Understand .com Vs .net domain extension Before You Regret

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.com vs .net domain extension

Among hundreds of domain extension, .com and .net are the most widely used domain extension. Both are popular and familiar amongst the audiences. This extension is used by businesses as well as individuals to expand their business and reach many audiences online.

If your target domain name for the .com domain is taken then mostly they take .net as an alternative and also many domain name finder and generators like domain.com and many more suggest .net as the first alternative to .com.


.com is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) introduced on March 15, 1985. .com represents a commercial domain extension, which includes eCommerce sites, blog websites, personal websites, and other business websites basically set up for making money online. But nowadays it is becoming general and used by everyone with no money intention. It is used in personal blogs, portfolios, and many more.

It is considered to be the most preferred and most registered domain extension present to date. The first .com domain was registered as Symbolics.com, registered on March 15, 1985, by Symbolics Inc.

This domain extension is powered by Verisign.

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Oldest Top 5 .com domain are as follow:

Rank Date of Registration Domain
1 1985-03-15 symbolic.com
2 1985-04-24 bbn.com
3 1985-05-24 think.com
4 1985-07-11 mcc.com
5 1985-09-30 dec.com


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.net is also a generic top-level domain(gTLD) created and implemented in January 1985. The word .net is derived from the network and was initially developed for networking technologies companies like ISPs and other internet, email service providers network operators, and other similar service providers. But it is not restricted to networking companies only and is now used as general purposes extension. And is used all over the world by bloggers and organizations to launch their business online.

It is the fourth most preferred generic top-level domain just after the .com, .ru, and .org domain(statista report of June 2020). According to the public, records,Nordu.net is the first domain name created as was created on Jan 1, 1985, and was registered to NORDUnet.

This domain extension is powered by Verisign.

Oldest Top 5 .net domain are as follow:

Rank Date of Registration Domain
1 1985-01-01 nordu.net
2 1986-04-01 broken.net
3 1986-11-05 nsf.net
4 1987-01-27 nyser.net
5 1987-07-21 sesqui.net
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You can look below, if .com is not found then .net extension is suggested by domain.com in the first place.

.net suggestion if .com net found

Top 10 Domain extension of March 2020



According to Statista, there is 144.64 million .com domain already registered. And .net domain extension is at fourth place with 13.17 million domain registration.

Their differences are listed in the table below:

.com vs .co | Difference between .com vs .co

.com .net
It was introduced on March 15, 1985 AD as gTLD. It was introduced in January 1985 AD as gTLD.
.com represents "commercial". .net represents "network"
It is the most registered and popular domain extension worldwide. It is the 4th most popular domain extension worldwide after .com, .ru, and .org.
It is very difficult to get the desired domain name with the .com extension. It is slightly less difficult to get the desired domain name with a .net extension.
.com is cheaper than .net . Around $ $9.99 /year ( According to 2020/7/9 Domain.com) .net is a little expensive than .com. Around $12.99 / year ( According to 2020/7/9 Domain.com)
Mainly taken by eCommerce, business, and advertising Mainly taken by an internet provider, email provider, infrastructure, etc.
Market Share of .com domain is 50.9% (According to the report of Statista June 2020) Market Share of .net domain is 3.4% (According to the report of Statista June 2020)

where dotnet and dotcom used for

Some Restriction for buying .com or .net domain 

  • Your intended .com, .net or any domain must be unique. You can check your domain is already use or not from here.
  • The domain names.com.net and.info can not be more than 67 characters.
  • Domain names are not case sensitive.
  • 2 letter domain names are not allowed.

Some queries:

1) Which should I buy .net .org or .com?

Ans: These all domain extensions are TLDs.I will recommend the .com domain in the user and if not found then go with .net then .org. From a usability perspective .com is considered a better one.

From google's perspective and SEO standpoint, there is a negligible difference in SEO between these 3 domains. The selection of either of the two domain names does not affect your SEO score, because both do give the website the same impact in SEO. The content that you use on your website is what would affect your SEO ranking. Website speed is also one of the important factors for SEO. The more you write high-quality content, the rank your website will get. Note that domain name plays important ranking roles but has no effect in SEO due to its.com or.net extension.

But if you have .com available for your domain and if your company is networking then take both .net and .com domain. If you have .com available for your domain and if your company is an organization then take both .com and .org domain.

But avoid .org if you want a domain for business better takes .com or .net.Because .org  implies a non-profit project.

2)Are .net and .com are countrywide focused domain?

Ans: No, they are not a country-wise focused domain. Domain extension like .co.uk is the UK focused domain extension.

3)Is .net good domain?

Ans:.net is as good as .com domain because both of them are top-level domain and in the eye of google both have equal priority and has no effect on google SEO.

4)Should I buy a .NET domain?

Ans: .Net domain is gTLDs domain extension and widely used domain.The first thing you should do before deciding which type of domain extension you want is to determine whats your intention and how your business works? It is great to use if your organization is related to networking like ISP and other service operators like email operators.

.Net is great if you are a business or organization.

Other big companies also use the .net domain like sourceforge.com, kalyanjewellers.net, etc. So never hesitate to use .net domain if .com is not available. Then promote your business via social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn  Instagram, Twitter, etc.

5)Is .net a top-level domain? 

Ans: Yes as .com, .org , .net is also a top level domain.

6) Is .net or .org better?

Ans: Both and better and have generally used for a specific purpose. 

7) What is a Widely use commercial business domain extension?

Ans: .com , .co , .biz are consider to be commercial business domain extension

8) What are the widely use organizational domain extension?

Ans: .net and .org are widely used in organizational domain extension.

9) Is .net reliable?

Ans: .net is the most popular "Not COM" gTLD.It is recommended for companies involved in internet infrastructure. According to google .net domain is much reliable as a .com domain and all top-level domain has equal priority. 

From a user perspective, com is more reliable and credible because .com domain extensions have become the default domain extension in people's minds.

10) Should I register ALL the TLD's of my domain?

Ans: Maybe registering all .com,.net,.org will be a good idea so that someone else can not register your domain name with those TLDs.Most of the major companies do the same. They register all TLD's and this is considered to be good practices for brand reputation. Suppose if companies do not that,  then someone else will buy any of that domain with different TLDs extension and this finally may adversely affect the brand of the companies. And finally, you have to buy that at a very high price.
This is suitable for companies but not for individuals, I guess.

My Final Choice:

It's best to stick to what domain extension is made for (.net to internet-related websites  and .com to commercial websites), since they increase your brand's credibility, leading to more clicks and fewer bounce rates, which finally boost your SEO

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