Why does Viber show me the wrong status?

👤 Diwas Poudel    🕒 20 Feb 2023    📁 FIX

Viber is one of the most popular messaging apps available, and it allows users to communicate in a variety of ways, including text messaging, voice calls, video calls, and many more.

On Viber, just like it is on Instagram and Facebook, it is possible to see when a user was last active on the platform. However, Viber will sometimes not show the status, and other times it will display the incorrect status.

So, first, let's look at Why status is not shown in Viber?

Viber not showing the Status 

Viber will not display the Status of other users if those individuals have disabled "online" status features in their account.

Let's look at how your friends disable Viber status.

1 Open Viber. 

2  Goto More at the bottom right corner.

3 Click on Settings.

4 Next Click on Privacy.

5 Then uncheck Share 'online' status 

viber status
fig. Viber status
Please take note that this preference can only be altered once per twenty-four hours. Therefore, you will not be able to checkmark again for the next twenty-four hours.

If your friend leaves the 'online status' box unchecked and when you go to that person's chat screen on Viber, there will be nothing under their name, just a blank space.

no status shown in viber
fig. no status shown in viber

Viber's "Online" Status Option is intended to provide you with information regarding the time and date of the user's most recent login to the app.
You may obtain status like "Online" , "Last seens" etc.

Additionally, we are able to state that the "Online" status will be displayed while Viber is operating in the foreground.

If you see someone with the Online status, it means that they have either the foreground or the background version of Viber operating, and you can contact them or message them.

However, when one of your Viber friends disconnects the internet connection or exits the Apps, then that friend's status changes to "Last online at/in" or "Last seen at/in." when you view in chat messages.

Also, the types of status updates that are displayed could be different between Android and iOS. When you log in to Viber on two different devices—one running Android and the other running iOS—when you check the message thread of a specific buddy who was using Viber at the time, you may see "Online" on the Android device but "Last seen in 1 minute" on the iOS device.

Why Viber status is not showing accurate Status?

There could be various reasons let's explain some of them in brief.

1 Try Restarting your Phone 

By restarting both the phone and the computer, all running processes, including the Viber process, will be terminated and then the process will be restarted, which may resolve the issue.

2 Reinstalling the Viber Apps 

There may be issues with previously installed apps, in which case reinstalling the viber may resolve the issue.

3 Update your Viber Apps

Ensure that you are using the most recent version of the Viber app on your device in order to ensure that any issues in the Viber app that are associated with the status can be resolved.

4 Clear Viber data and sign in again 

Simply delete all of your data and cache from Viber, then sign in again. Try it out for yourself.

5 Check your internet connection, turn Wifi ON/OFF/ON 

Simply test your internet connection. If you have an internet connection on your phone, simply turn off and on the WIFI and reopen the viber app.

6 Might be a timezone issue 

It is highly possible that there is a problem with the different time zones, but the answer can only be provided by Viber Support. You can't do anything.

7 Might be intentionally done.

Even though they are actively using the application, some users may choose to deliberatively set their status to "Offline" or "Unavailable" in order to prevent the app from notifying them of incoming calls or messages.


Can someone see my online status if I block them in Viber?

Ans: Yes, even blocked contacts can view your online status.

What are the different statuses of Viber?

Ans: There can be the following status in Viber.

Status that you see of abc User When this status is of abc User ?
Online When a user is online, it means they are actively currently using Viber and are available to chat or make a call.
Last seen xx minutes ago The user was inactive for 1hr.
Last seen xx hr ago The user was inactive from 1 hr to 24 hr.
Last seen yesterday at hh: mm The user was inactive from 24 hours to 48 hours. 
Last seen in dd: mm The user was inactive from 48 hours to one month, 
Last seen a long time ago The user was inactive for over one month
Offline This status shows that the user is not connected to the internet or is not using Viber.
Delivered This shows that the message was delivered to the recipient's viber account.
Seen This status shows that the receiver has read and viewed your messages.
Unavailable If a user's availability status reads "unavailable," it means he is currently unable to receive any incoming communications (such as text messages or phone calls in Viber).


In this way, we are able to give it a shot for the following mention 6 points for the purpose of answering the problem of "Why does Viber show me the wrong status?"