Understand .com Vs .co domain extension Before You Regret in 2020

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.com vs .co Domain Extension

Domain Name 

A domain name is nothing but just a website name. And no two websites in the world are the same. Internally all domain names have a unique IP address. The domain name is just like your contact name in the contact list of your phone.

             For understanding, let's compare the website domain name with the phone. You probably have a long list of the contact name on your cell phone. Each contact is mapped to some unique phone number. When you want to call someone, instead of typing his/her number you just click on the contact name and he/she gets connected with you.

So, here,

💡 Hey! 1) Contact Name is equivalent to the domain name.

2) Contact Number is equivalent to IP address.


Both contact numbers and Ip Addresses are difficult to remember and both are unique. We cannot remember the contact number but we can remember the Contact name. Similarly, we cannot remember Ip Address(something like but we can remember a domain name like wikipedia.com.So, when you click on the contact name, then your cellphone will hit its equivalent phone number and intended person gets a phone call. Similarly when you type a domain name like wikipedia.com in your web browser then it will hit on a particular IP address (jobs of DNS) and the intended content of the websites gets open nothing else. That's it.

There are different types of domain names like TLD,ccTLD and many more. Discussing each of them is behind the scope of this webpage. You can visit this link.

                                             Some of the popular domain extension are .com,.net ,.org, .co etc.The main reason of having a different extension is to provide more possibilities for the same domain name.

Now lets go into the core topic i.e .com and .co :


.com is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) introduced on March 15, 1985, about 34 years ago. It is one of the most popular domains in the hierarchical Domain name system and also it is the most preferred and most registered domain extension. It was originally created for commercial purpose and there are limited TLD like this.

       .Com domain name is used mainly for commercial websites, personal blogs, portfolios, or any profitable sites. Most of the domain name with .com extension is already registered.  And if you want some alternative you can try .co extension.


.co domain name extension was introduced in 1991 AD and was originally registered for Columbia. So, initially .co used to be country code for Colombia. Its been later transformed to cc generic TLD name which means that .com,.net, .org and .co all are treated equally. You shouldn't be a Colombian citizen to register this domain.

It was started by Godaddy in 2010 AD as country code generic TLD. Most of the domain name for .com extension is already registered so you can try .co, it doesn't have any side effect.

You can look below, if .com is not found then .co extension is suggested by GoDaddy site.

Their differences are listed in the table below:

.com vs .co | Difference between .com vs .co

.com  .co


It is a generic Top-Level Domain.


It is a generic country code Top Level Domain.
It was introduced on March 15, 1985 AD as gTLD.

It was introduced in  1991 AD as Columbia country-code domain.

Later transforms into generic ccTLD in 2010 AD by GoDaddy

.com stands for commercial 

.co was originally registered for Columbia of USA

It is the most registered domain extension worldwide.

Comparatively, it has much less ecosystem.

It is shorter and social.

It is fresh, much shorter and social.

It is a legacy, most preferred and popular domain extension.

Quite unknown to general because it is new and growing rapidly.

It is very difficult to get the desired domain name with .com extension.

Luckily you can get the short and nice domain name with .co extension.

.com is cheaper than .co . Around $ 2.79  ( According to 2020/1/2 GoDaddy)

.co is little expensive than .com. Around $ 2.93 ( According to 2020/1/2 GoDaddy)

More to come. Thanks for visiting. 

General and Major Policies of .co domain Extension: since 2010

  1. Domain with .co extension can be registered by anyone.
  2. Registration and Renewal Length: 1 to 5 years.
  3. Domain transfer supported.
  4. There are no requirements for heavy documentation.
  5. The domain name must be greater than 3 characters and up to 63 characters. Example: go.co, a.com,ab.com are not supported.
  6. The domain name can contain letters, numbers, hyphens (except 1st and last character of your domain), Consecutive Hyphens Supported(except in Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) ).
  7. Must use 2-13 Nameservers.

For more visits: Link here.

General Questions about .co domain

1) What is the price of .CO? Are .co domains overpriced, and why?

Ans: According to Godaddy's official websites, the cost for .co domain extension is $ 2.93 (According to 2020/1/2 GoDaddy ) and is expensive than other TLDs.The goal of a higher price of the .co domain is to get domains used by real companies, and not just for parking the domain. It is mainly targeting entrepreneurs and companies because of .co acronyms to companies or corporation.


2)Is.Co Domain Rising?

Ans: As the priority of .co and .com are the same and people started buying the domain. According to GoDaddy over 2 million+ domain registered around the 200 countries from the planet which seems to be much lower as compared to .com domain extension but its rising at a rapid pace.

Already big companies like Amazon, Twitter, American Express, Starbucks have already adopted .co domain extension. Check it out:

  • t.co   (Twitter)
  • g.co   (Google, Inc)
  • a.co    (Amazon)
  • amex.co  (American Express)
  • sbux.co    (Starbucks)
  • s.co    (Snapchats)
  • x.co  (Godaddy)


3) Is the .co domain good for SEO?

Ans: As google doesn't give any priority for domain extension. You rank higher in google you must have good content because the content is king. 

                              Normally when the user searches some keyword, they do directly through search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc, and not by typing website URL.So, if you are targeting a particular keyword and writing a good article then google and other search engines obviously give higher priority to content and your .co sites may rank on the top of google page. Your sites must provide good customer experiences and decrease bound rates of the sites and if done your sites with whatever domain extension will rank higher on the google search page.

As usual content is king over domain extension.💡

4)Is .co a valid domain?

Ans: When someone sees domain name with .co extension then they believe that it is misprinted but actually .co is a valid domain.

5)What is a better alternative for a startup when the .com is taken?

Ans: If .com is taken then the best alternative for companies and corporations could be .co domain extension because .co sounds similar to corporation and companies.💡

6) How can I transfer to the .co domain?

Ans: It's quite easy and the results of your search engine are not affected. Make sure 301 redirects are implemented correctly.

                301 redirects are a permanent redirection where all your old pages links are redirected to new pages links. In the SEO point of view, it is better than other redirects like 302 redirects, 307 redirects, etc. So, we can conclude that the 301 redirect is the best method for implementing redirects on a website and you can do that for your domain to .co easily. Final note: Do redirection properly.

For more visits: here.

7) Why register .co domain extension?


  • It is meaningful, memorable and user-friendly.
  • It is relevant for everyone from individuals to organizations.
  • t gives companies and brands the opportunity to achieve a global footprint.
  • New and short URL.
  • It is based on leading technology, improved security.
  • You may get your desired domain name.

Look above about:  .com  vs .co ☝

8)What to do if you already have .com domain extension of your business?

Ans: It is better to buy a popular domain extension for your domain name. Suppose your business domain is xy.com then you can buy xy.co, xy.net, xy.org and redirect all these domains to main websites (ie.xy.com) so that your potential customer doesn't feel confusion and your potential customer will never get lost.

9) Some alternatives to driving traffic to the .co domain?

Ans: It is to note that very little traffic to the website comes via typing the domain name at the URL. It’s far more important to focus on social sharing, SEO and inbound links.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

We can conclude that .co extension is an all-around performer and better in all perspectives.

Look above:  .com  vs .co ☝

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