How to convert HDMI to HDMI(ARC) ?

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If you have had to deal with TV-related electronics in recent times, you might have noticed the ARC label. These labels can be found in the HDMI inputs and have some kind of meaning to them. Today, we try to understand what ARC is, what it does, and how to convert HDMI to HDMI ARC. 

What is HDMI ARC? 

The ARC in HDMI ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. This means that HDMI ARC is capable of interfacing audio between two audio channels. To have HDMI ARC running, it is necessary to have ARC capability on both sides. Ever since HDMI 1.4 came out, ARC has been available to PCs and TVs. If you want to learn more about HDMI, we have an article about HDMI to DisplayPort here. And here, we see if Laptops have HDMI in or HDMI Out.

If you want to know about HDMI versions more, the “HDMI to DisplayPort” article talks about it. Now, let’s move on to the various types of HDMI. 

Different Types of HDMI

You have probably heard of HDMI a lot. But have you heard of all its types? Let’s take a look at the various types of HDMI and what they all do.

  1. HDMI Standard:
    This is the most common type of HDMI cable, and it is designed for standard home theater use. It supports 1080p video and up to 8-channel audio. This is the one that comes with most Laptops and computers.
  2. HDMI High-Speed
    This type of HDMI cable supports 1080p video. It also supports up to 8-channel audio, but it also supports 3D video and 4K resolution.
  3. HDMI Ultra High-Speed
    This type of HDMI cable supports 8K resolution, 4K at 120Hz, Dynamic HDR, and so on.
  4. HDMI Ethernet
    This type of HDMI cable includes an Ethernet channel. The ethernet channel allows you to connect devices to the internet. This reduces the need for an Ethernet cable thereby, decreasing clutter.
  5. HDMI with ARC
    This type of HDMI cable supports Audio Return Channel (ARC). This allows audio and video to be sent back to the TV over the same HDMI cable. This is the one we’re covering today. To know how to convert HDMI to HDMI ARC, go to the next section of the article.
  6. HDMI with CEC
    This type of HDMI cable supports Consumer Electronics Control (CEC). Thich allows devices to be controlled with a single remote control. This feature was made a part of HDMI in 2005. It was made to control Blu-ray players or audio receivers with a single remote control. 

Is HDMI capable of sharing Audio? 

If you want to share audio using HDMI, it’s necessary to have HDMI ARC. In most modern devices, the HDMI version is higher than HDMI 1.4. Therefore, in most modern devices, HDMI IS capable of sharing audio. However, if your HDMI version is older than HDMI 1.4, you won’t be able to share audio with HDMI. 

One of the most common questions asked is, “How do I know if my cable is ARC?”. 

Most devices with an ARC port will come with a label on the ARC port that looks somewhat like this: <add an image please>

In the case of wires, HDMI wires with versions greater than 1.4 will have HDMI ARC. 

How to Convert HDMI to HDMI ARC ?

To be able to use HDMI ARC, you should have HDMI ARC ports and Capable HDMI wires. There are multiple ways to use these ports if you actually have them. But, if you don’t have these ports, there is not much you can do. So, If you don’t have HDMI ARC capable ports, you won’t be able to use HDMI ARC. But, if you have HDMI ARC ports on both ends, there is good news. You will be able to use HDMI ARC. The only thing that is possibly stopping you is the wire that you’re using to connect it. If you are using a wire that is not HDMI ARC capable, you won’t be able to use it. 

You might be asking the question, “Will a splitter not work?”. The problem with using a splitter with a port without ARC is that the Splitter is incapable of adding ARC to the port. For this, you’ll have to swap the entire port on your TV. And that proves to be a little more than a simple task. 

Convert HDMI to HDMI ARC using HDMI ARC Converter

If you want to convert HDMI to HDMI Arc then there is one converter called HDMI ARC converter /extractor/adapter which helps to extract audio from HDMI signal and output it through HDMI ARC Port.

fig. HDMI Arc (Source: Amazon)

You just go to amazon site or local store and buy HDMI Converter and before doing this make sure that your TV and audio system both compatible with each other. Then you can follow these steps.

  1. Connect one HDMI cable from HDMI source devices like Gaming Console to the HDMI input port of the HDMI ARC Converter.
  2. Connect a second HDMI cable between the HDMI output port of the HDMI ARC extractor or converter and the HDMI ARC port on your television.
  3. Connect an RCA or optical cable between the audio output port of the HDMI ARC extractor or converter and the audio input port of your audio system(like woofer, soundbar)
  4. Power on your TV and audio system, and ensure that ARC function is enabled in both devices.
  5. Play HDMI video on your TV by selecting the HDMI input. Your audio system should now play music.


Can all TVs and audio systems support HDMI ARC?

Not all TVs and audio systems support HDMI ARC. Check compatibility before using HDMI ARC.

Can an HDMI ARC extractor or converter enhance TV audio?

An HDMI ARC extractor or converter does not enhance TV audio. It can send audio to a higher-quality audio system, which may enhance audio quality.

Are some TVs and audio devices incompatible with HDMI ARC extractors/converters?

Some TVs and audio devices are incompatible with HDMI ARC extractors/converters. Checking gadget specs ensures compatibility.

Can I transmit audio from my TV to a soundbar or home theater system using HDMI ARC?

If both devices support HDMI ARC, a TV can send audio to a speaker or home theater system.

Is HDMI ARC the only way to send TV audio to an audio system?

Yes, optical, coaxial, and analog RCA cables can send TV music to an audio system. These choices may support fewer audio formats and be less convenient than HDMI ARC.


Nowadays, with modern electronics, it’s rare that you’ll have to convert HDMI to ARC. The only thing that you might have to do is change the wire to a later version.