Difference between Google Chrome and Google Chrome Beta

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Google Chrome is the most popular stable web browser nowadays with about 65% browser penetration in June 2021(report). There are various channels of google chrome available like Stable Google Chrome( ie. Google Chrome), Google Chrome Beta, Google Chrome canary, google chrome dev, etc. Most of the users use Stable Google Chrome. Also, lots of the users try Google Chrome Beta as the Beta version gets updates first then only on the Stable Version. If are conscious of differences between those Google Chrome (ie. Stable Google Chrome) and Google Chrome Beta then I will be guiding you in this article.

Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome Beta is a beta version of Google Chrome that is release to users for testing purposes. It is final testing before completely releasing it to the public. So, the Beta channel is not perfect to be the final application.

We can download the Beta version of Google Chrome ie. Google Chrome Beta from the link here. When you download you may find some bugs and errors and you can provide feedback to the chrome team for the bug. Chrome Team collects lots of bugs and errors and does fixes and later finally releases as Google Chrome. Any new features and enhancements are made in google chrome will get first available to google chrome beta and the user may find weird behavior, crashes, web page loading issues, unexpected close in the application, hang the web, large memory usage issues, audio drops issue, etc. They report to google and google will fix it and later release it to production and we get the final latest version of the Google Chrome application. 

Why Google Chrome Beta is released to the public?

Ans: If Google Chrome has built its new features, the chrome team does internal testing in different hardware and software combinations and if they find any bug or error then they fix it there. But it's impossible to test on every combination of today's PCs, smartphones, tablets, and internet-powered devices. So google release its BETA version to the public. Public users and experts download the BETA version and if any error/bug/glitches are found then they provide feedback to Google, and the chrome team does fix those errors and later releases them as a stable version.

Releasing Google Chrome BETA helps in getting

  • High-Quality Google Chrome as the final product.
  • High-performance Google Chrome as the final product.
  • High customer satisfaction is fulfilled before released

in obtaining high quality, high performance, better user satisfaction google chrome as the final product

Note that in terms of stability, Google Chrome Beta is close to Stable Google Chrome.

Google Chrome

This is Google Chrome we are using in daily life as a web browser. Technically we called it Google Chrome Stable. This version/channel is a stable and publicly used Chrome web browser. In this version, no bugs and errors are notices because before this release many errors in various phases are already tested like tested by an internal team, then tested by the public users using Google Chrome BETA. 

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Difference between Google Chrome and Google Chrome Beta

Pointwise differences between Google Chrome and Google Chrome Beta are as follows.

Google Chrome Google Chrome Beta
It is a stable version of Google Chrome. It is a beta version of Google Chrome
In this version, no bugs and errors are noticeable. In this version, there may contains bugs, glitches, and errors.
Google Chrome is released after all bug fixes present in Google Chrome Beta are fixed. Google Chrome Beta is a tested version of Google Chrome.
Google Chrome is the final product of Google. Google Chrome Beta is a test product of Google.
Google Chrome stable comes after Google Chrome BETA Google Chrome stable comes before Google Chrome BETA
General people are mostly using Google Chrome Only geeks, developers, QA, tech enthusiasts. uses Google Chrome BETA.
If you want perfect, no bugs and errors in chrome then use google chrome. If you want first to experience any new chrome features, then it is best to use BETA since google chrome provides new features in beta first and if all is right in beta, it is available to the public as stable google chrome.
As no application is 100% bug-free.Therefore, this version may only contain some bugs. Nearly 100% bug-free. Comparatively, more bugs and errors are found here.

How to check whether you have Google Chrome or Google Chrome Beta installed?

  1. Goto URL search bar and type: chrome://settings/help and press Enter


This will open the Google Chrome Settings page as shown below.

Then at the top, it will display the Chrome version. If you find beta in the chrome version then it is clear that you are using Beta Chrome. If there is nothing like beta or dev in the chrome version and just a string of numbers then you are using stable google chrome.

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When does Stable Google Chrome get release after Beta Google Chrome?

Ans: Beta channels contains features which will get released within 4-6 week after beta testing via beta google chrome is done by the user.