Disable Google One Tab Sign In Popup From Websites

πŸ‘€Β Diwas Poudel Β Β  πŸ•’ 13 Sep 2023 Β Β  πŸ“ TECH

Google One Tap is a powerful Google Identity Services login feature introduced by Google in 2018 that allows new users to sign in to websites and apps with a single tap.

This feature is beneficial to visitors because it only takes one click to sign in, and it is beneficial to the owners of the sites and app because they discovered that by using this feature, they are able to attract more new users with this one-tap login feature.

On the sites, Google provides a secure, token-based, passwordless account. It simplifies the check-in / sign-in process for your visitors. Popular sites that use this feature include Quora, Canva, Reddit, Pinterest, Medium, eBay, and the New York Times.

Why do you keep getting Google One Tap Sign?

You may get this sign-in popup because you have not signed up for your Google Account. You can sign in by clicking on the "Sign in with Google" button on the popup.

Also, you may have enabled the "Google Account sign-in prompts" option in your Google Account settings. With the help ofΒ  this options allows website to prompt you to sign in with your Google Account.

Why do People like to disable Google One-tab Sign Up?

Here are the reasons why people like to disable Google One-tab Sign Up:

1 Some users are irritated by the popup when attempting to access the sites. And if you visit the sites for the first time, when you select one account from one tab then it will redirect you to a separate Google page asking for your Google account credentials, which may irritate the user.

2 Some users may find this suspicious because it asks you to log in using your Google account even when you visit the site for the first time. You may be wondering how these new sites actually know my Google Account which you like to disable.

πŸ“– First and foremost, you should be aware that Chrome Browser has no relation to Google one-tap sign-in the websites you visit have integrated Google One Tab, and Google is showing user accounts on the website.

3 Some websites may not have properly integrated these features, resulting in an error page, which they prefer to disable.

4 Some websites may display a sign-in popup every 1-2 minutes which some users prefer to disable.

5 Due to some reason, it may take several clicks to make go away, and as a result, the user prefers to disable this feature.

6 With just one tap facility, you will get secure, token-based, passwordless accounts that are highly protected by Google.

7 With Google's one-tap sign-up on your website, you can provide your users with seamless authentication flows.

If so then you are in the right place. Here ourtechroom will show you how to disable the Google One tab sign-out from all websites or particular websites only.

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Disable Google One Tab Sign In from All Website

To disable Google One Tab Sign In from all websites here are the steps:

1 First login to your Google Apps account and then navigate to the following path in the web URL: https://myaccount.google.com/permissions

fig. your account Google permission page

2 Scroll down the page, then under "Google Account sign-in prompts" just toggle the switch from ON(blue color) to OFF (gray color).Β 

google-account-signin-prompt toggle to off
fig. Toggle to Off

You are done and now you will not receive any Google one tab sign-in popup.

Note if you have multiple Google Accounts log into your browser then you have to follow a similar process for all the accounts.
Also note: Google One-tab does not work with non-Chromium browsers or browsers older than Chrome 75. Pop-up windows may appear in these browsers, requesting the user's permission to create an account.

Disable Google One Tab Sign In from Particular Sites.

To disable Google One Tab Sign In from particular sites the steps are simple as below:

For demonstration, I am going to disable Google One Tab sign-in from the Quora website.

1 First login to your Google Apps account and then navigate to the following path in the web URL: https://myaccount.google.com/permissions


2 Scroll down the page and then under "Signing in with Google" you will find a list of website and app that has access to your Google account. From there search for the particular site where you want to disable it. Here I am searching for Quora.

fig. removing Quora from accessing user google account basic details

3. After you find the site, just click on it and then click on Remove Access, and then a popup appears with the following message.

Remove access?

quora.com will no longer have access to your Google Account. You’ll need to grant access if you want to use this app or service again.

4. Just click on OK and you are done.

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Disable Google One Tab Sign-In for a certain time periodΒ 

You can actually disable Google One Tab Sign In for a certain time period on the websites and app. Here are the steps:

1 When you see the popup just click on the X button located at the top right corner of the popup. When you do so the web browser will not show the popup again for a certain time frame here is the time frame:

The time period is as follows:

Consecutive times closed The time period that One Tap is disabled
1 Two hours
2 One day
3 One Week
4+Β  Four Weeks

Β source.

This cooldown status resets after a successful One Tap sign-in.

πŸ“– Note:
In the mobile browser, Google auto dismisses the one-tap after a short time period unless the user directly interacts with the One Tap UI. The current auto dismissal threshold is 90 seconds. We may change it in the future.
Please keep in mind that auto dismissal does not occur in desktop, iPad, or tablet browsers. A cooldown is not triggered by auto dismissal.