purchase period 1 year
Transfer authorization required No
Auto-renew timing versus Expiration date  0 day
Auto-renew grace period 15 days
Expiration disruption period  0 day
Renewal grace period 30 days
Restoration grace period 30 days
Availability wait period 35 days

For the latest info and detailed info visit the official source

Other DNS information

DNS information Details
The domain name supports non-ASCII characters eg. À È Ì Ò Ù 网络 .भारत Yes
Total no. of character in domain name allowed Between 1 to 63
Number of name servers 2-12
Supports Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) Yes

For the latest info and detailed info visit the official source

Is the .dev price is high?

Its price is similar to generic TLD such as .com.

Is .dev domain rising ?

Ans: Yes, .dev is raising because many popular sites are also reserving their domain with a .dev extension.s

.Is the DEV domain free?

No, the .dev domain is not free. Currently, it cost you $12 per annum. For more visit here.

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Is .dev good for SEO ?

Google does not give any priority to domain extension. If your content is good then google automatically ranks that domain. For searching anything you directly search on google and will not focus on URL links, we just look at the title of the content and click on it.

So, in my view, .dev is also good for SEO. Also, google operates a .dev domain, so it's obvious that .dev will not be affected by SEO competition.

What is a better alternative for developers and technology when the .com is taken?

If .com is taken then the best alternative for technologies company and developers could be the .dev domain because it sounds similar to developers and technology-related things.

Why register the .dev domain?

Register .dev domain because

  • It is a generic top-level domain
  • It is operated by Google
  • The domain will automatically be listed in the preloaded HSTS list. Has inbuilt security
  • It ensures secure connections for every visitor who visits this site even if he/she visits the sites for the first time. Other extensions like .com can be vulnerable to HSTS.
  • You may get your desired domain name because it is quite new. So has high availability
  • It is relevant to everyone from individuals to organizations.
  • It is meaningful and user-friendly.

You can share your coding passion and digital things here. You can create your portfolio site with this domain extension and it looks and feel better.

.dev domain is Open TLDs or Closed TLDs?

As anyone can register the .dev domain, there is no registration for registration. So we can say .dev is Open TLDs.

Do .dev sites required SSL ?

Ans: Yes, .dev sites should have SSL certificates to work in publicly.

Can I have a .dev domain for my freelance business?

Ans: Yes, .dev domain sites are suitable for freelance-related business.

How long has .dev been on market?

Ans: As .dev is publicly released to the public on March 1, 2019. From this day onward .dev has been in a market.

What are all other domains Google launched before the .dev domain extension?

Ans: Other domain extension

  • .app: Specially used for building an app.
  • .how: For those who write how-to articles or any other informational articles.
  • .page: Anyone who wants to build an online presence especially for authors, students, and publishers.

What are google used .dev domains?

Ans: Google has registered a few domains with the. dev extension. Web.dev and opensource.dev are two examples.

Does it ask for additional costs for SSL certificates?

Ans: Google offers web space with pre-configured encryption without any additional fees for SSL certificates.