Disabling Discord account versus deleting a Discord account

👤 Adamya Neupane    🕒 26 Feb 2023    📁 TECH

Discord is a free communication platform designed for online communities and gamers. Launched in May of 2015, it has come a long way from what it first aimed to be. It has kept me productive for a better part of a year thanks to a productivity server. However, I have found myself wanting to disable one of my accounts. Simply because it serves me no purpose anymore. If you’re in a situation like mine, you have two options. Either disable your account or delete it completely. Here, we will weigh out the pros and cons of disabling versus deleting a discord account. Let’s get right into it. 

What does it mean to disable an account in Discord?

Disabling a Discord account means deactivating it. But this deactivation is temporary. Meaning that you won’t be visible to anyone on the platform. You won’t be contacted by anyone. And, you can’t join in on a call or text either. However, when you disable an account, the data connected to the account stays intact. Your Discord information willnot be deleted and remain in the server.If you decide to come back, you will have your friends and conversation history intact. This is along with all the settings you put in place and the servers you joined. It is a perfect option if you want to take a time off of discord. Or if you are not certain about completely wiping it clean. 

Also if you disable your account other users will see your messages and data as if they were sent by a deleted user.Your username and profile are hidden from other discord users.

What does it mean to Delete an account in Discord?

Contrary to disabling an account, deleting an account is permanent. This means that the account can’t be recovered and will be deleted from discord’s database. All the chats will be lost and all the friends made will be lost as well. The lost data also includes servers joined,communities, personal settings, and personal information. This deletion can’t be undone, unlike the previous disabling. 

But, if you have already hit the delete button, you might still have a chance to undo this. According to Discord, it may take up to 14 days for an account to be deleted. This delay is kept in place to make sure that all of your data is completely deleted. This might also be a method to try and keep you on the platform as a last-ditch effort. 

What should I do?

If you are at a crossroads with your Discord account, it would be better to just disable it. I have done this in the past when I needed a break from the internet. Given how much time we spend on it daily, we should do it from time to time. Simply disabling the account allows us to have a safety net to fall onto. Meaning, if you have cold feet, you can simply log back in. However, if you are sure you won’t need the account anymore, it is better to delete the account. 

How to disable or delete a Discord account?

In order to disable or delete a discord account, you’ll first have to go to your settings. It can be found here. 

Discord Settings
fig. Discord Settings

When in the settings window, navigate to the “My Account” tab. 

My Account Discord
fig. My Account Discord

If you scroll to the bottom of this tab, you’ll be able to see these two options. 

Disable Delete Discord
fig. Disable Delete Discord

If you own any servers, make sure you transfer ownership to someone that can handle it. Because if you decide to disable or delete your accounts, you’ll have to transfer server ownership. 

Disabling or removing Discord has any risks or consequences?

Yes there are many lets discuss some of them.

  • Loss of data present in discord: Disabling or removing a Discord account deletes all data and content.
  • Inability to join certain server : In some Discord servers, in order to join, you must have already completed a certain level of activity, and if you delete or deactivate your account, you should be required to meet the criteria again in order to join the server.
  • Impacts on your Discord Contact : If you deactivate or delete your account on Discord, your acquaintances and contacts will be unable to contact you.If you create a new account, you should be required to create a new Discord contact list.


Is it possible to delete a Discord account without disabling it first?

Yes, you can remove a Discord account without first disabling it.

Will disabling Discord impact my server or community membership?

Disabling Discord affects server and community enrollment. Disabling your account will remove your access to servers and communities and hide your name from other users.

What happens to your server and community memberships when you stop Discord?

Lets look what happens:

  • You will leave all servers and groups.
  • Disabled accounts cannot join new servers or groups.
  • Other users cannot see your username, profile image, or activity.
  • Other users will see your messages and data as if they were sent by a removed user.
  • Disabling your account prevents other users from sending you notes.


At the end of the day, it is your decision. One is temporary while the other is permanent. Make sure you take the one that suits your case best. I hope to have answered all your potential questions with this article.